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Darwin Correspondence Project

Volume appendices

Here is a list of the appendices from the print volumes of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin with links to adapted online versions where they are available.

Appendix I in each volume contains translations of letters in foreign languages and these can be accessed online by searching for a letter and clicking on the translation tab on the letter page (an example of a Gaston de Saporta letter is here).

When not specified Appendix II is a chronology of Darwin’s life in the period covered by the volume, and Appendix III is a reproduction of the diplomas awarded to Darwin in the period. The exception is Volume 1, which had no translations and Appendix I is the chronology. 

Volume and no.

Appendix Title



1 II

Darwin’s Beagle records


Persons on board the Beagle, 1831–6

1 IV

Books on the Beagle

1 V

Darwin’s early notes on coral reef formation




An autobiographical fragment

2 IV

Darwin’s notes on marriage

2 V

Questions about the breeding of animals

2 VI

Darwin and William Kemp on the vitality of seeds




Darwin’s notes arising from conversations with Joseph Dalton Hooker

3 IV

Darwin’s questions on the breeding of animals in captivity



4 II

Darwin’s study of the Cirripedia


Darwin’s observations on his children

4 IV

Darwin’s reading notebooks



5 II

Death of Anne Elizabeth Darwin




Dates of composition of Darwin’s manuscript on species




Abstract of Darwin’s species theory

7 IV

Alfred Russel Wallace’s essay on varieties

7 V

Death of Charles Waring Darwin

7 VI

Memorials presented to the British government in 1858


The scientific relief fund


Presentation copies of Origin




Presentation list for Origin

8 IV

New material added to the US edition of Origin

8 V

Patrick Matthew's letter to the Gardeners’ Chronicle

8 VI

Report of the British Association meeting in Oxford, 26 June – 3 July 1860


Reviews of Origin, 1859–60




Presentation list for Asa Gray’s pamphlet on Origin of species

9 IV

CD’s report on experiments with Drosera read before the Philosophical Club of the Royal Society, 21 February 1861

9 V

Correspondence between Erasmus Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood I, concerning the properties of ice

9 VI

Memorial addressed to Frederick Temple concerning Essays and reviews


Presentation list for third edition of Origin


The ‘squib’ on Origin of species published in Punch, May 1861

9 IX

Letters between Thomas Francis Jamieson and Charles Lyell on the geology of Glen Roy, Scotland

9 X

Darwin's memoir of John Stevens Henslow



10 III

Presentation list for ‘Dimorphic condition in Primula

10 IV

Presentation list for Orchids

10 V

Reports from the Scottish press on Thomas Henry Huxley’s Edinburgh lectures on the ‘relation of man to the lower animals’

10 VI

Notes on the causes of cross and hybrid sterility

10 VII

Reviews of Orchids


Additions and corrections to the second German edition of Origin

10 IX

Diplomas presented to Charles Darwin



11 IV

Presentation list for ‘Two forms in species of Linum

11 V

Donald Beaton’s responses to Charles Darwin’s letters to the Journal of Horticulture

11 VI

Darwin’s lists of hothouse plants

11 VII

Notices in the Athenaeum on William Benjamin Carpenter’s Introduction to the study of Foraminifera and the origin of species


The ‘squib’ on scientific controversies

11 IX

An appeal (on animal traps)



12 III

Presentation list for ‘Three forms of Lythrum salicaria

12 IV

Darwin and the Copley Medal



13 IV

Note on Darwin’s health

13 V

The Lyell-Lubbock dispute



14 IV

Presentation list for fourth edition of Origin



15 IV

Darwin’s Queries about expression



16 IV

Presentation list for Variation

16 V

Darwin's Queries about expression

16 VI

Reviews of Variation



17 IV

Thomas Henry Farrer's notes on Passiflora and Tacsonia

17 V

Portrait of Charles Darwin by Laura Russell

17 VI

Darwin's Queries about expression



18 IV

Darwin's Queries about expression



19 IV

Presentation list for Descent

19 V

Reviews of Descent

19 VI

Henrietta Emma Darwin’s journal 1871

19 VII

Darwin’s Queries about expression



20 IV

Presentation list for sixth edition of Origin

20 V

Presentation list for Expression



21 IV

Reviews of Expression

21 V

Draft subscription list for Thomas Henry Huxley



22 IV

Presentation lists for second edition of Coral reefs and second edition of Descent

22 V

St George Jackson Mivart, George Howard Darwin, and the Quarterly Review



23 IV

Presentation lists for Insectivorous plants and second edition of Climbing plants

23 V

Reviews of Insectivorous plants

24 VI

Darwin and vivisection



24 III

Presentation lists for second edition of Variation, Cross and self fertilisation and second edition of Geological observations

24 IV

Reviews of Cross and self fertilisation

24 V

Letters regarding the HMS Challenger specimens



25 IV

Presentation lists for second edition of Orchids, and Forms of flowers

25 V

German and Dutch photograph albums

25 VI

German poems presented to Charles Darwin in February 1877

25 VII

Darwin’s honorary LLD: the public oration



26 IV

Reviews of Forms of flowers



27 IV

Presentation list for Erasmus Darwin

27 V

Reviews of Erasmus Darwin



28 IV

Presentation list for Movement in plants

28 V

Reviews of Movement in plants

28 VI

Alfred Russel Wallace memorial



29 IV

Presentation list for Earthworms

29 V

Reviews of Earthworms



30 III

Darwin’s funeral