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Darwin Correspondence Project

Darwin’s reading notebooks

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A page from Darwin's reading notebook, started in 1839
A page from Darwin's reading notebook, started in 1839
CUL DAR 119: 3
Cambridge University Library

In April 1838, Darwin began recording the titles of books he had read and the books he wished to read in Notebook C (Notebooks, pp. 319–28). In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119) opens with five pages of text copied from Notebook C and carries on through 1851; the second (DAR 128) continues the list from 1852 to 1860, when, except for a few odd entries, the record ends. Both notebooks consist of two different sections, headed ‘Books Read’ and ‘Books to be Read’, begun at opposite ends of the same notebook, with the text of each written upside down with respect to the other. The editors of the Correspondence have used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwin’s letters; the full transcript presented here makes this information more widely available. A previous transcript of the reading notebooks (Vorzimmer 1977) included only the ‘Books Read’ sections, but since many of the entries listed in ‘Books to be Read’ were later marked ‘read’, these sections have also been included here. The latter sections are clearly distinguished in the transcription by the manuscript number being preceded by an asterisk (*119 and *128).

For clarity, the transcript does not record Darwin’s alterations. The spelling and dates, however, are exactly as they were written. The reader should keep in mind that many of the comments about the works were later additions to the notebook text. A number of entries in the ‘Books to be Read’ sections have been crossed out. In most cases the deletion indicates that the book had been consulted. Those cases where it appears that Darwin made a genuine deletion have been noted.

In the ‘Books to be Read’ entries, Darwin frequently included information that would help him locate the work, such as the publisher or series in which it was included, and often he listed the libraries which he thought might hold the book. Names following entries usually indicate the person who recommended the work to him. In a few instances, primarily in the ‘Books Read’ sections, Darwin recorded that a work had been entered in an alphabetical listing of books read. This notebook (DAR 120) is a catalogue, arranged alphabetically, of the scientific books read from 1838 through 1846, but it was not kept up-to-date and contains only a small number of the books listed in the other two notebooks. Sometimes Darwin recorded that an abstract of the work had been made. This refers, as stated in the Autobiography (p. 137), to the abstracts he prepared of books he did not own.

Soon after beginning his first reading notebook, Darwin began to separate the scientific from the non-scientific books, with the scientific works listed on the left-hand pages (labelled ‘a’ in the transcript) and the non-scientific on the right (labelled ‘b’). He continued this separation of entries in the second reading notebook. Readers primarily interested in Darwin’s scientific reading, therefore, should concentrate on the alternate pages of the two notebooks, numbered as follows: the verso of the pages of DAR *119, the ‘a’ pages of DAR 119, the odd-numbered pages of DAR *128, and the even-numbered pages of DAR 128.

Each entry in the transcript is followed by the editors’ identification of the book or article to which Darwin refers. A full list of these works is given in the bibliography that follows the transcript. Each citation includes a reference to the manuscript page number (or numbers, as the case may be) on which Darwin’s entry is to be found. The bibliography also indicates which works are in the surviving Darwin library.†In addition, if an abstract of the work has been identified in the Darwin archive, its location is given.

In those instances where books are cited which went through numerous editions, we have given only the date of the first edition and indicated in the bibliography that other editions were available to Darwin. While it is likely that Darwin read recently published works, we have not attempted to guess which contemporary edition he may have consulted unless additional information is given on which to base a decision. References usually include the entire date-range of multi-volume editions, even if this sometimes extends beyond the date of citation in the notebook. In cases where we are not certain that the work cited is the one Darwin intended, we have prefixed the bibliographic citation in the transcript with a question mark.

Complete or partial runs of journals which Darwin recorded as having read or skimmed are identified in the transcript by their titles enclosed in square brackets. The full journal titles are listed separately, in alphabetical sequence, following the bibliography. The dates of publication, relative to the date of the notebook, are indicated as well as, where relevant, the names of editors. As in the main bibliography, the manuscript page number(s) are given on which the references to the journal appear, and the location of abstracts in the Darwin archive and journals included in the Darwin library are listed.

Readers should bear in mind that the list of works recorded in the reading notebooks is by no means a complete representation of the books and journals Darwin read. The Darwin archive includes numerous references to other works he consulted which were not entered into the reading notebooks. For example, Darwin’s copy of the catalogue of scientific books in the Royal Society of London (Royal Society of London 1839) has been heavily marked, and quite a few of the entries next to which he wrote ‘read’ are not found listed here. The description given by Francis Darwin of his father’s method of handling the scientific books and pamphlets he read explains how some works might have escaped being recorded (LL, 1: 151):

He had one shelf on which were piled up the books he had not yet read, and another to which they were transferred after having been read, and before being catalogued. He would often groan over his unread books, because there were so many which he knew he should never read. Many a book was at once transferred to the other heap, either marked with a cypher at the end, to show that it contained no marked passages, or inscribed, perhaps, ‘not read,’ or ‘only skimmed.’ The books accumulated in the ‘read’ heap until the shelves overflowed, and then, with much lamenting, a day was given up to the cataloguing.

The reading list, even if incomplete, is nonetheless remarkable in indicating the number and the general orientation of the works upon which Darwin drew, particularly in the process of working out his ideas on the transmutation of species. In 1876, long after this period of Darwin’s life was over, he frankly admitted: ‘When I see the list of books of all kinds which I read and abstracted, including whole series of Journals and Transactions, I am surprised at my industry.’ (Autobiography, p. 119).

†The scientific books in Darwin’s library were catalogued in 1875, and this manuscript catalogue is in the Darwin Library (AC.34). Darwin’s books were bequeathed to Francis Darwin, who, in 1908, gave all but a few to the Professor of Botany at the University of Cambridge. These works, catalogued by H. W. Rutherford (Catalogue of the library of Charles Darwin now in the Botany School, Cambridge (1908)), remained on the open shelves of the Botany School Library until 1929. At that time, most were transferred for exhibition in Darwin’s study when Down House was opened to the public. After the Darwin archive was established in the Cambridge University Library, books that contained annotations were transferred back to Cambridge to be available to scholars using the archive. Books that Francis Darwin had kept were left to his son Bernard and then to Bernard’s son, Sir Robin Darwin, and many of these were later acquired by the University Library and are in the Rare Books Room. The present collection of Darwin’s Library, therefore, does not include all the works that were in Darwin’s library during his lifetime.

[DAR *119: Cover]

Books to be Read

[DAR *119: Inside Front Cover]

C. Darwin

June 1st. 1838

Stoke’s Library1

Cambridge. Library2

Royal Coll of Surgeons

[DAR *119: 1]

Books to be Read3

“Traité de la Folie des Animaux de ses Rapports avec celle de l’Homme,” by Dr. Pierquin, published in Paris (in 2 vols.), so long ago as 18394 [Pierquin de Gembloux 1839]. Said to be good by Dr L. Lindsay5

[DAR *119: 1v.]6

Books to be Read

Humboldt’s New Spain—much about castes [A. von Humboldt 1811]

Richardson’s Fauna Borealis [J. Richardson 1829–37]

Entomological Magazine.—? paper on Geograph. range [Anon. 1835] read Study Buffon on varieties of Domesticated animals—see if laws cannot be made out. I have read Smellies Translat [Buffon 1791] at Maer.

Find out from Statistical Soc. where M. Quetelet has published his laws about sexes relative to the age of marriage [Quetelet 1835] Brown at end of Flinders [R. Brown 1814] & at the end of Congo voyage [R. Brown 1818]. (Hooker 923)7 read

Decandolle Philosophie [A. P. de Candolle 1821]

Decandolle on Geograph distrib:— in Dict: Sciences Nat. [A. P. de Candolle 1820] in Geolog. Soc.

F. Cuvier on Instinct [F. G. Cuvier 1822] read Flourens Edit [Flourens 1845] read

L. Jenyns paper on Annals of Nat. Hist. [Jenyns 1838]

Prichard; a 3d. vol [Prichard 1836–47] Lawrence [W. Lawrence 1819] read

Bory St Vincent [Bory de Saint-Vincent 1804] Vol 3. p 164 on unfixed form:—

Humboldt contradicts this view at Teneriffe. in Pers. Narr. [A. von Humboldt 1814–29]

Dr Royle on Himmalaya types [Royle 1839] (read)

Smellie Philosophy of Zoology [Smellie 1790–9].

Fleming Ditto [Fleming 1822]

Falconers remark on the influence of climate [W. Falconer 1781]

[DAR *119: 2v.]

White’s regular gradation in man [C. White 1799]

Lindley’s introduction to the Nat System [Lindley 1830]

Bevan on the Honey Bee [Bevan 1827].

Dutrochet mems. sur les veget. et anim: on sleep & movements of plants £1..s 4. [Dutrochet 1837]

Voyage aux terres australes [Péron 1824]— Chap. 39. tom. 4. p. 273.

Latreille Geographie des Insectes 8vo p 181 [Latreille 1819]. see p. 17 Note Book C. for reference to authors about E. Indian Islands8consult Dr Horsfield [Horsfield 1824]

Sillimans Journal [American Journal of Science and Arts].

Rengger on Mammalia of Paraguay [Rengger 1830]— account of wild cattle

Montagu on birds [G. Montagu 1802–13]— facts about close species.

Wilson’s American Ornithology [A. Wilson 1808–14]

Read Aristotle to see whether any of my views are ancient9

Study with profound care abortive organs produced in domesticated plants what function has ceased to be used as tendrils into stump

Library of useful knowledge Horse, cow, sheep [Youatt 1831, 1834, 1837].

Verey Philosophie d’Hist. Nat. [Virey 1835] read

Marcel de Serres Cavernes d’Ossements 7th Ed.10 8vo. [Serres 1838] good to trace Europ. forms compared with African.

Hist. genérale et Particulière des Anomalies de l’organization des hommes & des Animaux by Isid. Geoffroy de St Hilaire 1832 [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1832–7] contains all his fathers views Quoted by Owen [Hunter 1837]

[DAR *119: 3v.]

Hunter has written Quarto work on Physiology11 besides the paper collected by Owen [Hunter 1837] (at Shrewsbury).

Yarrells paper on change of plumage in pheasants. Philos. Trans. 1827 [Yarrell 1827]

Paxton on the culture of Dahlias [Paxton 1838] read

Paper on consciousness in brutes Blackwood June 1838 [J. F. Ferrie 1838].

H. C. Watson on Geog. distrib: of Brit: plants [H. C. Watson 1835] read

Hume’s Essay on Human understanding [Hume 1750] (Sometime)

Dug. Stewarts works. lives of Reid Smith & giving abstracts of their views [Stewart 1829]

Prostitution of Paris [Parent-Duchâtelet 1836]. about licentiousness destroying their fertility

Turners embassy to Thibet [Turner 1800]— perhaps worth reading quoted by Malthus [Malthus 1826].

Heberdens observations on increase & decrease of different diseases 4to. 1801 [Heberden 1801] quoted by Malthus. read

There appears to be good art. on Entozore12 by Owen in Encyclop. of Anat. & Physiology [R. Owen 1839]

Dampier probably worth reading [Dampier 1697]

Sportsman’s repository 4to. [W. H. Scott 1820]— contains much on dogs

Reports of British Assoc. [Reports of the British Association for the Advancement of Science]— some important papers. read

Audubons Ornithol: Biography [Audubon 1831–9]— 4 Vols. well worth reading

[DAR *119: 4v.]

Bevan’s work on Bees new Ed. 1838 [Bevan 1838]

Harlaam Phys. & Medic. researches on the Horse in N. America— [Harlan 1835] Owen has it. & Royal Soc

Lord Brougham Dissert. on subjects of science connected with Nat. Theol: [Brougham 1839] on instinct & animal intelligence very good

Endlicher has pub. in 1st vol of Annals of Vienna [Endlicher 1836]. sketch of S. sea Botany

R. Brown has various coloured maps by Copenhagen Botanists [?Schouw 1823] of range of plants.13

Books quoted by Herbert [Herbert 1837] p. 338

Schiede in 1825 [Schiede 1825] & Lasch. Linn in 1829 [Lasch 1829] has given list of spont. Hybrids. where?

Sweet Hortus Britann: [Sweet 1826]— has remarks on acclimatizing of plants.

Herbert [Herbert 1837] p. 348 gives reference to Kolreuter’s papers14

Wiegman has pub. German pamphlet on crossing oats &c [Wiegmann 1828]

Horticultural Transact15 [Transactions of the Horticultural Society]

Mr Coxe “view of the cultivation of Fruit trees in N. America [Coxe 1817].— in Library of Hort. Soc.

[DAR *119:5v.]

Mc.Neil16 has written good article on Horticulture in Edin. Encyclop. [Neill 1808]

Brit. & Foreign Medical Rev. No 14. Ap 1839 [Anon. 1839b] Rev. on Walker on Intermarriage [A. Walker 1838]

Mme Necker on Education [A. A. Necker 1839–43]— preeminently worth studying in a metaphys. point of view

Henslow has list of plants of Mauritius with locality in wh. each one is found very good to see whether peculiar plants in high points very good.

Smart17 Beginning of a New School of metaphysic. [Smart 1839] about connection of language & Reason— In Athenæum Library.

Volneys18 Travels in Syria [Volney 1787].—vol I. p. 71. account of Europæan plants transplanted Crawford Eastern Archipelago [Crawfurd 1820]

Raffeles d[itt]o [T. S. B. Raffles 1817]

Buffon Suites [Buffon 1834–74]. Much on Geograph. Distrib.

Fries de Plantarum prœsentum crypt. transitu at analogia commentatia [Fries 1825]

Clarkes Travels [Clarke 1810–23]. at most Index.—see infra

Temminck Hist. Nat. des Pidgeons et Gallinac [Temminck 1813–15] read

Temminck has written Coup d’œil sur la Fauna des iles de la Sonde et Japon [Temminck 1833].— —Have read it. Ogleby

Temminck. Monographs de Mammalogies [Temminck 1827–41]— Has account of variation in animals in the different islds of E Indian Archipelago—

[DAR *119: 6v.]

Read Mr Bennetts & other Edit. by Hon. & Rev. W. Herbert.— notes to White Nat. Hist of Selbourne [E. T. Bennett ed. 1837 and [J. Rennie] ed. 1833] read19 : French [?Annales de la Société Impériale d'Horticulture] or Caledonian Horticultural Transactions [?Memoirs of theCaledonian Horticultural Society]:

Asa Gray & Torrey have published Botany of N. America [Torrey and Gray 1838–43]. both indigenous & imported well worth studying probably—

Thunberg Flora Japonica [Thunberg 1784] in Geograph. Soc.

Mr Winch catalogue of plants of Northumberland, Cumberland & Durham [Winch 1819]

M. Girou de Buzareingues on generation. 1828 [Girou de Buzareingues 1828a]. quoted by Dr Ryan on marriage [Ryan 1831] (read)

Babbington on Flora of Channel Isld. [Babington 1839] says he has remarks on affinities of species

There is Horticultural & Agricultural Soc in Bengal— Have they published? [Journal of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India;Proceedings of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of IndiaTransactions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India] read

Natural Hist Soc of Mauritius. published? [Procés-Verbaux de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle d'Ile Maurice]

Sykes has published catalogues of quadrupeds of the Dekhan [Sykes 1832a] & Birds [Sykes 1834]. Zoolog. Proceedings & Journal of Asiatic Soc. Vol. II & Vol. III

[DAR *119: 7v.]

Storia della Riproduzione vegetale by Gallesio. Pisa 1816 [Gallesio 1816]— quoted by Dr. Holland [Holland 1839] (p. 27) as good—

Decandoelle has chapter on Sensitive Plants in his Physiology [A. P. de Candolle 1832]

Col. le Couteur has written on wheat [Le Couteur 1836]

Bechstein on Caged Birds. 10s 6d. translated by Rennie [Bechstein 1835] Some facts on cross-bred animals, Mr Yarrell has it??

Walker on Interriage [A. Walker 1838] refers to writings of

“Blaine” [Blaine 1824], p. 271 } what have they written.?
“Hunt” [J. Hunt 1806] p. 290
“Thacker” [Thacker 1834–5] p. 291

Athenæum 1839. p. 546— Mr Conrad has published work on fossil shells of N. America [Conrad 1838]

Atlas de la Geographie des trois Regnes de la nature. Paris. 6: folio par Céran de Lemonier. Bailliere [Céran-Lemonnier 1837]

Transactions of the Caledonian Horticultural Society [?Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticultural Society].—

Flora of St Helena 1825 [A. Watson 1825] in Library of Hort. Soc

Journal of a Hort. Tour through Flanders & Holland in 1817 [Neill, Hay, and Macdonald 1823] These three last books quoted in Horticult. Transactions [Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London].—

[DAR *119: 8v.]

A history of British Birds by W. Macgillivray [W. Macgillivray 1837–52].— I should think well worth reading. Read

Loudon’s Arboretum [Loudon 1838] in Edinburgh Review July 1839 [Anon. 1839a]— there are pencil remarks on it.—

Beale’s Nat. Hist of Whales worth reading [Beale 1839]

Loudons Arboretum [Loudon 1838]. read

Dr. Moreton’s Crania Americana [Morton 1839]. with remarks on geograph distrib of Man. Mentioned by Athenæum 1839 p. 765. in Geograph. Soc?? Review of this in Edin. Phil Jour. 1840. June [Anon. 1840].

Report of the Agricultural Association meeting at Oxford. paper by Ld Spencer on gestation of animals [Spencer 1840]. read

All Pallassis works20

Erasmus21 recommends me to read Reimeruss on instinct in German [Reimarius 1760]

The Highlands & Western Islds letter to Sir W Scott [MacCulloch 1824] at Maer?

W. F. Eduards sur les characteres de races Humaines [W. F. Edwards 1829]; read Letter to M. Therry [Broughton 1832]— a 2d Edit preparing in 1841.—

Lesson Hist Nat des Mammiférs [Lesson 1827]

Haller’s Physiology [Haller 1754]— My Father22 thinks would contain facts for me

[DAR *119: 9v.]

1839. Decemb.

Advertised. David Low “Treatise on Domestic Animals”; also Illustrations of the Domestic animals of Gt. Britain [D. Low 1842].—23 must be read carefully.

A Volume on the Dog with illustrations of about 100 varieties [?C. H. Smith 1839–40]24

Flourens “Resume analytique des observations par F. Cuvier sur l’instinct”—L’Institut 1839. p. 408 [Flourens 1839] read

Quarterly Review 1839. p. 336 [Broderip] 1839]. Mr Beale’s book on Whaling [Beale 1839]— “wide range of whales” mentioned.

Histoire Générale et particulière des anomalies de l’organisation chez l’homme et les animaux, ouvrage comprenant des recherches sur les caractères, la classification l’influence physiologique et pathologique, les rapports généraux, les lois et causes des Monstruosités, des variétés et vices de conformation ou Traité de Tératologie, par I. Geoffroy-Saint Hilaire, 3 vols. 8vo. et atlas de 20 planches. ibid, 1832–36. £1 7s.25 [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1832–7]

Philosophie Anatomique, par I. Geoffroy-Saint Hilaire, 2 vols. 8vo. avec 2 atlas 4to. ibid, 1818–23. £1 2s [E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1818–23]

Familles Naturelles du Regne Animal, exposées succinctement et dans un ordre analytique, avec l’indication de leurs genres, par M. Latreille, 1 vol. 8vo. 9s. [Latreille 1825]

Mémoire sur la Conformité Organique dans l’echelle animale, par A. Dugés, 4to. avec 6 planches, ibid, 1832. 6s. [Dugés 1832]

Azara Voyages [Azara 1809] & Quadrupeds [Azara 1801]— Again—

[DAR *119: 10v.]

Maximilien Newuied is publishing Travels into interior of N. America [Wied-Neuwied 1839–41]— in Geograph Soc

Siebold’s Japan [P. F. B. von Siebold 1833–50]— d[itt]o

Kalm’s Travels in N. America [Kalm 1770–1]— much Nat. Hist

Sir. W. Jardines. Naturalist Library. Vol 26—Account of Domestic & Foreign Bees [Jardine ed. 1840]: (Athenæum 1840 p. 195)

“Boltons Harmonia Ruralis” [Bolton 1794–6]— Yarrell probably has it. account of habits of birds.

Temminck Manuel D’ornithologie. 2d Edit: Introduction on migration of birds [Temminck 1820–40]

Necker. account of birds of Geneva— Mem. de la Soc. Genev. Tom II p. 29 [L. A. Necker 1823] read

Lindleys Horticulture [Lindley 1840]— Chapter on Races improvement of &c &c important

I should think Duhamel worth reading [?Duhamel du Monceau 1764]

M. Soulange Bodin has somewhere written on exact adaptation of plants to soil [?Soulange-Bodin 1827]. He is Horticulturist in France.

Michaux, according to Hooker has written on topography of N. American plants. [?Michaux 1803].—

Mr Nuttall has written naturalist travels in Arkansas [Nuttall 1821].—

[DAR *119: 11v.]

