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Origin: the lost changes for the second German edition


Darwin sent a list of changes made uniquely to the second German edition of Origin to its translator, Heinrich Georg Bronn.  That lost list is recreated here.

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  • In March 1862, Heinrich Georg Bronn wrote to Darwin stating his intention to prepare a second German
  • 1862] ). Since the publication of the first German edition, a third English edition had appeared, …
  • of 25 April [1862 ], he mentioned that he was sending a set of sheets of the third English edition, …
  • has not been found, although they were returned to Darwin for possible use in a new American edition
  • … (see Freeman 1977, pp. 856).) However, we have compiled a list of the changes that are incorporated
  • should correspond to the additional alterations sent by Darwin to Bronn. Many of these additions and
  • 4                    A well-known French botanist, MLecoq, writes in 1854 (‘Etudes sur
  • passages scattered through MLecoqs large work, make it a little doubtful how far he extends his
  • …  Von Baer, towards whom all zoologists feel so profound a respect, expressed about the year 1859
  • that forms now perfectly distinct have descended from a single parent-form.    Page xix, par. …
  • crossed them, and examined their skeletons, I have come to a similar conclusion, \emm the grounds of
  • seen by that inimitable observer MFabre, fighting for a particular female, who sits by an
  • by us.’: 16                  In a far-fetched sense, however, the conditions of life may
  • …                I have myself recently bred a foal from a bay mare (offspring of a Turcoman horse and
  • …  Almost every year, as I am informed by Mr. EV. Harcourt, many European and African birds are
  • in Origin 4th ed., pp4501. 48.  p412. This sentence also appears in Origin 4th