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Letter 2561

Darwin, C. R. to Kingsley, Charles

30 Nov [1859]

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    Thanks CK for allowing him to insert his "admirable sentence" [in Origin, 2d ed., p. 481].


Ilkley Wells House | Otley Yorkshire

Nov. 30

Dear Sir

I thank you sincerely for allowing me to insert your admirable sentence. I am much gratified by your kindness.— At any future time I shall be delighted to answer any objections as far as lies in my power, or to receive any suggestions.—

I shall stay here at furthest only seven or eight days, & it is not improbable that I may be called home sooner, so that, though I should have had much pleasure in making Mr Foster's acquaintance, it would not be at all worth his while coming here. Indeed during great part of day I am wandering on the hills, & trying to inhale health.—

Pray give my thanks to Mr Parker & say that I will remember his obliging offer should circumstances require me to make any remarks, which I hope may not be the case.—

With my renewed thanks | pray believe me | Dear Sir | Yours sincerely & obliged | Charles Darwin

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    Dated by the relationship to the letter from Charles Kingsley, 18 November 1859.
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    See letter from Charles Kingsley, 18 November 1859.
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    William Edward Forster, a Quaker politician and statesman, lived in Wharfedale in Yorkshire. Kingsley had visited Forster in 1858 (Colloms 1975, p. 231).
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    John William Parker was the publisher and printer of Fraser's Magazine , to which Kingsley contributed articles. He was also the publisher of Kingsley's books.
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