The Philosoph. of Instinct & Reason by S. Bushnan. Longman. 5s [Bushnan 1837]—dedicated to Ld. Brougm.26 merely advertisement

Admiral Von Wrangel’s Travels [Wrangel 1840].—

Sir Ker Porter’s Travels in Caucasus [R. K. Porter 1821–2] praised by Silliman poor

Cyclop. of Anat.— Instinct by Dr. Alison [W. P. Alison 1847]. No 19. July. 184027

Annales des Sciences 1840. Octob & Jan. Papers on Instinct by Flourens [Flourens 1839] (read)

Index of Clarkes Travels [Clarke 1810–23].— one volume I tried unreadable

Annales des Sciences [Annales des Sciences Naturelles]. vols. (read) all

Loudon’s Gardening Magazine [Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement]

Loudons. Journal of Nat Hist Z & B [Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology and Meteorology] read

Charlesworth. Journ. [Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology and Meteorology]

Zoolog. Journ. [Zoological Journal] a second time

Edinburg New [Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal]

Linnæan Transact [Transactions of the Linnean Society of London]

Wernerian d[itt]o [Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society]— read

Edinburgh. Royal [Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh]

Kirby & Spence. Entomology [Kirby and Spence 1815–26].

Arthur Young has edited some Agricult. Journ [Annals of Agriculture, and other useful arts]

Highland Agricult. Journal [Scottish Agricultural Journal].—

Brit. Agricult. Association [Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England]. Zoolog. Soc.

[DAR *119: 12v.]

Bowerbank’s Book on Fossil Fruit [Bowerbank 1840] must be studied

Liebigs organic Chemistry [Liebig 1840]

Parmentier’s work on change of Seed [Parmentier 1789] referred to by Oberlin [Oberlin 1829]

Hog. on Culture of Carnation. Auricula. Polyanth tulip. Rose. Hyacinth. 6s. a catalogue of vars. [T. Hogg 1820]

Pat. Neil. Art. on Horticulture. Sold Separately.— [Neill 1817]

Lord Kaimes. (Home) on Instincts [Home 1774]

Paley’s Nat. Theology [Paley 1802]

S. Bellamy on Nat. Hist. of S. Devonshire [Bellamy 1839] chiefly on distribution of forms said to be Poor

Sir. J. Edwards Botanical Tour [?J. E. Smith 1793]

Fabricius (very old) has written on language of Brutes [Fabricius 1603]. referred to by Hallam [Hallam 1837–9]

Dr. Lord has written some new book on Physiolog. & treats on origin & formation of Varieties [Lord 1834]

Royle on Indian Agricult. & Production [Royle 1840]

Bennets. Whaling Voyage [F. D. Bennett 1840]

[DAR *119: 13]

Tucker’s light of Nature [Tucker 1768–78]

Johnson lifes of Poets [S. Johnson 1779]. Erasmus——

Lavater. Life & Correspondence [?Heisch 1842]

Coleridge. Literary Remains [Coleridge 1836–9]

Inconsistency of Human wishes.28

Bacon’s Essays [Bacon 1825–36].—

Butler. 3. first sermons [Butler 1834] recommended by Sir. J. Mackintosh

J. Long Moral Nature of Man [Long 1747] Novum Organum. in Lib. Useful Knowledge [Bacon 1827]

Num 41. Ed. Review. Sir. J. Mack. on Deaf & Dumb boy [Mackintosh 1812] Hartley’s. observ. on man [Hartley 1749]. recommended by Mackintosh & Priestly29

Chardin [Chardin 1686] & Bernier [Bernier 1826]. Mack. says very amusing Toland gives account of immortality of Soul. amongst Ancients [Toland 1704]

Adam Smith Moral Sentiments [A. Smith 1759]

Jackson Four Ages [Jackson 1798]

Stewart, Playfair Preliminary Dissert. [Stewart 1824 and Playfair 1824]

Hume’s Essay [?Hume 1741–2]

J. Taylor Art of Dying [J. Taylor 1651]

[DAR *119: 13v.]

Yarrel’s Birds [Yarrell 1843] (1 Vol read)

Last Edit of Malthus 1826 [Malthus 1826]— (read)

Pallas’ Travels [Pallas 1802–3]— Hookker (623 no) read

Darby’s Louisiana [darby 1816] & Finch Travels [Finch 1833]. (Lyell)

Maximilian in Brazil [Wied-Neuwied 1820–1]

Spix & Martius. German? [Spix and Martius 1824]

Adansons voyage to Senegal [Adanson 1759]

Richardson. Fauna Borealis [J. Richardson 1829–37]— all Vols.

Marshall’s Rural Economy of Yorkshire, 12s [Marshall 1788]—— often quoted by Youatt. Big-buttocked calves. Read He has written Rural Economy of other counties ?+?.worth reading?

The Journal of a Naturalist. Fourth and cheaper Edition, with Plates and Woodcuts. Post 8vo., 9s. 6d. [Knapp] 1838] Read

Gleanings in Natural History. By Edward Jesse, Surveyor of Her Majesty’s Parks and Palaces. Fourth Edition with Woodcuts. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo., 12s.30 [Jesse 1838]

Salmonia— Sir. H Davy [H. Davy 1828]31

An analysis of British Ferns. G. W. Francis 4s [Francis 1837]— plates of every species—treats of varieties

Pœppig Travels in S. America. German [Pöppig 1835–6].—

Zoologie Generale. Iside. St Hilaire [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1841]— Some wonderful facts on Hybrids read

Journal de Physique [Journal de Physique, de Chimie, et de l'Histoire Naturelle]

Art. Hyb. in Encyclop: German d[itt]o;32 Dict. des Sci: Nat: [Massey 1821 and Duméril 1821]

Encyclop of Anat & Phys [Todd ed. 1836–59]

[DAR *119: 14]

Butler’s Analogy [Butler 1736]

Life & corresp. of Beethoven [Schindler 1841]

Locke on Education [Locke 1693]

Elphinstone’s } Hist of India— [Elphinstone 1841 and ?Macpherson 1812]

Robertson Hist of America [Robertson 1777]

Zorab the Hostage [Morier] 1832]

La Vaillant. Travels [Levaillant 1790] at Maer.—

Lives of Kepler & Galileo. Drinkwater [J. E. Drinkwater] 1833]—

Prof. Smyth. French Revolution 3 vols [Smyth 1840]

Baber’s Biography. translat. by Erskine [Baber 1826]

Lee Scot’s Narrative of Shipwreck in China [J. L. Scott 1841]

Lockarts Life of Burns [Lockhart 1828]

Seguir. Russian Expedition French [Ségur 1825]

Catlins Indians [Catlin 1841].—

Ld. Dudley’s Correspondence [Dudley 1844].

Hallam Constitut Hist: Hen VII to Georg IId. death [Hallam 1827]

Ranke’s Popes [Ranke 1840].—

Southeys life of Wesley [Southey 1820].—

Middlton Life of Cicero [Middleton 1741]

W. Meister’s Life [Goethe 1842].—

Malcolm’s History of Persia [Malcolm 1815]— Colon Library

Hogarth Hist of Music [Hogarth 1835]

Wilkinson Ægyptian [J. G. Wilkinson 1837–41] read

[DAR *119: 14v.]

Baron de Brincken; memoire descriptif de la fôret de Bialowcka. Varsovie 1826

[Brincken 1828] quoted by Weissenborn on Aurochs [Weissenborn 1838]

Smiths grammar [J. E. Smith 1821] & introduct of Botany [J. E. Smith 1807]: former import: to me

d[itt]o. Engl. Bot. [J. E. Smith 1790–1814]. many facts

List of Books at end of Catalogue of Royal Soc. [Royal Society of London 1839]—

Meckel’s Anatomy. French Translat. [Meckel 1828–38] in Royal Soc Dr. Holland says facts about reproductive system

Encyclop of Rural Sports [Blaine 1840] (at Athenæum?) Book II Chapt. 4 on variation by Blaine.— & on coursing—cock-fighting &c. Also Encyclop. of Agriculture by Loudon [Loudon 1831]. Book I. ch. 7 & Book II. Ch. 8. Book. VII. ch 8, 11. read

1st. vol of Lamarck. Animaux sans Vertebrès [Lamarck 1815–22].—

Travels in the Himalayan Provinces by W. Moorcroft. Edited by Wilson 1841

[Moorcroft and Trebeck 1841]. (Athenæum p. 147)—account of varieties of Hybrid Yak.—

Steudel Botan. Nomenclature [Steudel 1821–4]. Synonym of every plant & country— Recommended by Lindley— price about 36s.—

Wiegmann. Archif fur Naturgeschicte.33 1836. Meyen on distrib of plants in Himallaya & high Peru [Meyen 1836].—

Phillippi on Flora of Sicily [Philippi 1836].—

Paxton Pocket Bot. Dict. 1841 [Paxton 1840]— probably good—every plant cultivated in Engld

Considerations generales sur les Mammif. Isid. G. St. Hilaire. 1826? [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1826] facts on crossing must certainly be read.—

Cover of Suites a Buffon.— Boisduval is author of Fauna of Madagascar [Boisduval 1833]: Suite— Decandolle on Botany [A. de Candolle 1835]: Lacordaire Introduction Entomologique [Lacordaire 1834–8]: Reptiles [Duméril and Bibron 1834–54]: Crustacea Milne Edwards [Milne-Edwards 1834–40]: In Portfolio of “abstracts”34 —letter from Skuckard of books on Silk Worm

Physiological Papers of Mr Knight from Hort: & Royal Soc. 15s. Longman [Knight 1841]

Gardener’s Magazine must be studied [Gardener's Magazine of Botany]; many papers on Peas &c &c

[DAR *119: 15]

Zanoni by Bulwer [Bulwer-Lytton 1842].

Life of D. of Marlborough [A. Alison 1848]— (read)

Montagus Translat of Visa & Cogitata & Novum Organum. &c [Bacon 1825–36]

Prescott. Hist. of Mexico [W. H. Prescott 1843], strongly recommended by Lyell (read)

Berkeleys Works [Berkeley 1784]

Duke of Wellington’s Dispatches [Wellesley 1834–9]

Carlyles Oliver Cromwell [Carlyle 1845] (read)

Keppells(?) voyage to Borneo [Keppel 1846]

Life of David Hume— (new Edit) by Bell [Hume 1778] recommended by Erasmus

Life of Hutton by Playfair [Playfair 1797]— (read)

Hall’s voyage in the Nemesis to China [Bernard 1844].

The Emigrant, Head [F. B. Head 1846]

St. John’s Highlands [C. W. G. Saint John 1846]

History of Invention Beckman [Beckmann 1797]

Wellington’s General Orders [Wellesley 1832]

Sir. W. Nott’s Life [W. Nott 1854].—

[DAR *119: 15v.]

From Herschel’s Review Quart. June /41/ [Herschel 1841] I see I must study Whewell on Philosophy of Science [Whewell 1840].— Speculates on Instinct.—

Lecons de Botanique comprenant principalement de morphologie. par August. de Saint-Hilaire [Saint-Hilaire 1841]: review annal. des Scien. p. 100/41/—dull—but perhaps good for me.

Dillon’s Travels in Spain [Dillon 1780]: Livingston on Sheep [Livingston 1809].

Communicat to Board of Agriculture. vol 6 quoted by Youatt on migration of Sheep [Anon. 1808]. very curious

Jardines. Nat. Lib.— Vol. on Peacocks & Pheasants [Jardine ed. 1834] read

Vol. (2d) on Dogs [C. H. Smith 1839–40] /on Ruminants [Jardine ed. 1835–6]// on Horses [C. H. Smith 1841]// Exotic Moths including Si[l]k [Duncan 1841]

J. Kölreuter Hist der Versuche üb das Geschtecht der Pflanzes—also Nacht. von einigen Berlin 1763? [Kölreuter 1761–6]

Godwins answer to Malthus [Godwin 1820] Shelley says is victorious & decisive read

Gærtner de fructibus Plantarum [Gaertner 1788–91] (Plates on all seeds) R. Soc

Henslow says there is a grand book with genealogical tree, on Citrons & Oranges [?Gallesio 1811] also book on Maize35 in Public Library of Camb

Die Getreide-arten und Wiesengräser &c Von. J. Metzger. Heidelberg 1841 [Metzger 1841] Read

Henslow in Botanist36 has written on some Hybrids

The Cat. of Sir J. Bank’s Library [Banks 1796–1800] is classed & refers to varieties [monsters] &c Stoke Has it. perhaps Royal Soc.— is more copious but very similar to Reuss Repert. Com. in Royal Soc [Reuss 1801–21]

[DAR *119: 16v.]

Proceedings of Nat. Hist. Soc. of Mauritius [Procés-Verbaux de la Société d'Histoire Naturelle d'Ile Maurice]. many very useful papers for me:— not in Hort. Soc. Hooker?

Rogets Bridgewater Treatise [Roget 1834]: very good, abortive organs read

A. Alison on Population. 2 vols. Feb. 1842 [A. Alison 1840].—

Youatt in Vet. says Blaine on Dogs in 2d Edit. [Blaine 1824] gives all Knight’s facts on dogs instincts

Veterinary. vol: 9. p. 229. “A comparative view of the form of the race-horse during past & present century. Hookham” [Anon. 1836]: worth looking at. Low has probably told all [D. Low 1842]

Madras Journal [Madras Journal of Literature and Science]. in Geograph. Soc. appears to be good Papers on Sewalik Fossils in 1842 [Cautley 1840 and Cautley and Falconer 1840]

The Haras. Vet. Journ. [Journal des Haras, des Chasses et des Courses de Chevaux] in Athenæum

Youatt ‘Essay on the Obligations of man to the inferior animals’ [Youatt 1839] discusses their minds.

Crawford in work on Ava give case & man & child hairy [Crawfurd 1829]

Farmer’s Mag. [Farmer's Magazine] well spoken of in Veterinary [Veterinarian]

Veterinary: Jan & Feb. number 1841. Karkeek on the geological History of the Horse [Karkeek 1841]. (not read.) Owen not got these Nos.

[DAR *119: 17v.]

At end of 2d. Vol of Müller Phy. [Müller 1837–42] references to some good Books Blacklock admirable little Treatise on Sheep [Blacklock 1838]; good quotation in Royle [Royle 1840]

Proceedings of Agricult. Soc of India. 1838. Falconer says Royle will probably have it excellent paper on disposition of the very manybreeds of native oxen.— Capt. Parsons quoted by Royle. Prod. Res. p. 170 [Royle 1840] (read)37

Sweet has written Book on family of Geranium [Sweet 1820–30] (vars. & spec.) & on Cistus [Sweet 1825–30].—

Catalog. of Books on Agriculture & lives of Authors in Loudon’s Encyclop. of Agriculture [Loudon 1831]

Dieffenbach Travels into the interior of New Zealand [Dieffenbach 1843].

Capt. Porter, Journ of Cruize in Essex, 1812 [D. Porter 1815] account of Galapagos Tortoises (very good) Read

Temminck. Nat. Hist. des Gallina & Pigeons [Temminck 1813–15] must be studied. Roy Soc read

Prichards. Nat: History of Man. Bailliere. 1.10 [Prichard 1843] must be studied. London Library read

[DAR *119: 18v.]

Dr. Etherington Observ. on Instinct [Etherington 1841–3]. Whittaker 1844. in Parts. cheap. 1.6 a part.38

Schlegel Essay on serpent (1844). 6s. 6d. Edinburgh [Schlegel 1843]. Geograph. Distrib &c &c.—sneered at

Lieut Fremonts Exploring Expedition towards the Rocky Mountains [Frémont 1845]. (amusing extracts). perhaps for Species theory

Jesses new Book. (April 44) on Nat. Hist [Jesse 1844] must be studied.

J. Jarves “Scenes in Sandwich Isld & Central America [Jarves 1843] contains good account of Silkworm, wh I have extracted from Athenæum 44. p. 379.— probably worth reading.—

Darluc. Hist Nat. de la Provence [Darluc 1782–6] 8vo. 1782. Tom I p. 303 to 329 gives account of migratory sheep of Provence; quoted by Young in French Tour. p. 423 [Young 1792].— (See about instincts, as in Spain??) also chapt. 32. Tom 3. in Library of Institute. Perhaps Bailliere has it. British Museum

Traite Elementair Palæontologie M. Pictet [Pictet 1844–5]— Forbes?? Waterhouse has it— 1844— read

Blackhouse travels in Australia } Much Botany &
[Backhouse 1843] Nat: Hist.—
—— Mauritius & C. of Good Hope Hooker recommends order
[Backhouse 1844] at Library

Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akad: der Wissen: Aus dem Jahre 1834.— Berlin 1836.— “Vergleich: Anat der Myxinoiden”. Müller [Müller 1837] Towards end of paper describes anomalies in muscles & bones of man & animals.— (Read)

Buckland Bridgewater Treatise [Buckland 1836]

[DAR *119: 19v.]

Vestiges of Nat: Hist: of Creation. Churchill: 1844. 7s ” 6d. [Chambers] 1844] in which species are shown to be not immutable see Brit. Museum Collect. (Anonymous)

Wartmann on Daltonism in Taylors Scientific Memoirs—goes by sexes [Wartmann 1844] for (1844)

Blofield Algeria. 1844. Newby [Blofeld 1844]. Athenæum says account of domestic animals.

Boston Nat: Hist: Soc: Journal of [Boston Journal of Natural History].— must be read.

Paper on transmutation of shells [Haldeman 1843–4] already (1844) VI. vols. published Lib. Geological Society (read)

Goulds Kangaroos [Gould 1841–2]— Birds of Himalaya [Gould 1834] (& of Europe?) [Gould 1832–7] & of Australia [Gould 1848]; well worth studying for variation any very good monograph of Birds from distant countries

Birds of Japan [P. F. B. von Siebold 1833–50] Zoolog. Soc

“Memoires du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle” (Cuvier Paper on Domestication) [F. G. Cuvier 1825]

Agricola’s Husbandry (to see about early selection) [Agricola 1721] Read

Virgils Georgics—translated [Virgilius Maro 1800]. Read

Waterton’s last series on Nat: Hist: [Waterton 1844] tailess horses. Read

“Bronn’s Geschicte der Natur.” [Bronn 1842–3]

Kingdons translat of Decandolles Veg: Organ: } recommended by Hooker.
[A. P. de Candolle 1839–40]
Jussieus introduct to Bot. price 6s [Jussieu 1842]

[DAR *119: 20v.]

Bernhardi Ueber den Begriff der Pflanzenart [Bernhardi 1834] (M. Gerard. experiments on species [Gérard 1844].) read

Sageret sur les Cucurbitaceæ [Sageret 1826] (Gerard Hybrids [Gérard 1844])

Bought (read)

G. St. Hilaire Progress de un Naturalist [E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1835] (Gerard [Gérard 1844])

Fruit & Fruit Trees of America by A. Downing Wiley & Putnam. 14s. [Downing 1845] (Brit. Museum) (read) good

H. Watson in Phytologist. April May or June 1845 [H. C. Watson 1845]— gives up permanent species (alluded to by Hooker)

Foreign & British Med. Review by Dr Forbes [British and Foreign Medical Review] Prof. Forbes says worth my consulting (Perry can give me order)

Virey Philosoph [Virey 1835]. Forbes thinks worth reading Royal Soc.—

Blumenbach. Comp. Anat. Translated [Blumenbach 1807] read it— Erasmus has it

Owens Brit. Mammalia [R. Owen 1846a]— Horner has it. (read)

Reports to Brit. Assoc. [Reports of the British Association for the Advancement of Science]— read

Sismondi des Jacinthes [Saint-Simon] 1768] quoted in several places worth reading

NB. Lindley says he will lend me Books out of Hort Soc.39

Lindley Veg. Kingdom [Lindley 1846]. worth having, especially introduction on classification, I shd. think.

[DAR *119: 21]

Daniells Chem. Philosop. [Daniell 1839] (Erasmus)

Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library,40 40 vols. 12mo. coloured plates, cloth lettered, (pub. at 6s per vol.) reduced to 5s 1834–43

1. Humming Birds, Vol. 1 [Jardine 1833].

3. Humming Birds, Vol 2 [Jardine 1833].

5. Peacocks, Pheasants, &c. [Jardine 1834a]

6. Birds of the Game kind [Jardine 1834b].

9. Columbidæ (Pigeons.) [Selby 1835]

11. Ruminating Animals (Deer, Antelopes, &c.) [Jardine 1835–6]

12. Ruminating Animals (Goats, Sheep, Cattle, &c.) [Jardine 1835–6]

15. Parrots [Selby 1836].

26. Honey Bees [Jardine ed. 1840]. Waterhouse has it???

Jacintes (Des). De leur Anatomie, Reproduction et Culture. 4to. Avec 10 planches. Amsterdam, 1768. 12s.41 Bailliére [Saint-Simon] 1768] read

Miller. The Gardener’s and Florist’s Dictionary, 2 vols. 8vo. 1724. 5s.42 [P. Miller 1724]

Life of Wilkie [Cunningham 1843] & Chantry [G. Jones 1849].

Grote’s History of Greece [Grote 1846–56].

Miss. Martineau Society in America [H. Martineau 1837]

Bamfords Life of a Radical [Bamford 1841]

[DAR *119: 21v.]

Gosse Canadian naturalist [Gosse 1840] in Entomolog. Soc.

Duchesne’s Works. (on avatism in Linn Soc) Hort. Soc. [Duchesne 1766]

Count Dandalo on silk worm Eng. Translat 1825—Murray [Dandolo 1825]

/good/ Mrs Whitby [Whitby 1848] In Library of Entomological Society & many allied Books

Gleanings in Nat. Hist in Knowsly. Ld. Derby [J. E. Gray 1846–50] (Royal. Soc) many facts on breeding &c &c

Grabas. Ornith. Voyage to Feroe in German [Graba 1830] (read)

Gardner’s Brazil [Gardner 1846] in Geolog Soc.43

Lindley’s Vegetable Kingdom [Lindley 1846]. Hooker says very good for my purpose

Sageret’s—Pomologies Philosoph. [Sageret 1830] read } praised by Chevreul

[Chevreul 1846].

not in Hort Soc.—

L. Deslongchamps Cerealia
[Loiseleur Deslongchamps 1842–3]

Phytologist [Phytologistmust be read. Hooker. read

Fortune’s Travels in China [Fortune 1847] read

Lettres philosop. sur l’intelligence des animaux C. G. Leroy Paris 1802 [Leroy 1802]. (worth reading) read

Alphonse Decandolle in his “Introduction a l’etude Botanique (Suite a Buffon)

[A. de Candolle 1835] has many Geographical aphorisms & laws consult.

[DAR *119: 22]

Eyeres Travels [E. J. Eyre 1845] very amusing

Tschudi’s Travels in Peru (translated) [J. J. von Tschudi 1847]

Gardners Travels in Brazil [Gardner 1846]

North’s lives of Ld. Guildford & the Norths [North 1826]. (Erasmus) read

Hebrew Monarchy [Newman] 1847]

Berniers Travels [Bernier 1826] } Eras
Campbells Lives of Chancellors [J. Campbell 1845–7] last vol.

Ludlows Memoirs [Ludlow 1698–9]

Memoirs of Plumer Ward by Hon Phipps [E. Phipps 1850]

Ld. Harveys Memoirs [Hervey 1848]

Cuming Lion Hunter [Cumming 1850]

Sir C. Phillips Recollections of Curran [C. Phillips 1818] (Brougham)

Ermans Travels in Siberia [Erman 1848] (Boot)44 (read)

Bethunes lives [Drinkwater 1833] (Boot)

Leslie life of Constable [Leslie 1843]. (Emma) (read)

Mrs Fry’s Life [Fry 1847]

Horace Walpoles letter to Ct. of Ossory [Walpole 1848]

Lamb’s Letters [Lamb 1837] (read)

Feuerbaches Trials [Feuerbach 1846]

Godwins Work & Life [Godwin 1835]

Brookes last Journal by Mundy [Mundy 1848]

Goldsmiths life by Forster [Forster 1848]

Mrs Somerville’s Geography [M. Somerville 1848]

Trials Martineau [J. Martineau 1821] (read)

Letters of Ld. Ward? [Ward 1840]

[DAR *119: 22v.]

Murchisons Russia [Murchison, Verneuil, and Keyserling 1845] (read)

Agassiz’s Works

Comparative Osteology. Morphology of Vertebrate animals 54 folio Plates. Maclise 2”12.6. [Maclise 1847] good for woodcuts. (Roy. Coll. of Surgeons)

M.M Turpin & Poiteau Traité des arbres Fruitières [Duhamel du Monceau 1807] (perhaps)

“Ampelographie Universelle ou traité des Cepages Comte Odart 1849” [Odart 1849] read very good.

Rivers Catalogue of Roses [Rivers 1837]

Saunders Map-seller Charing Cross—sells Johnstons Maps [A. K. Johnston 1848] separately—Forbes is going to publish one.45

Gosse. Birds of Jamaica [Gosse 1847], recommended by Yarrel

Griffith Indian Journal [Griffith 1847], strongly recommended by Hooker—

Analysis & theory of the Emotions by G. Ramsay B.M. 6. 6. Black Edin. Longman [Ramsay 1848]

St. John’s Nat. Hist. of Sutherlanshire, Murray [C. W. G. Saint-John 1849] (read)

Knox. Ornithological Ramble in Sussex. 7. 6. [A. E. Knox 1849] J. Lubbock has & will lend me—

Pickering Races of Man [Pickering 1850]. (has a good chapter).

Wilkes Expedition. £3. 3s [Wilkes 1845] order at L. Library. read

Botanical Soc. of Edinburgh Transactions [Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh]

Youatt on Pig [Youatt 1847].

Westminster Rev. Oct. 49. Article on Doubleday’s Theory on Pop. praised by Daily News. by Mr Hicks [Hickson 1849] Published separately Taylor & Walton Headed “Malthus” [Hickson 1849] (read)

Morton’s Crania Americana [Morton 1839] (Preface) Royal Soc.

Aspects of Nature Humboldt [A. von Humboldt 1849]— (d[itt]o)

Journal of Hort Soc. [Journal of the Horticultural Society of Londonmust be read

D’archiac Vol 3. (old Series). Mem. Geolog. Soc. Paris Studies on Chalk F. of France [Archiac 1846].—

Gresly Mem. of Helvetic Soc. of Neuchatel on Jura. 1846, or 7, or 8 [?Marcou 1845].46 Morris good for me.—

[DAR *119: 23]

Prescotts Peru [W. H. Prescott 1847]

Sleemans Travels to Khiva.47 Residence in India [Sleeman 1844]

Ld Cloncurry Memm [Lawless 1849] Lady Lyell

Sir J Heads Forest scenes in Canada [G. Head 1829]

Grotes History of Greece [Grote 1846–56]

Napiers Hist. of Peninsular War [W. F. P. Napier 1828–40]

Campbell’s Chief Justices [J. Campbell 1849–57]

Tocquevilles Democracy [Tocqueville 1835–40]

Fellow’s Lycia (1st Travels) [Fellows 1839] Catherine48

Life of Collins R.A. [Collins 1848]

Phases of Faith [Newman 1850]

Burnetts Hist. of own time [Burnet 1724–34]

Sidney Smith Lectures49 [Plymley 1808]

Sleemans Residence in India [Sleeman 1844]

Curiosities of Literature [D'Israeli 1791]— Quarells [D'Israeli 1814] & Calamities of Authors [D'Israeli 1812]— Essays on the Literary Character by D’Israeli [D'Israeli 1795].

Miss Martineau Travels in N. America [H. Martineau 1838b]

Burtons Life of David Hume [Burton 1846]

Society in America. Miss Martineau [H. Martineau 1837]

Layards Babylon [Layard 1853]

Vol. V of Campbells Chancellors [J. Campbell 1845–7]

Lives of the Lindsays [Lindsay 1849]

Dr Harvey’s Sea Side Book. Van Voorst [Harvey 1849]

Southeys autobiography [?C. C. Southey 1849–50]

Curzon’s Monasteries of the East [Curzon 1849]

Humboldts Letters [K. W. von Humboldt 1849] Eliza50 has good Edition

Catlins Indians [Catlin 1841]

Edwardes. Voyage up Amazon [W. H. Edwards 1847].—

Cunningham Life of Wilkie [Cunningham 1843]

[DAR *119: 23v.]

Whitehead on the Transmission from Parent to offspring of some Forms of Disease. 1851 [Whitehead 1851].

Packard. A Guide to the Study of Insects 1868. U. States [Packard 1868–9] (an excellent large Book)

[DAR *119: 24]

Miss. Fennimore Cooper. Rural Scenes in N.A [Cooper 1850]

G. Cummings South African Huntsmans life [Cumming 1850]

Edwards Voyage up Amazon [W. H. Edwards 1847] } Home Library
Ld Ellsmere Siege of Vienna [Schimmer 1847]

Life of Ld. Clive. by Malcolm [Malcolm 1836]

H. Dixon Life of Pen [W. H. Dixon 1851].—

Southeys Life of Wesley [R. Southey 1820].— The Doctor [R. Southey 1834–47]. The Book of the Church [R. Southey 1824]. History of Brazil [R. Southey 1810–19].

Aspects of Nature. Humboldt [A. von Humboldt 1849].

Liebigs Lectures on Chemistry [Liebig 1851].

Sir John Davies. China during the War and Peace [J. F. Davis 1852]. read

Books Read, 1838–51

[DAR 119: Cover] Books Read

All Catalogued in Alphabetical order

[DAR 119: Inside Front Cover]

Nov. 42.

——Most important books & ‹mo›st periodicals, [under] Journal & [Trans] —51

Linnæan & Wernerian Transacts— [Transactions of the Linnean Society of London and Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society]

Ed. New Phil Jour [Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal]

Mem: du Museum [Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle]

Loudon Arboretum [Loudon 1838]

Lists at end of Royal Soc [Royal Society of London 1839]

(List from Muller & Bronn [Müller 1837–42 and Bronn 1842–3] in this Book)52

Royle Himmalaya [Royle 1839]

[DAR 119: Page facing Inside Front Cover]

Edig. New Phil. Journ.— 1849. Jan.

Marten on Transportal of seeds by Birds [Martins 1849].53

[DAR 119: 1a]54

N.B. These books have been read since I thought of my transmutation theory

Mackenzie’s Iceland [G. S. Mackenzie 1811]

Molina’s Chile [Molina 1788–95]

Falkner’s Patagonia [Falkner 1774]

Azara’s Voyage [Azara 1809] & Quadrupeds of Paraguay [Azara 1801]

Dobrizhoffer’s Abipones [Dobrizhoffer 1822]

Edinburgh New Philosoph. Journ. [Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal] 13 numbers have been read

Voyage à l’isle de France [Saint Pierre 1773]

Voyage de l’Astrolabe partie Zoolog. [Quoy and Gaimard 1830–4]

Pernety voyage à l’ile Malouines [Pernety 1769]

Zoolog. Journal [Zoological Journal] 5 Vols.

Voyage de la Coquille [Duperrey 1825–30]

Zoolog. Trans [Transactions of the Zoological Society of London]: up to parts published March 1838

Whole of Geographical Journal [Journal of the Royal Geographical Society]

Asiatic Journ. of London to end of 1837 [Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society]—contains very little

Macleay’s letter to Dr Fleming [Macleay 1830]

Review of D[itt]o in Quarterly [Fleming] 1829]55

Sir J. Sebright’s Pamphlets [Sebright 1809 and 1836]— } not abstracted
Wilkinson on cattle [J. Wilkinson 1820]—

[DAR 119: 2a]

Scientific Memoirs pub. by Taylor [Scientific Memoirs]

Mag. of Zoology & Botany & continuation Annals of Natural History [Magazine of Zoology and Botany and Annals of Natural History]

Von Buch’s Travels [Buch 1813]— skimmed

White’s Nat. Hist. of Selbourne [G. White 1789]— Reference at end

Dr Lang’s Australia [Lang 1834]— Trash skimmed

Macleay’s Hora Entomologica [Macleay 1819–21]

Ray’s Wisdom of God [Ray 1692].— Reference at end

British Aviary [Anon. 1838?]— d[itt]o d[itt]o

Lister’s56 Husbandry [Lisle 1757]— re-read Appendix

Ovington’s Voy. to Surinam [Ovington 1696]

Congo Expedition Zaire [Tuckey 1818]— except Browne’s Appendix [Brown 1818] excellent table of Canary island Plants

Home’s Hist. of Man [Home1774]

Trans. of Entomological Soc. [Transactions of the Entomological Society of London]— Vol 1 & 1st No of Vol 2. (read remainder when out

Lisianky’s Voyage round world 1803–6 [Lisyansky 1814]— nothing

Lyell’s Elements of Geology [Lyell 1838]

Gibbon’s Life of himself [Gibbon 1827]

Hume’s life of himself [Hume 1777] with corres: with Rousseau [Hume 1766]

Miss Martineau’s How to observe [H. Martineau 1838a]

Mayo Philosophy of Art of Living [H. Mayo 1837]

[DAR 119: 3a]

several of W. S. Landors Imaginary Conversations [Landor 1824–9]— very poor

Sir J57 Browne’s Religio Medici [T. Browne 1643]

Lyell’s Book III 5th Edit58 [Lyell 1837]— There are many marginal notes

Mitchells Australia [Mitchell 1838]

Walter Scott’s life [Lockhart 1837–8] 1st 2nd & 7th vols.

Abercrombie on the Intellectual Powers [Abercrombie 1838] References at end59

Hunters animal economy edited by Owen [Hunter 1837], read several papers all that bear on any of my subjects

Elie de Beaumont’s 2 vol of memoirs on Geology of France [Dufrénoy and Élie de Beaumont 1830–8] & C Prevost on l’Ile Julie [Prévost 1835].


Oct 2 Watertons Essays on Nat. History [Waterton 1838]

d[itt]o Trans. of Royal Irish Academy [Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy]

Oct 3 Lavater’s Phisiognomy [Lavater 1806–7]

Malthus on Population [Malthus 1826]

Oct 12th W. Earle’s60 Eastern Seas [Earl 1837].

12th Sir S.61 Stauntons Embassy to China [Staunton 1797]

Kotzebue’s two voyages [Kotzebue 1821 and 1830]— skimmed well

Lutke’s voyage [Lütke 1835–6]— carefully read

Reynold’s Discourses [Reynolds 1778]

[DAR 119: 4a]

Lessings Laocoon [Lessing 1836]

Whewell inductive History [Whewell 1837] References at end

Herschel’s Introd to Nat. Philosophy [Herschel 1831] d[itt]o 2d time of Reading62

R. W. Darwin’s Botany [R. W. Darwin 1787].— References at end

Mayo Pathology of Human mind [T. Mayo 1838]

Evelyn’s Sylva [Evelyn 1664]— skimmed stupid

Browne’s travel’s in Africa [W. G. Browne 1799]— well skimmed


Jan 10 All life of W. Scott [Lockhart 1837–8] except 5th vol.

19 Mungo Parks travels [Park 1799]

Feb 12 Sir H. Davy consolations in travel [H. Davy 1830]

—— Observations on morals Eugenius [Eugenius 1838]

14 Boswell’s life of Johnsons [Boswell 1831] 4 vols

25 Phillips Geology [J. Phillips 1837–9] Lardners 2nd vol

March 16 Gardner’s Music of nature [Gardiner 1832]

Life of Haydn & Mozart [Beyle 1817]

—— Herbert on Hybrid mixture [Herbert 1837]— marginal notes

20th Carlyles French Revolution 3 vols [Carlyle 1837]

26 Blumenbach’s Essay on generation Eng. Tr. [Blumenbach 1792]

—Rev. A. Wells Lectures on Instinct [Wells 1834]

Cline on the breeding of animals [Cline 1829]

Spallanzani’s Essay on Animal reproduction [Spallanzani 1769]

Zoonomia. 1st Volume Darwin [E. Darwin 1794–6] References at end—63

[DAR 119: 5a]

Mar 26 Treatise on Domestic Pigeons [J. Moore] 1765]

Ap 5 Dr Edwards on Influence of causes [W. F. Edwards 1832]— well skimmed

25 Lockhart’s life of Napoleon [Lockhart] 1829]

Bartram’s travels in N. America [W. Bartram 1791]

May 18 Stanley Familiar Hist. of Birds [E. Stanley 1835]

Mackintosh’s Ethical Philosophy [Mackintosh 1836]

Bell on the Hand [C. Bell 1833]

Wilkinson’s Egyptian remains [?J. G. Wilkinson 1837–41] Well64 skimmed

Pliny’s Nat. Hist of world [Pliny 1601] Well65 skimmed

Lamarck II Vol Philos. Zoology [Lamarck 1809]— references at end of each Chap.

June 1. King & FitzRoy’s Voyages [King 1839 and FitzRoy 1839]

June 25. Cowpers Life & several volumes of letters [Hayley ed. 1809]

30th Notices on the East Indian Archipelago [Moor 1837].— Skimmed.

Coral & Transmut. theory

—— Walker on intermarriage [Walker 1838]— List of references at end & remarks on his theory: classification of hermaphroditism—good letters of Mr Knight

July 8th M.S. Voyage of Kolff to the Molucca Sea [Kolff 1840]

10th Surville-Marion [Crozet 1783]. Fanning [Fanning 1833], Dixon [G. Dixon ed. 1789]. Voyages skimmed. Coral Theory

12th Dampier [Dampier 1697]. 1st Volume d[itt]o. & transmut.—

19th Journal of Asiatic Soc of Bengal [Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal]. from the 1st Volume to October 1838— not much: scarcely worth looking at other numbers

25. Owen & Botelers Africa [W. F. Owen 1833 and Boteler 1835] well skimmed

Gleanings of Science [Gleanings in Science]. being first part of Asiatic Journal

[DAR 119: 6a]


Aug. 22. Finished Horticultural Transactions [Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London] from Vol I to Vol VII. part III or p 433. N.B. I think the three first of Hort T. volumes possibly might be reread with advantage, as I do not think I was quite aware of the many points of importance.— The list of books given the Soc at end of volumes most valuable record of work, which would be serviceable to me.—

—— 23 Annals of Natural History [Annals of Natural History] as far as. p. 488 of 1839 or (Part. XIII) forming end of Vol II: perhaps worth reading on.

Sept. 25th. Prichard. Physical Researches [Prichard 1836–47]. Volumes II with references at end of volumes.—& notes on Pop——many books referred to——

Sept. 29th. Humes dialogues [Hume 1779] & Nat. Hist of Religion [Hume 1757]

Swainson Geograph. Distrib of Animals [Swainson 1835] I see Swainsons Book has notes at commencement.—

Octob 14 Baily Essays on Truth. &c &c [Bailey 1829] There is a discussion on cause & effect here I believe worthless—

—— 22. Vol. I. of Carlyles Miscellaneous Works & several reviews [Carlyle 1838–9]

Nov 8th Murchison Silurian System [Murchison 1839].— References at end—

—— Smith off Jordan Hill. Pamphlet [J. Smith 1838]. Last changes of level— d[itt]o to facts showing gentle transition of forms——oscillation of climate——mammals in Scotland with reference to a paper on the extinct Beavers [Neill 1821]

Decemb. Several more of Carlyles Essays [Carlyle 1838–9]—

—— Skimmed Ordinaire on Volcanos [Ordinaire 1802].

—— — Nautical Magazine [Nautical Magazine] to end of 1838.

—— Youatt on the Horse [Youatt 1831] Library of Useful K.


Jan 1st Many numbers of Edinburg Phil. Journal. & L’Institut for 1839 [Edinburgh Philosophical Journal and L'Institut]

16th First vol of Muller’s Physiolog. 850 pages Muller [Müller 1837–42]. references at end

23d. Moores Life of Byron 6 volumes [T. Moore 1837].— poor.—

—— T. Carlyles Chartism [Carlyle 1839]

Feb 2d Davys Ceylon [J. Davy 1821]— Skimmed.—

5th Sonnerats Voyage aux indes Orientales [Sonnerat 1782] d[itt]o

—— Heyne’s Tracts on India [Heyne 1814] d[itt]o

[DAR 119: 7a]


Dr. Hollands Medical Notes [Holland 1839]— have added notes from 2d Edit [Holland 1840].—

Feb 7th. Lord Brougham Dissertation [Brougham 1839]. References at end.

chiefly on instincts 10th. Blackwalls Researches in Zoology [Blackwall 1834]— d[itt]o d[itt]o d[itt]o. d[itt]o.

15th Henslow’s Botany [Henslow 1837].— d[itt]o d[itt]o—

16th Childe Harold [Byron 1819]. Manfred [Byron 1817]. Cain [Byron 1822]

18th. Bossu & Loefflings Travels Louisiana [Bossu 1771]

—— Dubois Voyage. Madagascar & Bourbon [Dubois 1674].

22d Parts of Cobbetts Rural Rides [Cobbett 1830] & Most of Crabbe’s Poems [Crabbe 1807]

24th Well Skimmed (for second time) Whewell’s Bridgewater Treatise [Whewell 1833]

March 1st. Philosoph. Transactions [Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London] from 1788 to 1840 —Abstracted— Maer Phil Transact. 1687 to 1766 inclusive, and from beginning to 1674

7th Skimmed Burn’s Poems [Burns 1786].

15 Skimmed Pope & Dryden’s Poems [Pope 1779 and Dryden 1760].— need not try them again.

18th. Maclarens Geology of Fife [Maclaren 1839] References at End?

—— Skimmed. Lord Mulgraves Voyage [Phipps 1774] nothing

Coleridges Table Talk [Coleridge 1835].

Campbell’s Poems [T. Campbell 1828]. Some of Shellys

Poems [Shelley 1826]

19th. Read well Mackenzie’s excellent Travels [G. S. Mackenzie 1811].

26th. Cattle. Library of Useful Knowledge—Youatt [Youatt 1834] References at end

April 13th. Boutcher & Forsyth on Forest trees [Boutcher 1775 and Forsyth 1791] slightly skimmed.— no use studying these until Loudons Arboretum be read [Loudon 1838]

—— Lewis & Clarke [Lewis and Clark 1814]— skimmed half way through—probably nothing

—— Lichtensteins Travels [Lichtenstein 1812–15]— well skimmed

—— Cully on live Stock [Culley 1786]. well read

—— Sheep of Russia. Anderson & Pallas [Pallas 1794]— d[itt]o

—— Smith’s Varieties of Human race [S. S. Smith 1788] d[itt]o

20 Darwins Phytologia [E. Darwin 1800] references at end

24th. Spallanzani Essays on Generation [?Spallanzani 1803]— references at end— 1st. vol. nothing

—— Fable of the Bees [Mandeville] 1714]. 2d Vol.— extracted

[DAR 119: 8a]

Middleton’s Free Enquiry on Miracles [Middleton 1749].—

Vicar of Wakefield [Goldsmith] 1766]— Part of Dante [?Dante 1802]. Shakespeares sonnets [Shakespeare: Sonnets]66

Silliman’s Journal [American Journal of Science and Arts] all from 1 to 38 vol. except vol 26, 36, & 37.— abstracted

Macculloch’s Principles of Polit. Econ. [J. R. MacCulloch 1825]—

May 30th. Naturalists Library— Volume I. Dog. Col. Ham. Smith [C. H.

Smith 1839–40]. references at end.—

Maer (June 10 to Nov. 14. 1840)

Smellies Buffon 3d Edit. [Buffon 1791] skimmed—1791: in nine vols

Mrs. Gores Manual of Roses [Gore 1838]

River’s Rose Amateur Guide [Rivers 1837]

Hasselquist— voyage to Levant [Hasselquist 1766]. Skimmed

Tournefort d[itt]o voyage [Pitton de Tournefort 1718] d[itt]o

Bath. Soc. Paper [Letters and Papers of the Bath and West of England Society]. 1st to 8th vol. inclusive 1st. series from 1792 to 1796— well read

Hallers Physiology. Translat. [Haller 1754] Skimmed

Bon Jardinier [Le Bon Jardinier] 1829. d[itt]o

Sir. Ch. Bell Anatomy of Expression [Bell 1806].

Bucklands Bridgewater Treatise [Buckland 1836] Read half through

Swedish Philosoph. Acts [Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar]. Vol 1— to 7. M.S. Translat.— from 1740. 2d. vol 1741. 3d. 1742 & so on.——

[DAR 119: 9a]

Maer Continued

Hearne’s Travels in N. America [Hearne 1795]

Stedman’s Travels in Surinam [Stedman 1796] skimmed

Charlevoix. Canada [Charlevoix 1744] d[itt]o

D’Auteroche Siberia [Chappe d'Auteroche 1770] d[itt]o

Macculloch letters on Highlands [J. MacCulloch 1824]. 4. Vols.— skimmed

Montagu’s Ornithological Dict Edited by Rennie [Montagu 1802–13]. well read.

Pencil References at Maer

Rennie on Peat [R. Rennie 1810]. Skimmed

Bartrams [?W. Bartram 1791] well reread

Bruce’s Travels & Appendix [Bruce 1790] (d[itt]o)

Clarke’s Travels [Clarke 1810–23]. Skimmed one. vol.—

Barrow’s Travels [Barrow 1801]. well Skimmed

B. Edwards Hist. of W. Indies [B. Edwards 1793–1801]. d[itt]o.

Asiatic Researches of Bengal Soc [Asiatick Researches] 5. vol. 8vo.— Chiefly Sir. W. Jones’ work [W. Jones 1799a and 1799b].— re-Printed from the 4th Edit Macclelland. on Cyprinidae from the vol 19. Asiatic Researches [McClelland 1836].— References at end.——

[DAR 119: 9b] 67

Milman’s Hist of Christianity [Milman 1840]

Horne Tooke Diversions of Purley [Horne Tooke 1786–98]. Skimmed

Oberlin’s Memoirs [Oberlin 1829]

Pepys Diary [Pepys 1825]. Skimmed one vol.

Midsummers N. Dream. Hamlet. Othello [Shakespeare: A midsummer night's dreamHamletOthello]. Mansfield Park [Austen 1814]. Sense & S [Austen 1811]. Richd. 2d. poor. Henry IV [Shakespeare: King Richard IIKing Henry IV]

Northanger Abbey [Austen 1818]. Simple Story.

Sir. J. Mackintosh life [Mackintosh 1835]. reread

Priestley Life & Dissert on Work [?Corry 1804]

—— Letters to Philosoph Unbeliever [Priestly 1780]

Johnson. Tour to Hebrides by Boswell [Boswell 1831]

Philip Van Artevelde [H. Taylor 1834]. reread

Macaulay Art. on Bacon in Edin. R. [Macaulay] 1837]

Some of Burke’s Speeches [Burke 1816]

Some Arabian Nights [Anon. 1706]. Gullivers Travels [Swift] 1726] Robinson Crusoe [Defoe 1719]

Bub. Dodington Mem. [Bubb 1784] Skimmed

Gray’s Poems. life, & letters [T. Gray 1775]

Jeffrey. art. on Alison Taste. Ed. Review [Jeffrey] 1811]

Maer.68 June 6th Doblado’s letters on Spain [Doblado 1822] excellent

November Three vols. of Swifts letters [Swift 1766]. good

Bas. Montagu’s Select from old Divines [B. Montagu 1805]

[DAR 119: 10a]


Dec. 15th. Flemings Philosoph of Zoology [Fleming 1822]— Well read— references at end.—

17th. Humboldt’s Pers. Narrat. [A. von Humboldt 1814–29] Well read. referen. at end.

21. Art. Hybridite Dic Class [Guillemin 1825]. some references to books.

28th. Wrangell’s Expedition to Siberia & Polar Sea [Wrangell 1840] Geological Report. New York69

Jan. 6th. (Nov. Comm. N. C. Koelreuter Acad St. Petersburg. Lychnis 1775 [Kölreuter 1775]: Journ. de Phy. Tom. 21 (1782) & 23 (1783) onLobelias & Digitalis [Kölreuter 1782a and 1783]: These latter & on Lycia in Acts. Acad. St. Petersb. 1777 to 82 (which is all) Datura Verbasca. Malvaceæ [Kölreuter 1777b, 1777a, 1778a, 1778b, 1781b, 1781a, 1782b]— (Including Pallas on Variation [Pallas 1780], on Ass [Pallas 1777b], on horse-tailed Taurus [Pallas 1777a]). There are some few references at end of Hallam [Hallam 1837–9])

Feb. 12th Charlsworths Journal [Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology and Meteorology] 4. Vol. references at End

Feb. 23rd. Henslow Pamph. on Wheat [Henslow 1841]— fact about number & size of sporules of Fungus.

March 4th Agassiz etudes sur les Glaciers [Agassiz 1840]

—— 30th Lyells Principles. 3. Vol. 6th Edit [Lyell 1840]— references at end.—

April 6th. Essais de Zoologie Generale. Isid. G. St. Hilaire: [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1841] d[itt]o:

10th Journal de Phys. [Observations sur la Physique] (Rozier Editor) vol. 24 (1784) to vol. 2770 skimmed throu

19th Skimmed through Nov. Comment St Petersburgh [Novi Commentarii Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis Petropolitanae] 1775. 4. 3 2. 1 & 1760 inclusive N.B. 1775 is last Vol. d[itt]o. Nova Acta [Nova Acta Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis Petropolitanae]. vol I to 14. Vol. 15 not read All there are.

May 3d Pallas Travels [Pallas 1802–3] (wretched)

——8th Brand’s dissert. [Linnaeus 1781c] Translation of Aphonin on Nat. Hist. [Aphonin 1781] Linnaeus on increase of Hab. earth [Linnaeus 1781a]. Wilcke on Police of Nature [Wilcke 1781]. Hoffberg on Reindeer [Hoffberg 1781]. Ekmarck on migration [Ekmarck 1781]. Linn. on insects [Linnaeus 1781b]. Forsskahl on Flora of insects [Forsskahl 1781]. Avelin on Miraculous [Avelin 1781] & Baeckner noxious insects [Baeckner 1781]. Lyman on Silk-worms [Lyman 1781]

[DAR 119: 10b]

Dec. 10th The Hour & Man. H. Martineau [H. Martineau 1841]

—— 12 Sir S. Romilly’s Memoirs [Romilly 1840]. moderate

Feb. 7th Sartor Resartus [Carlyle 1834] excellent

March 5 Hume Hist. Engl. [Hume 1763] Vol 5 (& 6. March 15th)

13th. Minor poems of Milton [Milton 1823] & first 2d71 vol of Wordsworth [Wordsworth 1836–7]

26th. Carlyle. Hero Worship [Carlyle 1841].— moderate

April 4th. Hallam’s Hist. Lit. 4 vols. [Hallam 1837–9]— good

15th Failed in reading Dryden’s Poems [Dryden 1760]. except Absalom & Arc wh. I rather liked.— Tale of Tub [Swift] 1704]. (poor). Inheritance & marriage [S. E. Ferrier] 1824 and 1818].—

18th. 7th & 8th. Vol of Hume’s England [Hume 1763]— Admirable

—— Skimmed Sir. R. K. Porter’s Travel to Persia [R. K. Porter 1821–2]— poor—

23d. Bacon’s Essays [Bacon 1825–36]— dull, & crabbid style

May 7th Skimmed a little of Tucker’s light of nature [Tucker 1768–78]. intolerably prolix

—— 3d vol of Wordsworth [Wordsworth 1836–7]. Giaour [Byron 1813]

—— Some old Travels in Porter’s Collect. [R. K. Porter 1821–2]—

[DAR 119: 11a]


May 13 Stillingfleet Tracts [Stillingfleet ed. 1759]: Linnaeus on Travel

[Linnaeus 1759]. Biberg on œconomy of nature [Biberg 1759]. Barck on foliation of trees [Barck 1759]. Hasselgren on Swedish Pan [Hasselgren 1759]. from Amœn Acad.—

14th Amœn Acad. [Linnaeus ed. 1749–90] Looked through 1 & 2 vols: I do not think much for me.—

—— W. Walton’s Treatise on Peruvian Sheep [W. Walton 1811].——

—— Wiegmann’s Archif. fur Naturg. [Archiv für Naturgeschichte] one vol. for 1838——

16th Excellent Paper on Zoosperms in Annales des Sciences no. 1: 1841: [Prévost and Dumas 1824]

23d Moorcraft & Trebeck’s travels in Himalaya [Moorcroft and Trebeck 1841]

—— Linnæus Philosophia Botanica [Linnaeus 1751] (references at end)

June 8th. Evelyn’s Sylva [Evelyn 1664].

June. 20. Marshall Minutes of Agriculture [Marshall 1778]

—— abstract of Reports agriculture on N. counties [Marshall 1818]. (reference at end)

July 23d. Horticult. Tour by Deput. Caledon. Soc [Neill, Hay, and Macdonald] 1823] Ref at end

Godwins answer to Malthus [Godwin 1820]. Shelley says is victorious & decisive72

Octob. 9th Lindley’s Theory of Hort. [Lindley 1840]— abstracted

—— Col. le-Couteur on Wheat [Le Couteur 1836]. marked.—

25 Youatt on Sheep [Youatt 1837] d[itt]o

28th. Shuchard. Fossorial Hymenop. [Shuckard 1837] d[itt]o

—— Hamilton on the Dog [C. H. Smith 1839–40] 2d. vol. d[itt]o

Nov. 10th Sprengel. Endeckte Geheimniss.73 [Sprengel 1793] d[itt]o

—— 21st Liebig’s Agriculture [Liebig 1840]—. d[itt]o

Dec 4th. Godwin on Population [Godwin 1820].

16th Gallesio Teoria del Reproduzione [Gallesio 1816]. abstracted

18th Hooker’s Bot. Misc. [Botanical Miscellany] all——3 vols.——well abstracted

22d Lyells Elem. 2d Edit. [Lyell 1841] d[itt]o.—

Jan 3d. Waterhouse. Marsup. Nat. Lib. vol 14 [Waterhouse 1841] Marked——

10th Veterinary [Veterinarian] 1828 Vol 1 to end of 1841.— extracted

[DAR 119: 11b]

Hume’s Essays [Hume 1741–2]. 2 Vol.—

June 1st. Robertsons America [Robertson 1777]

—— 30th Pennants Tour in Scotland [Pennant 1771]——

July 30th Julius Cæsar, good. Coriolanus. Lear [Shakespeare: Julius CaesarCoriolanusKing Lear]

Sept. 26 Shelleys Essays & Letters [Shelley 1840].— Some Wordsworth [Wordsworth 1836–7].

—— Part of Waltons lives [I. Walton 1670].——

Oct. 25. Emerson’s Essay [Emerson 1841]. partly read——

Nov 4th. Mem. of Sheridan [T. Moore 1825] & Liebers remains of Niebuhr [Lieber 1835].

8 Paley’s Evidence. of Christ. [Paley 1794] Fleetwood [Godwin 1805] Don Quixote74 [Cervantes 1612]. Cecil [Gore] 1841].—

Dec. 2d. Capt. Greys. Narrative of Aust. Expedition 2 vols [Grey 1841]

—— 16th Elphinstones Hist of India [Elphinstone 1841]. 2d. vols.

—— 30th. Smollets William & Mary. & Anne [Smollett 1805].—


Jan 10 Mrs Hamilton Grays Etruria [E. C. Gray 1840], skimmed

—— 31st. Night & Morning [Bulwer-Lytton] 1841]; Rienzi [Bulwer-Lytton] 1835]: Barnaby Rudge [Dickens 1841]

Feb 16th Lord Mahons Hist. Peace of Utrecht to La Chapelle [Stanhope 1836–54] III Vols.

—— 17th Laing notes of a Traveller 1 vol [Laing 1842]

—— Finished Wordsworth 6 vols. [Wordsworth 1836–7]

[DAR 119: 12a]


Feb. 4th. F. Michaux’s (son of the botanist)75 travels in W. America. Translat: [Michaux 1805] very poor.

20th Botanic Garden & Temple of Nature [E. Darwin] 1789–91 and 1803] References at end

28th. Bechstein Natur-gesichte [Bechstein 1789–95]. d[itt]o

March 12th Gardener’s Magaz. [Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement] Vol 7th. & 8th. vol.

April 8th Annals of Botany [Annals of Botany]. 2. vols. 1801 to 1806. extracted.

9th Müllers Physiology [Müller 1837–42] 2d. vol. ref: at end

16th Gallesio Traite de Citrus [Gallesio 1811] d[itt]o

24th. Smellie’s Philos. of Nat. Hist. [Smellie 1790–9] (one vol) d[itt]o—

May 20th. Royle Prod. Resources of India [Royle 1840] abst

June 10th Miller’s old Red Sandstone [H. Miller 1841] abst.

—— Le Vaillants Travel. Eng. Translat. 2 vols. First Travels [Levaillant 1790]. and First Vol of second series. wh consists of 3 volumes [Levaillant 1796] I doubt whether worth reading.—

Aug. 15th Lamarck 1st Vol. Animaux sans Vertebræ [Lamarck 1815–22]. ref: at end

18th Skimmed through Encyclopædia of Gardening [Loudon 1822]. ref. at end.—

Sept 16th Dublin Geolog. Journ. [Journal of the Geological Society of Dublin] Vol 1.— abstracted.

Nov. Some vols. of Gardeners’ Magazine [Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement]

Col: Ham: Smith on Horses [C. H. Smith 1841]

Dec. Encyclop. of Agriculture [Loudon 1831] (skimmed & abst)

Jan 9th Kalms Travel 3 vol [Kalm 1770–1] abstracted

—— 15th. Harlans Med & Phys. Researches [Harlan 1835] abstracted.

Smith Moral Sentiments [A. Smith 1759], skimmed parts; ought to be studied for comparison of man & animals—derives all from sympathy—considers we approve or disapprove of ourselves by placing ourselves in person of another, & thus viewing ourselves as we should view others—children disprove this— Perhaps this origin of such instincts.—

[DAR 119: 12b]


March. 26th Holcroft’s Memoirs [Holcroft 1816]——

April 5th. Simond’s Travels [?Simond 1822].—

May 6th Several volumes of Belsham [Belsham 1806] & one of Dr. Cootes

History of England from Ann to G. IV [Coote 1819].

Several plays of Shakespeare.—

August 5th Middleton’s life of Cicero. 2 Vols [Middleton 1741]

15th W. Scott’s life of Swift [W. Scott 1814].—

Sept 1. Stephen’s Central America. 2 Vols. [J. L. Stephens 1841]

8th. Lockart life of Burns [Lockhart 1828]

16 Ld Dudley’s Letters [Dudley 1844]

Nov. 25 Finished 3d Part of Clarendons History [Hyde 1704].


Jan 10. Last Vol of Clarendons History [Hyde 1704]

Feb. Vol. of Madame D’Arblay [Burney 1842–6]

Mar 1. Lieut. Eyres Narrative [?V. Eyre 1843].—

May 7th. F. Horner’s life & Correspondence [Horner ed. 1843]

—— 2. vols of Hume’s History [Hume 1763]

—— New Home. Novel. F. Bremer [Bremer 1843a].—

[DAR 119: 13a]


Feb 20th. L. Jenyns notes to White’s Selbourn [Jenyns ed. 1843]. Ref at end

Mar 20. Sturm on variation (German) [Sturm 1825]

Ap. 1. Blaine D. P. [illeg] Encyclop. of Rural Sports [Blaine 1840]. (Abst)

—— Several vols. of Linnæan Transactions [Transactions of the Linnean Society of London].

May 3d. Kirby & Spence Entomology [Kirby and Spence 1815–26]. Refer at end

—— 16th Paley’s Nat. Theology [Paley 1802]: Comparative Anatomy said to be inaccurate. d[itt]o.

—— 26 Hinds Regions of Vegetation [Hinds 1843].

June 10th. Linnæan Trans. [Transactions of the Linnean Society of London] to end of Vol: XVIII & Part I. of V. 19 (1843)

25. Murray Domestic Poultry.— Domestic Pigeons /ducks76

Sept. 14th. Salmonia [H. Davy 1828] & some vols: of Annals of Nat Hist [Annals of Natural History]

Oct 2d Journal of a Naturalist [Knapp] 1829] /poor/ extracted

Nov 30. Dieffenbach’s New Zealand [Dieffenbach 1843]


Wiegman on Hybrids—German— [Wiegmann 1828]

March 24th Martins Voyage to St Kilda [M. Martin 1698]. nothing

—— Doubleday on Population [Doubleday 1842]

—— Ramond’s voyage in Pyrenees [Ramond de Carbonnières 1813], nothing

April 26th Lesseps Travels Kamtschatka [Lesseps 1790] d[itt]o skimmed.

—— Bourgounne’s Travels in Spain, with extracts from Count Peyron [Bourgoing 1789].— well skimmed.—

—— Swinbourne’s Spain [Swinburne 1779].—— d[itt]o

—— A. Young Six Months Tour [Young 1770] & Tour in France [Young 1792] nothing

—— Crantz Hist. of Green-land [Cranz 1767]. all First Part, which relate to me

May 7th. Bevans Honey Bee [Bevan 1827] skimmed.—

8th Cox’s Columbia River [Cox 1831]

—— Anderson on Sheep [Pallas 1794]: Culley on live Stock [Culley 1786]

Shrewsbury Smith Varieties of Human Race [S. S. Smith 1788]: Haller’s Physiology [Haller 1754].

Staunton’s China [Staunton 1797]; Lewis & Clarke [Lewis and Clark 1814] Boutcher & Forsyth on Forest Trees [Boutcher 1775 and Forsyth 1791] Phillips History of cultivated Vegetables 2. Vols. [H. Phillips 1822] (very poor)

[DAR 119: 13b]


May 20th Carlyle’s Past & Present [Carlyle 1843]

June 16th. Hume’s Hist of England [Hume 1763]. to beginning of Elizabeth.

Sept 14th. 4 first vols of Gibbons History [Gibbon 1776–88]

Octob 1st. Scott’s life of Dryden [W. Scott 1808]

—— Montaigne’s Essays [Montaigne 1603]. 1. Vol. & 2d partly.——

Nov. 22d M. Necker on Education [A. A. Necker 1839–43]

Decr.— 15th. Drury’s Madagascar [Drury 1729]

—— 20 Astoria.— by Irving [Irving 1836]



Jan 7th Borrow’s Bible in Spain [Borrow 1843].

22. Hallam Constitu History [Hallam 1827].

—— 1. vol of Chesterfields letters [P. D. Stanhope 1774]

—— F. Bremer’s little novels [Bremer 1842, 1843b, 1844a, 1844c]

March 7th Mrs. Thompson Life of Duchess of Marlborough [K. Thomson 1839]

14th Arnolds lectures on History [Arnold 1842]

—— History of Civilization by Guizot [Guizot 1837]

March 24th Kings & Lay’s Missionary Voyage [King and Lay 1839]

—— B. Hall’s Schloss Hainfell [Hall 1836].

April 26th: Martin Chuzzlewit. & Pickwick [Dickens 1844 and 1837]

July 20th Bamford Life of a Radical [Bamford 1841]

Aug 8th M. W. Montagu’s letters [M. W. Montagu 1837].

—— 30 1. Vol of Prescotts Hist of Mexico [W. H. Prescott 1843] /Oct 1st/ 2d & 3d Vol

Sept 5 W. Taylor’s life & Corresp. [Robberds 1843]

20 Lockhart’s life of Buonaparte [Lockhart] 1829]

—— Failed in reading Niebuhr’s Rome [Niebuhr 1828–42]

[DAR 119: 14a]


May 26th Ld Somerville Facts on sheep & Husbandry &c [J. Somerville 1803]

—— Hogg (Ettrick Shepherd) on Sheep [J. Hogg 1807]— nothing

—— Marshall Rural Œconomy of Yorkshire 2 vols. [Marshall 1788] (all his works must be read

—— Whites Regular Gradation of Man [C. White 1799]

—— The Bee (by Anderson) [The Bee, or literary weekly intelligencer] 2 vols. nothing

—— Townsends Journey through Spain 3 vols. [Townsend 1791] (d[itt]o)

—— Revd. G. Landt Description of Feroe [Landt 1810]

—— T. A. Knight Treatise on the Culture of the Apple & Pear [Knight 1797]

——Anderson Tour to Hebrides & Report on Fisheries [J. Anderson 1785]; nothing

June 25. Woodward Shipwreck on Celebes [Woodard 1804]

—— Spallanzani’s Travels in Sicily [Spallanzani 1798] (very poor)

July 5th Owens Lectures on Invertebrata [R. Owen 1843–6]

Aug 1 Bradley’s Husbandry 3. vols. [Bradley 1724] (nothing) scarcely

—— 10 Johnson’s Field Sports of India [D. Johnson 1822] (nothing)

Sept: Acerbis Travels [Acerbi 1802]. nothing.

—— Annals of Nat. Hist & Gardener’s Magazine [Annals of Natural History and Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement]

12 Backhouse Narr: of Visit to Mauritius & G. Good Hope [Backhouse 1844] very poor

Oct 1 Owen on Mylodon Robustus [R. Owen 1842]. References at end.

7th. Scrope’s deer Stalking [Scrope 1838] (abstracted)

—— d[itt]o Salmon Fishing in Tweed [Scrope 1843]. (d[itt]o)

20th Reflections on the Study of Nature by Linnæus. (translated) [Linnaeus 1785] nothing.—

—— Essay on the Philos: of Nat. Hist by C. Fothergill [Fothergill 1813]. abstracted

—— J. Andersons Recreation in Agriculture & Nat. Hist. [J. Anderson 1799–1803] 3 first volumes Read. 6 vols: finished

[DAR 119: 15a]

1844 & 5

Oct 20. Lloyd Field Sports of N. of Europe [L. Lloyd 1830]. (abstracted)

Nov 20. Troill letters on Iceland [Troil 1780]

—— Vestiges of the Nat. History of Creation [Chambers] 1844]

Pœppig Reisen [Pöppig 1835–6]— } skimmed.—
Meyens Reisen in Chile [Meyen 1834–5]

Dec 1st. Jesse Gleanings [Jesse 1832–5] (3d series) full of ill-attested stories.

25 Moor & Loch by Colquehoun [Colquhoun 1840].77

—— Tasmanian Journal [Tasmanian Journal of Natural Sciences, Agriculture,

Statistics, &c.]. Vol I p. 79–159 & p. 241 to 319. } to end of vol
Vol. II p. 1 to 240

30th London Journal of Botany [London Journal of Botany]. Vol II. p 1 to 56 (& p. 113 to 168 Bought) (& p. 341 to 396 nothing) (& p. 397 to 452 Bought) 30th Sillimans Journal [American Journal of Science and Arts] vol. 44 p. 1 to 216

—— vol 45— Whole vol.

vol 47 p 221 to 424.

—— 2d. Series. vol 3. p. 1 to 312

30th Colquhoun (John) The Moor & the Loch [Colquhoun 1840]

Jan 29th Richardson Fauna Americana [J. Richardson 1829–37] 2 vols. except Fishes, which read if Yarrell does not compare British with N. American [Yarrell 1836].—

March I. G. St. Hilaire Anomalies 3. vols. [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1832–7]

Wilkes [Wilkes 1845]. Voyage Vol I. to V

Apr Agricola. translated by Bradley [Agricola 1721]—— nothing——

May. Communications to the Board of Agriculture [Communications to the Board of Agriculture] Vol. I (very little)

Highland Soc. Prize Essays [Prize Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of Scotland]. Vol. I and Vol II 1803: Edited by H. Mackenzie nothing this seems all

[DAR 119: 15b]

1844 & 5 Burne’s Bokhara (3. vols) [Burnes 1834]

Nov. 20 Liebig’s familiar letters on Chemistry [Liebig 1843]

—— Ranke’s Popes of Rome 3 vols [Ranke 1840]

30th. Arnolds life 3 vols [A. P. Stanley 1844]

Jan 5th. Ld. Mahon History [Stanhope 1836–54] IV vol:

14 Thaleba by Southey [R. W. Southey 1801] (very poor)

30th Laings Tour in Norway [Laing 1836]

—— Burnes Cabool [Burnes 1834]

—— Southeys Thaleba [R. W. Southey 1801]

—— Sir Stamford Raffles Memoirs [S. Raffles 1830]. (poor)

—— Whately’s Remarks on Shakespeare [T. Whately 1785]

March. Crawfurds Embassy Court of Ava 2 vols [Crawfurd 1829]

Amber-witch [Meinhold 1844]

—— Cowper’s Iliad [Cowper trans. 1791] (part of)

20 Mitford Greece [Mitford 1784–1818] 3d.

25th Forbes Alps [J. D. Forbes 1843]

—— Crawfords Embassy to Siam [Crawfurd 1828]

May. Blanco White. Auto-biography [Blanco y Crespo 1845].—

24 Improvisatore [Andersen 1845]

IV & V. volumes of Mitfords History [Mitford 1784–1818].

[DAR 119: 16a]

1845 & 1846

May 31. Strzelecki’s Australia [Strzelecki 1845]

—— Martin on the Dog [W. C. L. Martin 1845a]

—— Boston Journ. of Nat Hist. [Boston Journal of Natural History] Vol. 4: p. 377 to end.

June 8th Wilson Voyage Round Scotland [J. Wilson 1842] (poor)

M. Gerard sur l’Espece extract Dict. Univer. d’Hist. Nat. [Gérard 1844] largely marked in my copy.78

—— Decandoelle. Geograph. Bot. Dict. des Sci. Nat. [A. P. de Candolle 1820] marked

12. Watertons Essays in Nat. Hist. 2nd. Series [Waterton 1844]

26 D. d’Urville 2d voyage [Dumont d'Urville 1841–54]. slightly skimmed Miserable

Aug. 5th Lyells Travels in N. America [Lyell 1845]

Oct. Cosmos [A. von Humboldt 1845–8]. Vol. 1

Nov. 12 Martin on the Horse [W. C. L. Martin 1845b]

—— Hitchock’s Geology of Mass: [Hitchcock 1841] (skimmed)

—— 30 Gerard. Dict. Univ. d’Hist Nat. articles on ‘Froment’ “Generation Spont:” ‘Genus’ “Zoogenie or Geograph. Distrib:” [Gérard 1844–5]

Dec. 10 Ray. Society. Vol I. Reports [Ray Society 1845].—

20 Dr Badham insect Life [Badham 1845]

Jan 5th Watertons Wanderings [Waterton 1825]

15. Low’s Domesticated Animals [D. Low 1845].

30. Webb & Berthelot. Geograph. Bot of Canary islds. [Webb and Berthelot 1836–50] (My notes with Hookers Copy)

Feb 6 Explanations by Author of Vestiges [Chambers 1845]

—— Bronn’s Gesickte [Bronn 1842–3] 2d. Vol

[DAR 119: 16b]


June 20 Two first vols of Ld Malmsbury correspondence & Journal [J. Harris 1844].—

Aug 15th. Arnolds Rome 3. vols [Arnold 1838–43]

Sept 3d Brewster’s Life of Sir. I. Newton [Brewster 1831]

—— 20 Franklins Narrative 1st Expedition [Franklin 1823]

Oct 4 Drinkwater Siege of Gibraltar [J. Drinkwater 1785]

—— Nina [Bremer 1844b]

Cromwell & Bunyan Lives (Southey) [R. W. Southey 1844]

Oct. 20th Lewis Journal in W. Indies [M. G. Lewis 1834]

Nov 7. Life of Lavater [?Heisch 1842]

—— 25. Mrs. Meredith. N.S. Wales [Twamley 1844]

—— Whewell on Education [Whewell 1845–52].

Dec: 26. Watson History of Philip 2d. (3 vols:) [R. Watson 1779]

—— 30. Heber’s Indian Journal [Heber 1828]

—— 31 Kitto on Deafness [Kitto 1845]

—— the French in Algiers [Lamping 1845]


Jan 10th Mackintosh life of More [Mackintosh 1844]

Malmsbury correspondence Vol III & IV [J. Harris 1844]

28 Lockart Life of Walter Scot [Lockhart 1837–8]

[DAR 119: 17a]


Feb 12th. Metzger Getreidarten [Metzger 1841]

Alison on Instinct [W. P. Alison 1847].79 Art. Generation [A. Thompson 1839] Encyclop. of Anat & Phy.

Feb 28 Marshall Rural Economy of Norfolk [Marshall 1787]

—— Linnæus Tour in Lapland [Linnaeus 1811]

Mar 18th Hofacker ueber den Eigenschaften [Hofacker 1828]

—— 20th Hilaire Augt St. Lecons de Morph. Bot. [Saint-Hilaire 1841]

April 10 Wagners Anatomy by Tulk [Wagner 1845] (half through)

—— 24 Steenstrup on Alternate Generations [Steenstrup 1845]

May 8th Fremont Expedition [Frémont 1845]. References at end

9th. Moquin Tandon. Teratologie Vegetable [Moquin-Tandon 1841]

—— Owens Fossil British Mammalia [R. Owen 1846a]

27th Elie de Beaumont Lecons Geologie [Élie de Beaumont 1845] skimmed.

June 17th. Downing Fruit & Forest trees of America [Downing 1845]

24th Hopkirks Flora Anomala [Hopkirk 1817]

July 8th Sageret’s Mem: sur les Cucurbitaceæ [Sageret 1826]—

—— 16 Bot. Reports. Ray. Soc. [Ray Society 1846]

Nov. 12. Mem. of Geolog. Survey [Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain] Vol I

—— Mem. Acad. R. (savans Etranges) [Mémoires présentés pars divers Savans à l'Académie des Sciences] Vol. V. and VI.

—— 28th Glöger Abanden der Vogel [Glöger 1833].—

Decr. 1 Meyens Geography of Plants [Meyen 1846].

—— 12th Metzger Kultiverten Kohlarten [Metzger 1833]

25 Annales des Sciences Nat. [Annales des Sciences Naturelles] Tom 1. to

30 (1st series)

— 3d. series. Bot & Zoolog. [Annales des Sciences Naturelles (Botanique) ; Annales des Sciences Naturelles (Zoologie)] to end of Tom VI.—

[DAR 119: 17b]


Feb. 12. 1 & 2 vol. of Wilkinson’s Manner & Customs of Ægyptians [J. G. Wilkinson 1837–41].—

April 10 3d vol of d[itt]o

W. Scotts Life [Lockart 1837–8]— read aloud

April 12th. Carlyles Oliver Cromwell [Carlyle 1845]

May 5. Ray’s Memorials of [Ray 1846]

—— 10th The Falcon Family [Savage] 1845]

27th Keppells Expedition to Borneo [Keppel 1846]

31. Fox’s Hist of James 2d. [Fox 1808]

June 23d Guizot’s History of Civil War [Guizot 1838]

July 16. Sir J. Mackintosh. Misc. Works. 3 vols: [Mackintosh 1846]

Aug 10. Appendix to Carlyle’s Cromwell [Carlyle 1845].

Sept 9th Arnolds Roman History [Arnold 1838–43] two last vols:

Oct 6. Livonian Tales [Rigby] 1846]

—— Mahon Life of Great Condé [Stanhope 1845]

—— 9 Playfair life of Hutton [Playfair 1797]

Nov 1. Fichte’s Destination of Man [Fichte 1846] skimmed

14th Wellington Despatches Vol I. II. III [Wellesley 1834–9]

Dec 12th The Emigrant by Sir F. B. Head [F. B. Head 1846]

—— 16th Burton’s Life of D. Hume [Burton 1846]—

—— 30 Hockelaga by E. Warburton [Warburton 1846]

—— 31. Holmes life of Mozart [Holmes 1845]

—— Ford’s Spain [Ford 1846], skimmed. miserable

[DAR 119: 18a]


Jan 14th Mem: du Museum [Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] Tom. V. & VII

—— Annales des Sciences 3d series Tom VI. Bot p. 142 to p. 192.

Chevreul on species [Chevreul 1846]

—— 30 M. Edwards. Geograph Distrib of Crustacea 3d Tom. of Suite de Buffon [Milne-Edwards 1834–40].

March 5th St. John’s Highlands [Saint John 1846]

8th Tschudis Travels in Peru [J. J. von Tschudi 1847]

15. Skimmed 7th Edit of Lyell’s Elements80 [Lyell 1847]

—— Owen Lectures Fish [R. Owen 1846b].

22d Minding Geograph. Verberitung [Minding 1829]. (poor)

April 3d. Annal. des Sc. Nat: [Annales des Sciences Naturelles] Second Series all Tom I to Tom. XX

—— 7 Malthus on population [Malthus 1826] (2d time)

—— 12 Brickell’s Nat. Hist of N. Carolina [Brickell 1737]

—— A. Thiebaut-de-Berneaud Memoire sur la culture des Dahlies [Thiébaut de Berneaud 1812]. (nothing)

—— Sageret Pomologie Physiologique [Sageret 1830]

19th Abhand. Konig. Ak. Berlin. 1834. Müller on Myxine [Müller 1837]

20th Royle Illust. of Botany of Himalaya [Royle 1839].

23d. Lawrence Lectures on Man [W. Lawrence 1819] } poor.—

—— Visey Philosoph. d’Hist Nat. [Virey 1835] }

Alder & Hancock. Nudibran Mollus to P. 3 [Alder and Hancock 1845–55]

Burmeister on Trilobites [Burmeister 1846]

29th Hog. on culture of Carnations [T. Hogg 1820] (nothing)

May 6th. Wernerian Transact. [Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society] Vol. 1 //Part I of Vol 2// Vol 4. Vol. 5./ Vol 7/. I doubt whether rest worth looking at; perhaps vol. 6 &, 8 if published.— vol. 7 published end 1838.—

[DAR 119: 18b]


Jan 13th Life of Tcholtzee (very good) [?Zschokke 1845a]

Feb 8 IV, V & VI vols of Wellington Despatches [Wellesley 1834–9]

—— 17th Arts & Manufactures. Christian K.. Soc [Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1848]81

March 30th. Life of Jean Paul Richter [Lee ed. 1845]

April VI & VII. vol. of Madame d’Arblay [Burney 1842–6].

—— 15th. Phillip’s life of W. Smith [J. Phillips 1844].

—— 30 Abridged Despatches Duke Wellington [?Wellesley 1841].

May 6th. Scotts Narrative of Shipwreck on China [J. L. Scott 1841]

—— 20 Eyres Travels in S. Australia [E. J. Eyre 1845]

June 4th Sidney Smiths Works [S. Smith 1839–40]

July 19th Services of the Nemesis [Bernard 1844]. —good

—— 30 Von Ensigen’s Memoirs [Varnhagen von Ense 1847] Col. Lib

Aug. 25. North’s lives of L. North [North 1826] interesting

Sept 13. Sismondi. Polit. Econ. Essay translated [Simonde de Sismondi 1847], poor

Nov. 1. Goethe Autobiography [Goethe 1824] I Part queer

—— 20 Life of Follen [Follen 1844].— rather good

—— 25 Malcolms Sketches of Persia [Malcolm 1828] Colon. Library fair

Dec 5th Segur’s Expedition to Russia [Ségur 1825] most interesting

—— 28th Sir J. Barrow autobiography [Barrow 1847].— poor

[DAR 119: 19a]


May 6th Gardner’s Travels in Brazil [Gardner 1846].

—— 10th Dr. Joseph Adams. Philosoph. Treatise on Hereditary Diseases—2d. Edit. 1815 [Adams 1815].

May 12th Necker. Mem. les Oiseaux de Geneve [L. A. Necker 1823]

—— Owen on pearly Nautilus [R. Owen 1832].—

—— 20th Temminck. Hist. Nat. des Pigeons et Gallinaces [Temminck 1813–15].

—— 30th Silliman [American Journal of Science and Arts]. Vol 3. Part (entered) in Alph. list

—— Boston Journal of Nat. Hist. [Boston Journal of Natural History] Vol. I to IV (entered)

June 4th. Des Jacinthes. leur culture &c 1768 [Saint-Simon] 1768]

—— Hillhouse Aug. description of the Europæan Olive-tree [Hillhouse 1818]

—— 7th Lieut. Spratt & Forbes, travels in Lycia [Spratt and Forbes 1847]

12th Putsche & Vertuch Monograph. der Kartoffeln [Putsche 1819].

—— Mem: of Board of Agriculture of New York [Memoirs of the Board of Agriculture of New York] Vol 2 & 3— (nothing) not worth looking at Vol. I

—— Jardine. Nat. Lib—, Pheasants [Jardine 1834a].—

13th Trans. of the Agricult & Hort. Soc of India Serampore [Transactions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India]. 1829. Vol. I— (All)

—— Mem. de la Soc. d’Hist. Nat. de Paris [Mémoires de la Sociéte d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris]. All VII (nothing)

15 Burgess on Blushing [Burgess 1839] (nothing)

21. Van Mons Arbres Fruitiers 2. Vols [Mons 1835–6]

July 7th N. C. Seringe. Flore des Jardins [Seringe 1845–7]. (nothing)

—— 9th H. C. Watson. Cybele Britannica [H. C. Watson 1847–59].—

—— 13th Phytologist [Phytologist]. Vol I &, II to p. 860

—— 28th Jardine’s Nat. Lib. Pigeons [Selby 1835]

—— 30 Journal of R. Agricult Soc. of England [Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England] Vol I to VII

31. Boitard et Corbié. Les Pigeons de Volière &c [Boitard and Corbié 1824]

—— Fortune Wanderings in China [Fortune 1847]

Aug 6th Lettres Philosop. sur l’intelligence des Animaux C. G. Leroy [Leroy 1802]

[DAR 119: 20a]


Aug. 14th. Flourens de l’instinct et l’intelligence des Animaux [Flourens 1845].

Aug 16. Vestiges of Creation VIth Edit. [Chambers 1847]

—— Report of Brit. Assoc. [Reports of the British Association for the Advancement of ScienceThird.

Aug. 25 Transactions, Journal, & Proc. of Agricult & Hort. Soc. of India [Transactions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India ;Journal of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India ; Proceedings of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India].— All. Very little

—— 29. Humboldt Tableau de la Nature [A. von Humboldt 1808]

—— Jussieu. Cours Elementaire Botanique [Jussieu 1842]

—— Transactions of Amer. Philosoph Soc. Philadelphia [Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia] Vols I & II. (2 Series)

Sept. 3d. Bull. de la Soc. Imp. de Moscow [Bulletin de la Société Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou]. Vols for 1833, 1837, 1838, 1842, 43, 44—not all these latter vols: but so little not worth getting others.

12 Journal of Philosoph. Soc. of Philadelphia [?Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia]; skimmed.

24th. Report. Zoolog. 1843. 1844. Ray Soc. [Ray Society 1847] Physio-philosophy. Oken [Oken 1847]. (nothing) Ray Soc.

Oct 3d. Whites Selbourn by Bennett [E. T. Bennett ed. 1837], notes by W. Herbert, Rennie [J. Rennie] ed. 1833].

6. H. Miller First Impressions of England [H. Miller 1847]. Nov. 10 Prichard Physical Researches. Hist. of Mankind [Prichard 1836–47]. Vol. 3, IV. V.

Nov 26 Pictet Paleontologie. 4 vols. [Pictet 1844–5]

24 Hooker’s Antarctic Botany [Hooker 1844–7]

Dec 1. Girou de Bouzareignues de la Generation [Girou de Buzareingues 1828a]

—— Philosophie Physiologique [Girou de Buzareingues 1828b]

—— Heberden on increase & decrease of Diseases [Heberden 1801]

7th Rogets Bridgewater Treatise [Roget 1834]

9th Jukes Voyage [Jukes 1847]. Vol. I & II. W. F. Edwards Des Caracteres des Races Humaines [W. F. Edwards 1829]

26th Loudon’s Arboretum et Fruticetum [Loudon 1838].

28th R. Brown in Appendix to Parry, Flinders, & Tuckey’s Voyages [R. Brown 1824, 1814, 1818].

[DAR 119: 21a]


Jan 1. Reports & Trans. of Brit. Assoc. [Reports of the British Association for the Advancement of Science and Reports of the British Association for the Advancement of Science; Transactions of the Sections] from beginning to 1847 (inclusive)

14th. Marquis. A. L. Fragmens de Phil. Botanique [Marquis 1810] (nothing)

16 Humboldt Nouvelles Recherches sur distrib des formes vege-tables—. Mem. Acad. Scien. lu Feb. 19/21/82 [A. von Humboldt 1822]

19th Couch Illustrations of Instinct [Couch 1847].—

25. Bunbury Journal of Residence at C. of Good Hope [Bunbury 1848]

March. 5. Memoires de la Soc. Phy. et d’Hist. Nat de Geneve [Mémoires de la Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève]. Tom I to 10.

—— Annales du Museum [Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] Tom I to XX (completed)

18th Pigs, their origin and varieties by H. D. Richardson [H. D. Richardson 1847].

April 12. Arthur Adams. Notes from Journal of Nat. Hist. [Belcher 1848]

May Kosmos [?A. von Humboldt 1846–8]. 2d vol.

—— Jesses Gleanings [Jesse 1832–5] 3d. Series

—— Bucklands Bridgewater Treatise [Buckland 1836]

June 7th Supplements to Müllers Physiology [Baly and Kirkes 1848]

17th Thompson’s Birds of Ireland [W. Thompson 1842] Part I.

Sept. 17. Sir J. Ross. Voyage Antarctic Voyage [Ross 1847].

Oct 5. Gould Introduct. to Birds of Australia [Gould 1848]

—— 20 Billing’s Voyage to N. Sea [Sauer 1802].— (poorest)

Nov 15 Erman’s Siberia [Erman 1848] (dull)

Dec 25. Dixon on Poultry [E. S. Dixon 1848]

Memoires du Museum [Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] up to Tom IX inclusive

[DAR 119: 21b]


Jan 25. W. Tone Autobiography [Tone 1826] very amusing

March 10 John Galt Autobiography [Galt 1833] poor

—— 20th Thiers French Revolution [Thiers 1838] dull & poor

April 2d. Campbell Chancellors [J. Campbell 1845–7] Vol 3 very good

—— 16 Swift. Stella’s Journal [Swift 1824] amusing

—— 21 Hallams Constitutional Hist: [Hallam 1827] unreadibly dull

—— Norton Genuiness of the Gospels [Norton 1837–44]— good

May 9th Brougham Statesmen of G III [Brougham 1839–43]. (1 series, 2 vols. 12 mo.) poorish

May 31. Evelyn’s Life of Mrs Godolphin [Evelyn 1847] (pretty)

July 20. Sterlings Memoir of by Hare [Sterling 1848]— moderately good

Campbells Chancellors [J. Campbell 1845–7] Vol 1, 2,

August 8th. Jane Eyre [Brontë] 1847]— Kelly’s & O’Kellys [Trollope 1848]—

Mr Warrenne [E. Wallace 1848] Madam Malguet [Torrens] 1848]

—— Lives of John & Alex. Belthune [?Bethune 1840 and ?MacCombie 1845]

18 Life of M. Woolstonecraft [Godwin 1798] & Rights of woman [Wollstonecraft 1792]

27 Sir D. Brewster’s Natural Magic [Brewster 1834]

—— Friend & Aids of Reflexion [Coleridge 1812 and 1825] (poor) Coleridge

Sept 3d IV & V Vols of Campbell’s Chancellors [J. Campbell 1845–7]

—— 10 Neander’s Life of St Bernard [Neander 1843] interesting

—— Feuerbachers Trials [Feuerbach 1846]— pretty good, disgusting

Oct 1. Cottle’s Recollect of Coleridge & Southey [Cottle 1847]— very good—

—— Mary Woolstonecraft Tour in Sweden [Wollstonecraft 1796]. (poor)

—— Phillips. Life of Curran [C. Phillips 1818] (poorish)

20 Essays of Elia [Lamb 1840].— not very good

—— Grimm’s Hist. Mem. 2d. Vol. Translated [Grimm 1814] (amusing)

27 Abbott Travels from Khiva to Heraut [James Abbott 1843] (very good)

Nov. 7th Leslie’s life of Constable [Leslie 1843] (interesting)

—— 12 Autobiography of a Working Man. A Somerville [A. Somerville 1848] (excellent)

28. M. Strickland life of May of Modena [Strickland 1846–7] (modest) Lambs

Letters 1st series [Lamb 1837]. (good)

[DAR 119: 22a]


Feb 8th. Geology of Russia by Murchison. Veneuil &c [Murchison, Verneuil, and Keyserling 1845]

—— Art de faire eclorse—des Oiseaux domestiques de Reaumur. 1749 [Reaumur 1749].

Marc 3d Thompson’s Nat. Hist of Ireland [Thompson 1849–56]. Vol. I. II & 3

May. St. John’s Tour in Sutherlandshire [Saint John 1849]

June 30. Sir C. Lyell Second Visit to America [Lyell 1849]

July 20. Agassiz & Gould Principles of Zoology Vol I. [Agassiz and Gould 1848]

30. Hom. de Hells Travels in the Caucasus [Hommaire de Hell 1847] (nothing)

Nov 22. H. Miller Footsteps of the Creator [H. Miller 1849]

Dec. 10. Dana’s Geology. U.S. Expedition [J. D. Dana 1849]


March Forbes Cystideæ & Asteridæ [E. Forbes 1848b and 1848a]

—— 23 Owen on Limbs & Parthenogenesis [R. Owen 1849a and 1849b]

Aug. 16 Harvey Sea-side Book [Harvey 1849]

—— Agassiz Lake Superior [Agassiz 1850]

Nov. Memoirs of Pal. Soc [Palaeontographical Society. Monograph Series.]

12. Sedgwicks Discourse on Study of Univers [Sedgwick 1850]

28 Steenstrup on Hermaphroditismus [Steenstrup 1846].


Jan. 6th. Pickering Races of Man [Pickering 1850].

Jan 25. And. Smith Zoology of S. Africa [A. Smith 1838–49]

Darluc. Nat. Hist de la Provence [Darluc 1782–6]

Feb. 3d. Hutchinson on Dog-breaking [Hutchinson 1850]

27. Chambers. Sanatory Reform [Anon. 1850].—

April 5 Manual of Geology Lyell [Lyell 1851]

—— 30 Annales des Sc. Phys. de Lyon [Annales des Sciences physiques et naturelles … publiées par la Société d'Agriculture … de Lyon]. Tom I. 1838. nothing

July 16th Dixon. Pigeons [E. S. Dixon 1851].—

Dec. 26. Count Odart’s Amelographie [Odart 1849]

—— Richardson’s Boat Voyage [J. Richardson 1851].

Calcutta Journal of Nat. Hist. [Calcutta Journal of Natural History] Vol. 3 & IV.

30 Gerard’s Koonewur [Gerard 1841]. (nothing)

Lloyd & Gerard Travels in Himmalaya [W. Lloyd 1840].—

[DAR 119: 22b]


Feb. 5th. Miss Martineau. Eastern Travels [H. Martineau 1848], curious & interesting

Tockville’s Democracy 4. vols. [Tocqueville 1835–40] very good

March 2d Beckman’s History of Inventions [Beckmann 1797] (poor)

—— Sir Fowle’s Buxton’s life [Buxton 1848]— (very good)

3d Sleeman’s Rambles in India [Sleeman 1844] (goodish)

30th M. de Sevigné Vol. VII. English Translation [Sévigné 1801]

Quentin Durward [W. Scott] 1823]. Veronica [Zschokke 1845b]. G. Gurney [Hook] 1836]. Harold [Bulwer-Lytton] 1848] Consuelo [Sand 1847].

Wandering Jew [Sue] 1844–5]. Emilia Wynham [A. Marsh] 1841], Black Prophet [Carleton 1847]

—— May. Haygarth Bush Life in Australia [Haygarth 1848]

—— Diary of an Invalid [Matthews 1820] (poor)

June Brooks Four Months amongst Goldfinders [Brooks 1849]

July 25. Campbell’s Chancellor’s [J. Campbell 1845–7] Vol. VI

Aug. Mrs Fry’s Life [Fry 1847] (poor)

Sept. 5. Newman on the Soul [Newman 1849]

Nov. 4th Burtons life of Hume [Burton 1846] (poor)

—— 1 Vol. of D’Israeli Curiosities of Lit. [D'Israeli 1791] skimmed dull

—— Steffens Autobiography [Steffens 1848] good

Dec. 5. Collin’s Autobiography [?Collins 1848]. good


Jan 15th Lives of Lindsays 3. Vols. [Lindsay 1849] Capital

Feb. 6th. Autobiography of M. Larochejacquelin [?Du Vergier de la Rochejacquelin 1816], moderate

March 14th. Miss Martineau Retrospect of W. Travels [H. Martineau 1838b] (good)

April. Head Forest Scenes in Canada [G. Head 1829]. V. good

May 7th. Prescotts Peru [W. H. Prescott 1847] goodish

—— 20. Berniers Travels [Bernier 1826]— d[itt]o

—— 26 Lane’s Water Cure [Lane 1846] amusing

June Layards Nineveh [Layard 1849] Vol 1. Vol. 2. Sept. 23d. moderate

—— 20 Settlers & Convicts [A. Harris] 1847] excellent

2d Vol of Goethe Autobiography [Goethe 1824]

Aug 30. Hebrew Monarchy [Newman] 1847],— poor

Oct. 25. C. Grammont’s Memoirs [Gramont 1714] light & poor

Nov 11. Bamford life of Radicle [Bamford 1841].— moderate

28th Life in Ohio [?Griffiths 1835]

Decr. Life of Sir D. Wilkie [Cunningham 1843]

[DAR 119: 23b]


Jan 27. M. Martineau. History of England [H. Martineau 1849–50]

March 16th. Newman Phases of Faith [Newman 1850] excellent

—— Lord Cloncurry Memoirs [Lawless 1849]. good

April 1. Irving life of Goldsmith [Irving 1844]. good

London Labour & London Poor [Mayhew 1851].—

Missionary Life in Canada [Joseph Abbott 1846]

May 20 G. Cumming S. African Hunter [Cumming 1850] goodish

July 1st. Edwardes Year in Punjaub [Edwardes 1851] good

16 Gleig’s Life of Clive [Gleig 1848] moderate

Aug. 20. Campbell’s Chief Justices [J. Campbell 1849–57] 2d. vol very good

—— L. Ellsmere Siege of Vienna [Schimmer 1847].— good

Sept 12th. B. Franklins life by Sparks [Sparks ed. 1850] very good

Oct 3 Martineau Society in America [H. Martineau 1837]. Moderate

15. Liebig Familiar letters on Chemistry [Liebig 1851].

Nov. 15th Wilson Voyage. Scotland [J. Wilson 1842]

—— Southey. Book of the Church [R. W. Southey 1824] & the Doctor [Southey 1834–47]. Poor. skimmed

Books to be Read, 1852–60

[DAR *128: Cover]

Books to be Read

[DAR *128: Inside Front Cover]

[SYMBOL: X IN CIRCLE] This means best to read

[DAR *128: 182]83

Jury Report. Exhibition of 1851 on silk-worms & sheep, selection & crossing [R. Owen 1852]. Also hybrid-wheat [Hooker 1852].—

Whately on Instinct—Pamphlet 1848 in Hort. Soc. Library [R. Whately 1847]

Du loup et de ses ràces ou varietes 8o. 12. p. 1 Pl. Poitiers 1851. Chez H. Oudin [Mauduyt 1851] Read

Pamphlet in some periodical. (Lindley has) on transformation of Aegilops & Triticum84

Knox on Anatomy & Art [R. Knox 1852]. London Library (read)

Bacon’s works [Bacon 1825–36]. Advancement & English Translations. Novum organum.—

Work on Hybridism reviewed in Gardeners Chronicle in 1852. by Wagner? [Unger 1852]85 Read

F. Unger. Versuch einer Gesichte Vienna 1852 [Unger 1852].86 p.p. 364. 8vo (Much on Distribution of Plants & means of)

D’orbigny Podrome de Paleantologie stratigraphique [Orbigny 1850–2] 24 fr: 3. vols.

The Vegetation of Europe by A. Henfrey [Henfrey 1852]. (remarks on Geograph. Distrib. & some on Transformation.87

Iconium Anatomicarum Vulgarium Danicorum Mammalium Domesticorum by Prof. Benddz [Bendz 1850]— Plates very expensive Coll. of Surgeons? Mr Highley.88 1852

French Translation of Von Siebold Lehrbuch der Vergleichenden Anat. der Wirbellosen Thiere. 1848 [K. T. E. von Siebold 1850].—

[DAR *128: 180]

Life of Ld. Jeffrey. Colburn Cockburn [Cockburn 1852]

Our antipodes by Colonel Mundy [G. C. Mundy 1852]

Davies China since & during the war [J. F. Davis 1852].—

Lieut. Gunnison. The Mormons [Gunnison 1852] Sampson Low & Co. 1852 3s 6d

Mrs. Meredith Van Diemens Land [Twamley 1852]

Life of T. Moore [?T. Moore 1853–6] have read vol III.

Mundy’s Antipodes [G. C. Mundy 1852]

Voyage of Mæander. Keppell. 1853 [Keppel 1853]

Dickens America [Dickens 1842]

Thackerays Lectures on English Poets [Thackeray 1853]

Haydon’s Life by T. Taylor [Haydon 1853]

Sir B. Lowes Autobiography [?Lowe 1853]

Gosses. Ct. of Devonshire [Gosse 1853]

Lady Sale Affganihtan (?) [Sale 1843]

[DAR *128: 179]

Lecoq. most important paper on crossing Mirabilis (in relation to Köelreuter) in Revue Horticole No 9–1189 1853 [Lecoq 1853]. Reviewed in Gardeners Ch. July 31–53 [Anon. 1853]

D’archiac. Hist. Prog. Geologs [Archiac 1847–60] Vols 3.4.5.

Schleiden’s History of a Plant [Schleiden 1848]

Barrande Syst. Silurien du Centre de la Boheme [Barrande 1852–1911] must be deeply studied 1854

The Zoologist by E. Newman [Zoologist]

The Phytologist [Phytologist]. (since I read up old) (read) all

Leidy, a Flora & Fauna within living Animals [Leidy 1853]. (Read)

Some paper or Review in a Medical Journal which Hooker has & lent to Henslow Huxley

[DAR *128: 178]

Sir G. Stephens Principles of Commerce & Commercial Law: Lectures [Stephen 1853]

Warrens Diary of a Physician [Warren 1832–8]

De Quincy Opium Eater [De Quincey 1822]

The Devereux. Earls of Essex [Devereux 1853]

Mrs. Colin Mackenzie Life in the Mission & in India [H. Mackenzie 1853]

Life of Dr. Follen [Follen 1844]

The Exiles by Talvi. New York [Talvi 1853]

Astoria by W. Irving [Irving 1836]

Richardson Russian Empire 1. vol. [W. Richardson 1784] (Erasmus) London Library

Pepys Diary [Pepys 1825] (Read).—

Sir W. Notts life [W. Nott 1854] read

[DAR *128: 177]

Types of Mankind (Essays) Edited by Dr. Nott & Gliddon: Trübner & Co [J. C. Nott and Gliddon 1854] (read)

A Lecture by Owen before College of Surgeons on Mankind [R. Owen 1855a].90 I do not know title not published but reported fully in Literary Gazette Sept 30 185491

Agricult. Journal 1854 Paper on Hereditary diseases of cattle [Dun 1854].— important92

The Geographical Distrib. of Plants & Animals by C. Pickering Chapman [Pickering 1854].— (Historical Distribution)

Godron De l’Espece et des Races: Mèmoires de l’Acad. de Nancy 1848–1849 [Godron 1848–9].— Read

Hornschuck Essay on the Sporting of Plants. in the ‘Flora’ or separate [Hornschuch 1848] quoted in Braun Rejuvenescence [Braun 1853] p. 317

[DAR *128: 176]

Moores Life of Sheridan [T. Moore 1825]

Huc’s China [Huc 1855] —read } recom by Erasmus.

Watt’s Life [Arago 1839] —read }

[DAR *128: 175]

Stephens Illustration of British Entomology [J. F. Stephens 1827–46]

Gmelin Botany of Siberia in Travels a French Edition [Gmelin 1767] (read)

Souvenirs d’un Naturaliste A. de Quatrefages [Quatrefages de Bréau 1854]. (light reading) (??) read

Tournefort on Ararat, origin et Geograph. Botany [Pitton de Tournefort 1718] (read)

Agricultural work, on percentage of nat. families in average farm.93

Feb. Highland Agricultural Report for J. Wilson origin of Domestic animals.94

Lloyd Scandinavian Adventures 1854 [L. Lloyd 1854]. praised in Zoologist— (read)

[DAR *128: 173]

Introduction to Forbes & Hanley Mollusca [E. Forbes and Hanley 1849–53]

Letters of Rusticus on the Nat. Hist. of Godalming Van Voorst 1849 [Rusticus 1849]. strongly recommended (read)

Vernon Harcourt has published account of Madeira with list of Birds (some migratory) [Harcourt 1851]. Yarrell has (read)

Revd Baden Powel on the Unity of Worlds [Powell 1855]—discusses Vestiges [Chambers] 1847], must be read. 1855 (read)

Salts Travels in Abyssinia [Salt 1814] Appendix &c must be read; I see many references to Domestic Birds &c read

Belon Hist de la nature des Oiseaux 1555 [Belon 1555] p 264 Quails at sea with seeds.— See for Pigeons. In Royal. (read)


[DAR *128: 172]

Dr. Young’s Life by Peacock [Peacock 1855] praised by Erasmus.— Read

Private Life of an Eastern King [Knighton] 1855] read

The Honble Cooke Journey to Oregon Bon. Price [Coke 1852] (amusing) read

[DAR *128: 171]

Pagets Travels in Hungary & Transylvania [John Paget 1839]— account of Dogs like wolves.— E. Blyth.— read

Monograp der Kartoffeln Putsch & Vertuch 1819 [Putsche 1819]. Small 4to in Hort. Soc. Lib Read

Transact. of Agricult. Soc. of Lyons [?Annales des Sciences physiques et naturelles … publiées par la Société d'Agriculture … de Lyons] many papers in Nat. Hist. (Kippist) Linn. Soc.95

The Gardeners Magazine of Botany [Gardener's Magazine of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture and Natural Science] (1850? 1851?) mustpositively be read96

Look over Lindley Vegetable Kingdom [Lindley 1846]

Hookers Journal of Botany 1st series [Journal of Botany] & 2d series [London Journal of Botany]. (except vols 3 & 6 read) Begin with 2dseries.—97

[DAR *128: 169]

Wahlenberg Flora Suecica [Wahlenberg 1824–6]— most curious passage about species not varying in North.

—— de vegetatione in Helveticâ [Wahlenberg 1813]

Godron Considerations sur les Migration des Vegetaux 4to Pamphlet [Godron 1854] (read)

Journal of Asiatic Soc. of Bengal [Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal] I am assured by Mr W. Elliot very good for me.— after Vol 12. Begin vol. 13.98 Huc’s “Chinese Empire” [Huc 1855] several Dogs & Cats described. (read)

Lecoq H. Etudes de la Geograph. d’Europe specially of central platform of France 8 fr. [Lecoq 1854–8] Read

Journal de la Soc. Imp. d’Hist. [Journal de la Société Impériale et Centrale d'Horticulture de Paris] vol. 1 1855. (I have read p. 209 to 268.)99

Great work by Decaisne on Fruit Trees. Le Jardin Fruitier [Decaisne 1858–75]. (Pears.)

[DAR *128: 167]

Revue Horticol Imp. 1852. p. 102. Naudin Consid. Phil. sur l’espèce [Naudin 1852].—

Bib. Universelle. March 1832. paper on cultivation of Dahlias [Anon. 1832]

Boltons Harmonia Ruralis [Bolton 1794–6]. Habits of Birds Yarrell has.?—

Ramond Acad. of Sci. Jan. 1826 [G. Cuvier 1830]. Flora of Pyrenees [Ramond de Carbonnières 1799–1801] (read)

Sweets Geraniaceæ on species & vars. [Sweet 1820–30] Hort. Soc.?

New York Board of Agriculture [Memoirs of the Board of Agriculture of New York] by looking at index— about breeding of animals— Sir J. Lubbock. member

Ferguson on Poultry [Ferguson 1854], recommended by Mr Brent, but perhaps not worth reading. published at Cullifords 22 Southampton St; Strand

[DAR *128: 165]

Dr. Badham “Ancient & Modern Tattle” on Fish [Badham 1854]. Mr Tegetmeier says very curious.—

Study anatomy of ornithoryhnchus & Ostrich100

Fanny H.101 recommends me to read Alexander Blain on Intellect [Bain 1855]102

Eytons work on the Anatinæ [Eyton 1838] good to aid me on skeletons

Knox Races of Mankind [R. Knox 1850] a curious Book. (Blyth). in London Liby.— (read)

From Nott & Gliddon [J. C. Nott and Gliddon 1854]

Roselini Monumenta [?Rosellini 1832–44]. Lipsius Denkmaller [Lepsius 1849–58] not London Library

Morton Crania Americana [Morton 1839]

Jackinot et Hombron Consid. Gen. Voyage Zoologie [Hombron and Jacquinot 1846–54] in Royal Soc. Read

Is. St. Hilaire de la Domest. du Llama 1848 [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1847a]

Morton in Charlestown Med. Journal: [Morton 1850a, 1850b, 1851a, 1851b]

[DAR *128: 163]

Boucher de Perthes. Antiquites Celtiques d’antedulivienne: Memoire sur l’industrie primitive et les art: Paris 1849. [Perthes 1847–64]

Col. Sykes on Dogs of India in As. Soc. of London. & in Zoolog. Proceedings [Sykes 1832b]— (in Royal)

W. Dunker in Zoolog. Proc. a paper on Limnea [Dunker 1853].— Dr. Anthony will publish on F. W. Shells & send Book to Cuming103

Guerin Revue de Zoologie104 [Guérin Méneville ed. 1838–48] must be read. Zoolog. Soc.?

Maury sailing directions 1855 [Maury 1855]. must be studied. Lyell has.—

Deslongchamps has written on variation of Nut cracker in Brussells Transactions [Selys-Longchamps 1844].—105

[DAR *128: 161]

Bells British Quadrupeds [T. Bell 1837]. (read)

Pictet Paleontologie new Edition [Pictet 1853–7]

Pliny Nat History, translated [Pliny 1601].— Read

Gallesio. Pomona Italica [Gallesio 1817–39]. magnificent work in Hort. Soc.—

Loiseleur-Deslongchamps. Conside. sur les Cereales (Bouchard Huzard) 108 pages (read) Partie practicale. et exp. pages 248. 8vo[Loiseleur Deslongchamps 1842–3] Linn. Soc.? must be read.— not in Royal.

Gosse Birds of Jamaica [Gosse 1847]— account of wild Guinea Fowls— Cd he get specimen. read

Lays of the Deer Forest by J. Sobieski 1848 [Sobieski 1848] Yarrell— good Sporting Nat. Hist

Zoologist [Zoologist] vols. before 11 & 12.—106

Thumberg Travels in Japan [Thunberg 1795]

[DAR *128: 160]

Mansfield’s Paraguay [Mansfield 1856] } read

Chesterton Prison Life [Chesterton 1856] }

[DAR *128: 159]

Bentham has published list of Pyrenes plants [Bentham 1826]. I daresay he wd. go over list with me.—

Harvey has published ‘Genera of Cape Plants’ [Harvey 1838].—

Quayle General view of Agriculture of Isle of Man 1794 [Quayle 1794]. R. Soc. Botany

Nat. Hist. of East Tartary [Hablizl] 1789]. p. 581. R. Soc. Cat.

Acosta Nat. Hist. of Indies [Acosta 1604].—

Report, Brit. Assoc. 1842. Richardson N.Z. Fish [J. Richardson 1842].

Hutchison Dog Breaking 3d. Edit [Hutchinson 1856] new information on Pointer & Retriever &c

Williamson Oriental Field Sports [Williamson 1807] recommended by Blyth in Review107

M. de Castelnau, Cattle in Brazil with singular Horn [Castelnau 1846], or his Botanist [Weddell 1855–7]

Brit. Mus. Catalogue. Ungulates Grey [J. E. Gray 1843–52]. Much on Horses & Hybrids

[DAR *128: 157]

Yarrells Birds [Yarrell 1843] vol 2 & 3 must be read on account of Hybrids.—

Naudins Researches on Hybrids & specific characters of Gourds. Annal des Sc. Nat. 4th Series. Bot. Vol 6 [Naudin 1856]. Read

Notes to Jardine & Jesses Selbourne [E. Jesse ed. 1849] George’s Copy

Aug. St. Hilaire. Voyage dans Goyaz [Saint-Hilaire 1847–8] (probably worth reading) Read

O. Heer on fossil Plants of Tertiary Carboniferous strata, translated in Bull. General [Heer 1854].— Hooker has it.— Very important Hookers letter Jan. 1859

Yules Ava [Yule 1858] (Innes) Hairy woman— (Read)

[DAR *128: 155]

Lewis sea-side Book [Lewes 1858]. G. Tollet says very amusing108

The Dog in health & Disease by Stonehenge—Longman 1859 [Stonehenge 1859].— on Toy–Dogs

Sir Emerson Tennants Ceylon [Tennent 1859] Natural Hist. Sketch Read

Classification & Geograph. Distrib of Mammalia.— Owen 5o: Parker [R. Owen 1859] Read

Phillips work on Malvern & Pal. Foss. of Devon. on function of Distinctiveness109 [J. Phillips and Salter 1846].

Revue Horticole 1852 p. 102 Naudin on Nat. Selection [Naudin 1852] (read)—refers p. 108 to Vilmorin [Vilmorin 1852] grand illustrated work on Legumes [?Vilmorin-Andrieux 1851–7]110

[DAR *128: 154]

Passionate Pilgrim [Thurstan 1858] (Read)

Combes Constitution of Man [Combe 1828]

Macclintocks Arctic Voyage [Macclintock 1859]

[DAR *128: 153]


Owen in Trans. Zoolog. Soc. Vol IV P. 5. Chimpanzee [?R. Owen 1859]—111 Huxley says I ought to read

Murchinson’s Siluria [Murchison 1854]— I must read it. & buy it.—112

Jukes. “Students Manual of Geology” [Jukes 1857]— published a few years ago, good on imperfection of Record (Read)

Aug. St. Hilaire Voyage Rio de Janeiro & Minas Geraes [Saint-Hilaire 1830] Read

W. R. Wilde in Dublin University Magazine early month of 1854 on food of Irish. (Pig) [Wilde] 1854]

Buy Cottage Gardener [Cottage Gardener (and Country Gentleman's Companion)] for few last years.

[DAR *128: 152]

Bennetts Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia. 1. 1. 0 [G. Bennett 1860] Read114

Village Bells [Manning] 1859] } Fanny

The Woman in White [Collins 1860] } Hensleigh

[DAR *128: 151]

Samuelson & Hicks Nat. Hist of Hive Bees. Van Voorst [Samuelson 1860]

Revue Horticole [Revue Horticole] } Kew

Journal Hort. Soc. Imp. [Journal de la Société Impériale } or et Centrale d'Horticulture de Paris]— } Linn.

Annales & Mag of Nat. Hist.115 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History]

Annales des Sc. Nat.116 [Annales des Sciences Naturelles]

Edinburgh New Philosoph [Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal]

Zoologist [Zoologist]

Dumont, Léon. — Des causes du rire. In–8. A. Durand. 3 fr.117 [Dumont 1862]

Goethe. — Œuvres d’histoires naturelle, contenant divers Mémoires d’anatomie comparée, de botanique et de géologie, traduits et annotés par le docteur Ch. P. Martins. In–8. J. Cherbuliez. 4 fr. 50 c. [Goethe 1837]

[DAR *128: 150]

Heers Flora Helvetica Tertiaria, translated into French by Gaudin—with additions [Heer 1854].

Archives du Museum [Archives du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] see my Index. how many vols. I have read.—

[DAR *128: 149]

Murray Geograph. Distrib. Price William & Norgate 2” 12” 6 [A. Murray 1866]

Wollaston Coleoptera Atlantidum 1. 1. 0 [Wollaston 1865]

Books Read, 1852–60

[DAR 128: Cover]

Books Read

[DAR 128: 2]


Feb. 24th. Humboldts Aspects of Nature [A. von Humboldt 1849].—

March 26. Gosse’s Sojourn in Jamaica [Gosse 1851]

April 30 Journal of Horticultural Soc of London [Journal of the Horticultural Society of London]. Vol I. to V. (1850) VI & VII

May 27th. Proc. Zoolog. Soc. [Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London] from beginning to 1837. & thence I have read in Journals

June 10th Goulds Birds of Australia [Gould 1848].

—— 20 Dr Holland Chapters on Mental Phys: [Holland 1852]

July 24th Knox’s Ornithological Rambles [A. E. Knox 1849]

Aug 2d. Mills Treatise on Cattle. 1776 [Mills 1776]

Memoirs Caledonian Hort. Soc. [Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticultural Society] Vol I. 1814 nothing (Royal Soc.)

Aug. 2d. Lows Fauna orcadensis 1813 [G. Low 1813].

—— 20th. Sageret Pomologie Physi: 1830 [Sageret 1830] Read this several years ago—

—— 5th Actes de la Soc. Linneene Bordeaux [Actes de la Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux] Tom VI. & VII. 1833–1835118

22d. Bulletin des Sc. Nat. Ferussac [Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles et de Géologie]. Tom. I to IV. 1824 & 1825 (Too short to be of much use)

Sept. 28. Macgillivray Voyage of Rattle-Snake119 [J. Macgillivray 1852]

Oct 5. Risso Essai sur l’Histoire des Orangers [Risso and Poiteau 1818].

[DAR 128: 3]


Feb. 1. Emigrants Manual [Burton 1851]

March 10th Hind’s Solar System [Hind 1852]

April 20th William Humboldts letters [K. W. von Humboldt 1849], partly read.

—— Burnetts History [Burnet 1724–34] failed

—— 27. Craik Causes Celebres [Craik ed. 1840]. Vol I. poor

May 6th Head’s Home Tour. (various parts) [G. Head 1837] good

—— 11. Oersted’s Soul of Nature [Ørsted 1847] (dreadful)

—— 24th Niebuhr’s Life [Niebuhr 1852]. Vol. I excellent

—— 30. The Mormons or Latter Day Saints [Gunnison 1852]. very interesting

June 25 Niebuhr Life [Niebuhr 1852]. Second vol.

July 17th. Heads Paris. Bundle of French Faggots [F. B. Head 1852a].

Aug. 4th Martineau: Man’s Nature & Development [Atkinson and Martineau 1851]

—— 25 Head. Home Tour—Manufacturing Districts [G. Head 1836]. Poor

Sept. 16. Huc’s Travels in Thibet [Huc 1852].—

Nov. 16. Heads Bubbles [F. B. Head 1834]

—— Southeys life of Wesley [R. W. Southey 1820] 1. Vol.

[DAR 128: 4]


Oct 14th Microscopical Journal [Microscopic Journal and Structural Record]. Nor. I

Oct 22d Knox Great Artists & Great Anatomists [R. Knox 1852]

Nov. 26th The Journal of the Indian Archipelago [Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia] Vol I to V 1851

M. Edwards. Introduction Zoolog. Generales 1851120 [Milne-Edwards 1851].


Feb. 6. Schouw Bot. Geograph: in Bohn’s Library [Schouw 1852].—

Feb. 19th Nouvelles Annales du Museum d’Hist. Nat. [Nouvelle Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] Tom. I (lost). II 1833. III 1834. & IV 1835: Extracted

March 18. Archives du Museum d’Hist. Nat. [Archives du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle] Tom I–IV

Ap. 20 Forbes History of Brit. Star fishes [E. Forbes 1841].

—— Agassiz Report sur les Poissons Fossiles decouverte en Angleterre 1835 [Agassiz 1835]

—— 30 Bairds Entomostraca [Baird 1850]

May 22d. Madras Journal of Lit. & Science [Madras Journal of Literature and Science] Vol IV. 1836 to Vol XII. 1840 (not much)

[DAR 128: 5]


Jan. 27th Life of Dr. Coombe [Combe 1850]. good

Feb. 6. Letters of Ray [Ray 1848].

—— 13th Neale’s Residences in Siam [Neale 1851]

22 Sir J. Davis China during War and Peace [J. F. Davis 1852]

March 5. Sir F. Heads Fortnight in Ireland [F. B. Head 1852b].

Ap. 30. Napier’s Peninsular War [W. F. P. Napier 1828–40] Vol. I. (poor)

—— Grotes History of Greece [Grote 1846–56] (dull)

May 3d Jeffrey’s life [Cockburn 1852] very good

—— 10th Walpole to L. Ossoy [Walpole 1848] 1st vol.

—— History George III [Walpole 1845]. 1. vol.

—— 17th Mundy’s Antipodes [G. C. Mundy 1852] Vol I. } Very good.

July 2d. d[itt]o. Vol 2 & 3. }

20th. Galtons Tour in S. Africa [Galton 1853] good

Aug 23. Moore’s Life. Ld J. Russel [T. Moore 1853–6]. Vol I. II. III. poorish.

—— 26 Sir T. Moore’s life a Novel. [?R. W. Southey 1829]

Sept 5. Edwards Voyage up the Amazon [W. H. Edwards 1847]. very good.

10th Dickens. Change for American Notes [Dickens 1842]. poorish & goodish

24th. Esmond. by Thackeray [Thackeray 1852] (Poor)

Nov. 11. Sir Hudson Lowe’s life and letters [H. Low 1853] very good

—— 28 Vol. IV. Moores life by Lord J. Russell [T. Moore 1853–6]

[DAR 128: 6]


June 10th Journal of the Asiatic Soc. of Bengal [Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal]. Vol. I. (1832) 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. (1843). not much except Blyth.

Aug 11. Falconer on Tenasserim Forests [H. Falconer 1852]

—— 31. Transact. Entomolog. Soc. [Transactions of the Entomological Society of London] up to Vol II. Part IV. N.S. 1853

Sept. Nos I–IV of Microscopical Journal121 [Microscopic Journal and Structural Record]

—— 5. Johnston Nat. History of E. Borders [G. Johnston 1853].

20 Dana’s Crustacea [J. D. Dana 1852–3]

27. Thompson’s Himmalaya [T. Thomson 1852]

[DAR 128: 7]


Jan 11th. Pulsky Red, Black & White [Pulszky 1853] (moderate)

[DAR 128: 8]


Jan 15. Seeman’s Narrative of H.M.S. Herald [Seeman 1853].

Feb 6. Wallace Travels in the Amazon [A. R. Wallace 1853]

—— Schleidens The Plant, a Biography [Schleiden 1848].

March 7th. Hooker’s Himmalaya [Hooker 1854].—

—— 23 Stansbury. Exploration & Survey of the Great Salt Lake [Stansbury 1852].

May 15th Pigeons by Eaton [Eaton 1852].

—— 20 Plurality of Worlds (Whewell?) [Whewell] 1853]

June 4th. Colman’s Europæan Agriculture [Colman 1848] Vol I. (not much in it)

June 15th New S. Wales. Twelve years in [Byrne 1848].

July 3d. Sir B. B. Psychological Essays [Brodie] 1854]

—— Duval Histoire du Pommier, Poirier, Pêcher [Duval 1852, 1849, 1850]

—— 27th. Hist. Nat. Gen. de Regnes Organ. Isidore Geoffroy St. Hilaire [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1854–62] Tome I

[DAR 128: 9]


March 11th. Comte Philosophie Positive G Lewes [Lewes 1853] (curious)

Williams Missionary in T. del Fuego [Hamilton 1854]

March 28th. Sir G. Stephens Lectures on Commercial Law: [Stephen 1853] very good.

May 11th Evelyn Diary [Evelyn 1827] 3 vols.

July 8. Astoria, good [Irving 1836].

—— 25 Lorenzo Benoni life of an Italian [Benoni 1853] (poorish)

Aug 9th Haydon’s Autobiography [Haydon 1853] (very interesting)

—— 25. Sir James Brooks Private Letters [Brooke 1853] moderate

Sept. 4. Nunn’s Shipwreck in the Favorite [Nunn 1850]

—— 16 Pepys Diary. Vol 1. 2. 3d Edit. [Pepys 1848–9] (—Excellent.) Last date read March 26.—1665

Pepys Diary [Pepys 1848–9] Vol 3. Aug. 1666 – Dec. 31 67 (poor edition)

—— 25 Quincey Opium Eater [De Quincey 1822] (very poor)

—— Diary of a Physician [Warren 1832–8]. (detestable)

Nov. 27th. Moore’s Life by Lord J. Russell [T. Moore 1853–6] Vol VI

Dec 8th Larpents Private Journal [Larpent 1853] Vol I. good

—— 27 Brace’s Hungary [Brace 1852] (capital)

—— 30 Richardson’s Russia [W. Richardson 1784] (poor)

[DAR 128: 10]

1854. Microscopical Journal [Microscopic Journal and Structural Record] to no 8. July 54122

Sept. 25 Westwoods Modern Classification of Insects [Westwood 1839–40].—

Oct. 2d. Macquart Facultes Interieurs des animaux invertebres [Macquart 1850].

—— 8th Gosse Naturalist Rambles Coast of Devon [Gosse 1853].

—— Lawrence on the Horse [J. Lawrence 1829]

21 Tournefort Voyage Levant [Pitton de Tournefort 1718]. skimmed

27. Gmelin Flora Siberica [Gmelin 1747–69]

1855. Wollastons Insecta Maderensia [Wollaston 1854]

—— Johnston Physical Atlas [A. K. Johnston 1850].

March 28th Sebastian Delamer on Pigeons & Rabbits [Delamer 1854]

Ap. 22. Lecoq sur les Hybrids [?Lecoq 1845].

25. The Angler Piscator Dr Davy [J. Davy 1855]

Ap 27th Zoologist [Zoologist] vols. 11 & 12, for 1853 & 1854

Ap 27 Phytologist [Phytologist] Vol: 3. 1848–50.

[DAR 128: 11]

1855. Sydney Smith life [S. Smith 1855]

Galtons Art of Travelling [Galton 1855]

March 13th 2d & 3d vols. of Larpent Penins [Larpent 1853]

April Lambs Essays 2 vols. [Lamb 1840]

— Letters 2 Vols. [Lamb 1837]

July 18th Schools & Schoolmasters by Hugh Miller [H. Miller 1854]

Aug 20. Brace Home Life in Germany [Brace 1853] (excellent)

—— 23 Howitts Victoria [Howitt 1851] part of (poor)

Oct 7th Sir W. Notts life & memoirs [W. Nott 1854] (good)

Sept Private life of an E. King [Knighton] 1855]. (good)

Dec 13 Wabash [Beste 1855] good

Londoners Walk to Lands End [W. White 1855]

The Warden (a novel) [Trollope 1855]

[DAR 128: 12]


May 9th. Letters of Rusticus of Godalming poor [Rusticus 1849].—

May 21st. L. Loyd. Scandinavian Adventures 1854 [L. Lloyd 1854].—

May 28th. Delineations of the Ox Tribe &c by George Vasey. 1851 [Vasey 1851].

May 28. Lyells Elements 5th. Edit [Lyell 1855]

—— 29th Carpenters Comparative Physiology [Carpenter 1854]

June 8th Sketch of Madeira by E. Vernon Harcourt p. 1851 [Harcourt 1851]

—— 11 Busk Catalogue of Polyzoa [Busk 1852–4]

—— 16 Florula Juvenalis Godron [Godron 1853].—

July 15 Die Hühner & Pfauenzucht. 1827 [Anon. 1827]

—— Neumeister Das Ganze der Taubenzucht [Neumeister 1837]

—— 16 Belon Hist Nat. des Oiseaux [Belon 1555]

—— Desmoulins Sur la Distrib. Geograph from Journal de Physique Feb. 1822 [Desmoulins 1822]

London Journal of Bot. [London Journal of Botany] Sir W. Hooker 2d. series Vol. 3 & 6

[DAR 128: 13]

Aug. 20 Weber der Taubenfreund 1850 [Weber 1850]

Sept. 1st. Puvis de la Degeneration 1837 [Puvis 1837]

3. Die Hühner & Pfauenzucht Ulm. 1827123 [Anon. 1827].

Oct. 4. Volz Beitrage zur Kultur-geschichte [Volz 1852].

—— 15 Walther Rindvieh [Walthur 1817b].

Nov. 14. F. A. A. Meyer Naturgesichte der Hausthiere [Meyer 1792] (wretched)

Dec 20 Nott & Gliddon Types of Mankind [J. C. Nott and Gliddon 1854]

[DAR 128: 14]


Sept. Tegetmeier on Poultry [Tegetmeier 1856–7]

—— 27th. Mem. de l’Acad. Imp. de Lyon [Memoires de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres, et Arts de Lyon] n. ser. Tom 2d. 1852.—

Oct. Du Fuchsia [Porcher] 1844].—

—— 30th. Souvenir d’un Nat. Quatrefages [Quatrefages de Bréau 1854]

—— M. Parkyns Abyssinia [Parkyns 1853], skimmed.

Nov. 3d Flourens De la Longevité Humaine [Flourens 1854]

—— 9 Walther,. Dr: Der Hund [Walthur 1817a].—

Dec 15 Bernhardi ueber den Begriff [Bernhardi 1834]—

16. Nott & Gliddon Types of Mankind [J. C. Nott and Gliddon 1854]

26 Vie de Geoffroy Saint Hilaire [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1847b]

27 Kirchhof. Das Ganze der Landwirttschaft [Kirchhof 1835].—


Jan 10th G. Colin Traite de Physiolog. Comparee [Colin 1854–6].—

Jan. 10. B. Powell. Unity of Worlds [Powell 1855].

—— Lepsius Auswahl der Wichtigsten Urkunden des Ægypt [Lepsius 1842]. Athenæum 1842. (nothing)

Beytrage sur Anthropologie & allgemeiner Naturgeschichte.

Rudolphi—1812 [Rudolphi 1812]

[DAR 128: 16]


Jan 21. Huc’s Chinese Empire [Huc 1855]

Feb 16th Pagets Hungary [John Paget 1839]

—— Bechsteins Naturgeschichte [Bechstein 1789–95] 1 vol.

—— E. Albins Nat. Hist. of Birds 1734 [Albin 1731–8].

Mar 1 Veith Naturgeschichte Haussaugethiere [Veith 1856].—

3d Knox Races of Man.— 1850 [R. Knox 1850]

7. Willughby by Ray ornithology [Willughby 1678]

—— Aldrovandi Ornithology [Aldrovandi 1599–1603]

—— Lathams History of Birds. vol on Pigeons & Fowls [J. Latham 1821–8].

8. Owen’s Lectures on Invertebrata. 2d Edit: [R. Owen 1855b]

Brisson’s ornithologia 1760124 [Brisson 1760].

Catesby Nat. Hist of Carolina [Catesby 1731–43] nothing

Gesnerius Icones avium. 1560 [Gesner 1560]. d[itt]o

Klein Stemmata avium 1759 [Klein 1759] d[itt]o

Kleiner animaux 1734 [Kleiner 1734] d[itt]o

Sloane. Nat. History of Jamaica [Sloane 1707–25] d[itt]o

Rumphius on Eastern Arch [?Rumphius 1741–55] d[itt]o

[DAR 128: 17]


Jan 28. Watt’s Life by Muirhead [Arago 1839]. (poorish)

Ap 6. Vol 4 of 3d. Edit of Pepys [Pepys 1848–9]—

April 21 Sandwitt Kars [Sandwith 1856].

[DAR 128: 18]

March 20. Nat. Hist. of the Dee [W. Macgillivray 1855]

—— Recherches sur l’Agriculture des Chinois L. d’Hervey St. Denys [Hervey-Saint-Denys 1850].—

26. Putsche Tauben-Katechismus [Putsche 1830].—

Ap. 2d Graba. Tagebuch to Fiaro [Graba 1830]

5 Loiseleur Deslongchamps. Consid. sur les Cerealea [Loiseleur Des%longchamps 1842–3]

29. Brisson Ornithologie ou methode &c Tom I. 1760 (for Pigeons & Fowls) [Brisson 1760]

May 2d Prichard Nat. Hist. of man (3d Edit.) [Prichard 1848]

May 8th Joh. Johnstone 1657 Pigeons & Fowls [Jonstonus 1657]

—— Linnæus Fauna Suecica [Linnaeus 1746] d[itt]o

—— Les Pigeons par M. Knip et Temminck 1811 [?Temminck 1808]

—— Memoires sur les Chinois [?[Batteux, Oudart Feudrix de Bréquigny, Guignes, and Silvestre de Sacy, eds.] 1776–1814]

11 Gosse Birds of Jamaica [Gosse 1847]

12 Salts Travels in Abyssinia [Salt 1814]

—— Boreau Flore du centre du France [Boreau 1840]

June 5. Woodwards Rud Treatise on Conchology [S. P. Woodward 1851–6]

—— Wollaston on Variation [Wollaston 1856]

F. Smith on Apidæ [F. Smith 1855]

15 H C. Watson Remarks on Geograph distrib. of British Plants 1835 [H. C. Watson 1835]

[DAR 128: 20]


June 26. Davis J. Barnard. Crania Britannica. Decade I [J. B. Davis and Thurnam 1856–65]. (Crawfurd)

July 11. Pistor Das Ganze Taubenzucht [Pistor 1831].

—— 15 Die Enten & Gansezucht. Ulm. 1828 [Anon. 1828]

22. Temminck Coup d’Oeil sur l’inde Archipel. [Temminck 1846–9] 1846–1847.

—— Storer Synopsis of Fishes of N. America [Storer 1846]

Aug. 7th Latham Man & his Migration [R. C. Latham 1851]

—— Heers Os. Paper on Madeira fossils [Heer 1855]

—— 19 Von Tschudi Alpine life [Tschudi 1856]

30. Brehm Handbuch Vogel Deutschlands [Brehm 1831].

Sept 5th Prosper Lucas l’Heredite Naturelle [Lucas 1847–50]


Nov. 15. Andersson Lake Gnami [Andersson 1856]

—— 26 Slightly skimmed Forbes & Hancock British Shells [Forbes and Hanley 1849–53].—

[DAR 128: 21]

Aug 10th. Macaulays Hist. [Macaulay 1848–61] vol 3 & 4

Sept.— Last vol. of Pepys Diary [Pepys 1848–9]

—— De Cressy [Riccoboni 1765]

Oct. 23. Tracings of Iceland Chambers [Chambers 1856].

—— Mansfield Travels in Paraguay [Mansfield 1856]

Dec. Young’s life of Peacock [Peacock 1855]

Thackeray English Humourists [Thackeray 1853]


Jan. Cockburn life of Selby [?Cockburn 1852]

Feb. Miss Bronte’s Life [Gaskell 1857]

Villette [Brontë] 1853]

June— Sir Ch. Napiers life [Napier 1857]. 2 vols

July Dr. Kane’s Arctic Voyage [Kane 1856]

Sept. 12. Ch. Napiers Life [Napier 1857]. 4 vols.

Oct 1. St. Simon’s Memoirs [Rouvroy 1857] vol. 1 & 2 amusing & curious.

—— 30 Lavengro [Borrow 1851]. rubbish yet amusing

Nov. 15. Tender & True [Spence] 1856]: H. Coverdale [Smedley [1854–6]: Quits [Tautphoeus] 1857]

29 Lutfullah. Life of Mahomedan Gentleman [Lutfullah 1857]

Dec 26 Stephenson’s Life [Smiles 1857]

[DAR 128: 22]


Hewitsons Oology [Hewitson [1833–42].—

Nov. 12. Yarrell’s British Birds [Yarrell 1843].

Dec. 29th Annales des Sciences Nat. [Annales des Sciences Naturelles]

Dec. 29th Audubons Ornithological Biography [Audubon 1831–9]—

[DAR 128: 23]


Life of Montaigne by B. St. John [B. Saint John 1858].—

Miss Marsh on Navvies [C. M. Marsh] 1858]

Buckle History of Civilisation [Buckle 1857]

Feb. 28 Sir J. Mackintosh Life [Mackintosh 1835]

Ap. 12th Livingstone Travels [Livingstone 1857] (the best Travels I ever read)

Sept. Froude Henry VIII [Froude 1856]. 4 vols very interesting.

Oct. 22. Olmstead Journey through Texas [Olmsted 1857]

Dec. Motley’s History of Dutch Republic [Motley 1855]

[DAR 128: 24]


Pagets Lectures on Pathology [James Paget 1853] Ch 1–3 & Last

F. Smith Cat. of Ants in B. Mus. [F. Smith 1858]

Zoologist [Zoologist] Vol.— 1–4

Jan 29. Griffiths Indian Travels [Griffith 1847].

March 10. Ellis 3 Visits to Madagascar [Ellis 1858]

—— 16 Zoologist [Zoologist]. up Vol. 14. 1856

May 9th Voyage au Pol. Sud. Consid. Gen. Zoolog. Hombron & Jackenot [Hombron and Jacquinot 1846–54] (miserable Book)

—— 10 Blumenbach. Manuel d’Hist Nat. 1803 French [Blumenbach 1803] (nothing)

[DAR 128: 25]


Feb. 28 Olmstead S. States [Olmsted 1856] (excellent)

March 21. Mill on Liberty [Mill 1859]. (very good)

April 21st Hodson’s Life in India [Hodson 1859] (Excellent)

June 20. Carlyles Frederick the Great [Carlyle 1858–65] (very moderate)

July 15 Dana Two Years before Mast [R. H. Dana [1840] (good)

Bertrams [Trollope 1859] & Adam Bede [Eliot 1859] (excellent)

Caxtons [Bulwer-Lytton] 1849] & Yeast [Kingsley] 1851].—

Cousin Stella [Jenkin] 1859]— Agatha’s Husband [Mulock] 1853]—

Aug.— Sherard Osborne’s Quedah [Osborn 1857]

d[itt]o d[itt]o Arctic Journal [Osborn 1852] (many novels)

Dec: Dana to Cuba & back [R. H. Dana 1859]

—— Cruize in Japanese Waters S. Osborne [Osborn 1859]

Some vols. of Grotes History of Greece [Grote 1846–56] to end of VI. vol.—

[DAR 128: 26]


Quatrefages on Maladies of Silk-worm [Quatrefages de Bréau 1859]

Owen Lecture on Classification [R. Owen 1859]

Reynier Economie des Celtes [Reynier 1818]

Harris Treatise of Insects [T. W. Harris 1842]

Jukes Student Manual of Geology [Jukes 1857]

Azara’s Quadrupeds [Azara 1801]

Isid Geoffroy St. Hilaire Hist Nat. Gen [I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1854–62]

P. Mathhew on Naval Timber & Arboriculture [Matthew 1831]

Bull. Bot. Soc. de France [Bulletin de la Société Botanique de France] Vols. 1 & 2. 1854 & 1855.—

[DAR 128: 27]

Friends in Council [Helps] 1849] 2d Series. & parts of 1st Series

Feb. 23 Sir D. Brewsters life of Newton [Brewster 1831]

March. 8 Houdins the conjurer Life [Robert-Houdin [1859]

19 MacClintocks Narrative [Macclintock 1859].—

Ap. 1.— Azara Quadrupeds of Paraguay [Azara 1801].—125

Ap. 19. Lord Elgins China [Oliphant 1859] (poorish)

May 13 Smiles Self-Help [Smiles 1859]. (goodish)

1 The personal library of Charles Stokes from whom CD borrowed books.

2 The Cambridge University Library, known then as the Public Library.

3 ‘Books … Read’ is in Emma Darwin’s hand.

4 “”Traité … 1839.” is a printed notice pasted into the notebook.

5 ‘Said … Lindsay’ was added in pencil by CD.

6 The text from page [1v.] to page [6] is in Emma Darwin’s hand and was copied from Notebook C, pp. 268–265 (Notebooks).

7 Probably a reference to the private library of William Jackson Hooker and his son, Joseph Dalton Hooker, from whom CD borrowed books.

8 In Notebook C, p. 17 (Notebooks), CD wrote: ‘Voyage of Coquille. Zoologie. p. 19. Tapir, ‹des› couroucous et rupicole vert instances of American forms in East. Ind: Archipelago. Raffles. Horsfield. Diard. Duvaucel. Leschenault Kuhl. Van-Hasselt, Reinwardt ‹Forrest› authors on E. I‹ndian›. A‹rch.›’. These authors were cited in Lesson and Garnot 1826–30.

9 CD did not follow his own advice. In 1879, he stated that he had unbounded respect for Aristotle as an observer, but he had never read his works (Calendar no. 11875). In February 1882, however, after reading the introduction to William Ogle’s translation of Aristotle’s De partibus animalium, CD wrote: ‘From quotations which I had seen, I had a high notion of Aristotle’s merits, but I had not the most remote notion what a wonderful man he was. Linnæus and Cuvier have been my two gods … but they were mere schoolboys to old Aristotle.’ (LL3: 252).

10 Emma Darwin wrote ‘7th’ instead of “3d“. See Notebook C, p. 267 (Notebooks).

11 This work has not been identified.

12 A mistranscription for ‘Entozoa’ by Emma Darwin. See Notebook C, p. 266 (Notebooks).

13 See Notebook C, p. 266 (Notebooks), where CD wrote “curious”, not “various”, and “Botanist”, not “Botanists”.

14 Herbert 1837, p. 348, reads: “Kolreuter’s experiments are detailed in the transactions of the Petersburg Acad. in 1777, and the five or six following years.”

15 CD wrote ‘Transact’ to replace ‘Journal’ written in Emma Darwin’s hand.

16 Emma Darwin wrote ‘McNeil’ instead of “Mr Neil”. See Notebook C, p. 265 (Notebooks).

17 The entries from this point on are in CD’s hand.

18 The entries from ‘Volneys’ to [Temminck 1833] on page [5v.] are taken from the inside back cover of Notebook C (Notebooks).

19 According to the DNB, William Herbert provided notes for both William Bennett’s edition (1837) and for James Rennie’s edition (1833) of Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne.

20 CD recorded reading Pallas 1777a, 1777b, 1780,1794, and 1802–3 in later entries in the Reading Notebooks.

21 Erasmus Alvey Darwin.

22 Robert Waring Darwin.

23 The Athenaeum, no. 632, 7 December 1839, p. 933, announced that David Low’s Illustrations of the breeds of the domestic animals of the British Islands would be published in parts from January 1840.

24 Announced in the same issue of the Athenaeum, p. 932, as D. Low 1842 (see n. 23, above).

25 This entry and the following three are printed notices pasted into the notebook.

26 Henry Peter Brougham, Baron Brougham and Vaux.

27 This is presumably the date and number of the part containing William Pulteney Alison’s article which was issued prior to the publication of the completed volume in 1847.

28 A work with this title has not been located. CD may possibly have been referring to Samuel Johnson, The vanity of human wishes(1784).

29 Possibly a reference to Joseph Priestley, Hartley’s theory of the human mind (1775).

30 ‘The … 12s.’ is a printed notice pinned into the notebook.

31 CD added this in pencil on the printed notice.

32 It has not been possible to identify which encyclopaedias CD used for articles on hybrids.

33 The Archiv für Naturgeschichte, edited by Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann and known as Wiegmann’s Archiv.

34 CD described his method of organising his notes and references in the Autobiography, pp. 137–8: ‘I keep from thirty to forty large portfolios, in cabinets with labelled shelves, into which I can at once put a detached reference or memorandum. I have bought many books and at their ends I make an index of all the facts that concern my work; or, if the book is not my own, write out a separate abstract, and of such abstracts I have a large drawer full. Before beginning on any subject I look to all the short indexes and make a general and classified index, and by taking the one or more proper portfolios I have all the information collected during my life ready for use.’ While much of the material from these portfolios is in DAR 205, the letter from William Edward Shuckard to which CD refers has not been located.

35 This work has not been identified. Gallesio’s genealogical tree of citrons is in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection, bound with extracts from Gallesio’s works published in 1839 [Quarto Pamphlets 33].

36 Possibly a reference to some of the descriptions in the Botanist, 5 vols. (1837–41), edited by John Stevens Henslow and B. Maund.

37 See letters to John Forbes Royle, [12 April – 17 May 1847] and 14 August [1847], in which CD arranged to borrow copies of this rare journal from Royle. Hugh Falconer was in London at this time.

38 Only the second part of the work was published by Whittaker and Co., but the company may have reissued both parts in 1844.

39 John Lindley served as assistant secretary to the Horticultural Society from 1822 to 1841 then vice-secretary from 1841 to 1858.

40 ‘Jardine’s … Bees.’ is a printed notice pinned into the notebook listing the volumes in the Naturalist’s Library edited by William Jardine, a forty-volume series on the natural history of animals published in Edinburgh from 1834 to 1843. Only those titles which were ticked by CD have been transcribed here.

41 ‘Jacintes … 12s.’ is a printed notice pasted into the notebook.

42 ‘Miller … 5s.’ is a printed notice pasted into the notebook.

43 CD deleted this entry in ink. The same work is listed again on p. [22].

44 Probably Francis Boott.

45 Edward Forbes provided sketches and notes for the map on ‘Palæontology of the British Isles’ in A. K. Johnston 1848. The revised edition of Johnston’s Physical atlas (1856) included ‘Map of the distribution of marine life, illustrated chiefly by fishes, molluscs & radiata; showing also the extent & limits of the homoiozoic belts’ by Forbes. The map was also independently published in 1854. CD’s abstract of the work is in DAR 72: 58–61.

46 This information was erroneous. Amanz Gressly had published a series of papers from 1838 to 1841 entitled ‘Observations géologiques sur le Jura Soleurois’ in vols. 2, 4, and 5 of the Neue Denkschriften der allgemeinen Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für die gesammtenNaturwissenschaften. In 1859 he was the coauthor, with E. Desor, of ‘Études géologiques sur le Jura Neuchatelois’ published in theMémoires de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de Neuchâtel.

47 Possibly a slip for James Abbott, Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Khiva (James Abbott 1843).

48 Emily Catherine Darwin.

49 Almost certainly a slip for “Letters”. CD made the same mistake when he referred on the next page to Liebig’s “lectures” instead of “letters” on chemistry (Liebig 1851).

50 Probably Elizabeth Wedgwood.

51 This note is a reference to the alphabetical list of the books read by CD (DAR 120), which was begun by Catherine Darwin and continued by CD.

52 It is probable that this list was pinned into CD’s Catalogue of the scientific books in the library of the Royal Society (Royal Society of London 1839).

53 These two entries were written upside down at the bottom of the page.

54 The text from page [1a] to half way down page [5a] is in Emma Darwin’s hand and is a copy of CD’s reading list in Notebook C, pp. 265–76 (Notebooks, pp. 319–28).

55 The letter was addressed to Nicholas Aylward Vigors about John Fleming, and the review was by Fleming (see Notebooks, p. 320, n. 12).

56 The copyist wrote “Lister” instead of “Lisle”. See Notebook C, p. 275 (Notebooks).

57 The ‘J’ is a mistranscription of CD’s “T”. See Notebook C, p. 270 (Notebooks).

58 CD added “5th Edit” to the text.

59 “References at end” was added by CD.

60 “Earl’s” in Notebook C, p. 270 (Notebooks).

61 “G.” in Notebook C, p. 269 (Notebooks).

62 CD added “do 2d … Reading”.

63 “Zoonomia … end—” was added by CD.

64 “Well” was added in pencil by CD.

65 “Well” added in pencil by CD.

66 The bibliography provides the titles of the works by William Shakespeare that CD recorded having read. Obviously many editions of these works would have been available to CD.

67 From this date, CD began to note the non-scientific books read on the right-hand pages of the notebook; he used the left-hand pages to list scientific books.

68 The next three entries are on page [10b], but since they are a continuation of the list of books read at Maer, for the sake of clarity they have been transcribed with the previous entries.

69 These reports were issued intermittently by the Assembly of the State of New York and entitled “Communication from the governor, relative to the geological survey of the state”. Several numbers from the years 1838, 1839, 1840, and 1841 are in DAR 136 and 137.

70 The dates given by CD indicate that he read the journal Observations sur la Physique edited by François Rozier. The title of the journal was subsequently changed to Journal de Physique, de Chimie, et de l’Histoire Naturelle (1794–1823).

71 CD wrote “1st” and then later altered this to “2d” and added “first”.

72 This entry was deleted in ink by CD.

73 This entry was written by Emma Darwin.

74 “8 … Quixote.” was written by Emma Darwin.

75 François André Michaux was the son of the botanist André Michaux (1746–1802).

76 Possibly a mistake for “Mowbray”, the pseudonym of John Lawrence, whose Treatise on domestic poutlry, pigeons and rabbits (1815) went through numerous editions. CD’s annotated copy of the 7th edition (1834) is in the Darwin Library.

77 CD deleted this entry in pencil. See entry for 30 December.

78 CD wrote “my copy” to replace “Hooker’s copy”. The pamphlet in CD’s collection is a presentation copy from the author to William Jackson Hooker. See Correspondence vol. 3, letter to J. D. Hooker, [5 or 12 November 1845], in which CD thanked Hooker for obtaining a copy of Gérard’s paper for him.

79 The cyclopædia of anatomy and physiology, edited by Robert Bentley Todd, was issued in parts. William Pulteney Alison’s article first appeared as No. 19 in 1840 (see *119: 11v.).

80 CD obviously meant to write “Principles”, not “Elements”, here.

81 This work was issued in parts.

82 CD refers to a translation published in the Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal in which it was reported that the article was taken from a memoir read before the Académie des Sciences on 19 February 1821. The memoir was not printed in the Mémoires de l’Academie Royale des Sciences, but was reported in “Analyse des travaux de l’Académie Royale des Sciences, pendant l’année 1821″, p. 167.

83 CD began this list at the back of the notebook.

84 John Lindley described plant breeding experiments performed by Lord Arthur Hervey in 1843 in Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, no. 33 (1844), p. 555. These concerned the transformation of wheat (Triticum) into rye (Secale). Aegilops is the wild oat.

85 Franz Unger’s book on hybridism was reviewed in Gardeners’ Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, no. 32 (1852), p. 502. CD marked this article in his copy of the journal.

86 CD marked this entry ‘X’ in brown crayon.

87 CD marked this entry ‘O’ in pencil.

88 Samuel Highley, proprietor of a scientific library, museum, and publishing company at 32 Fleet Street, London, was “bookseller by appointment to the Royal College of Surgeons.” His catalogue of scientific equipment and books issued in 1852 contains an advertisement of Bendz 1850.

89 CD marked this entry ‘X’ in brown crayon.

90 The lecture was in fact delivered at the first evening discourse of the Liverpool meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1854). Richard Owen gave the same paper at the evening meeting of the Royal Institution on 9 February 1855.

91 The note “not published … 1834″ was added in pencil.

92 CD marked this entry ‘O’ in pencil.

93 This work has not been identified.

94 This paper has not been identified. It is possible that James Wilson’s work on the origin of domestic animals was mentioned in theHighland Agricultural Report. Several of his papers, including “On the origin of domestic poultry” (1830), were published in the Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural History Society.

95 CD marked this entry “[SYMBOL]” and ‘O’ in pencil.

96 CD marked this entry ‘O’ in pencil.

97 CD marked this entry “[SYMBOL]“; the ‘X’ is in brown crayon and the ‘O’ in pencil. It is not clear which of William Jackson Hooker’s journals is meant here: the Journal of Botany ran from 1834 to 1842, followed by the London Journal of Botany, 1842–8, and Hooker’s Journal of Botany, 1849–57.

98 CD marked this entry “[SYMBOL]” in pencil.

99 CD marked this entry ‘O’ in pencil.

100 CD marked this entry with ‘X’ in brown crayon.

101 Fanny Hensleigh, i.e., Frances Mackintosh Wedgwood.

102 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

103 Hugh Cuming. John Gould Anthony published Description of new fluviatile shells of the genus Melania … from the western states of North America in 1854.

104 CD marked this entry with “[SYMBOL]” in pencil.

105 CD has marked this entry “[SYMBOL]” in pencil. The nutcracker is a bird (Nucifraga) of the crow family.

106 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

107 CD marked this entry “[SYMBOL]” in pencil.

108 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

109 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

110 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil. The information given is confused since the reference given by Naudin 1852, p. 108, is to Vilmorin’s preliminary report on the creation of a new true-breeding spineless hybrid of Ulex europaeus, a spiny evergreen shrub with yellow flowers. The plant breeding company Vilmorin-Andrieux published a catalogue (Vilmorin-Andrieux 1851–7).

111 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil. The information is confused; the citation given is actually that of Richard Owen’s paper onDinornis rather than on the chimpanzee.

112 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

113 The Cottage Gardener ceased publication in 1856.

114 CD marked this entry with ‘X’ in brown crayon and ‘O’ in pencil.

115 CD marked this entry with ‘X’ in brown crayon.

116 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

117 This entry and the following one are printed notices pasted into the notebook.

118 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

119 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

120 CD marked this entry with ‘O’ in pencil.

121 The Microscopic Journal and Structural Record was issued in two numbers for 1841 and eight numbers for 1842, when it ceased publication.

122 The Microscopic Journal ceased publication after no. 8 in 1842. CD’s reference to “July 54″ is evidently the date of reading.

123 CD deleted this entry in ink.

124 CD deleted this entry in ink.

125 CD deleted this entry in ink, presumably because he had added it by mistake to his list of non-scientific books.


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