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Auguste-Henri (Auguste) Forel


Swiss entomologist, neuroanatomist, and psychiatrist. Studied the social insects (Hymenoptera). Noted for his investigations into the structure of the human brain and that of ants. Assistant physician at the Munich insane asylum in 1874. Professor of psychiatry, University of Zurich Medical School, and director of the Burghölzli Institute (Switzerland’s largest insane asylum), 1879.


Dictionnaire historique & biographique de la Suisse

Forel 1937


Dictionnaire historique & biographique de la Suisse. Under the direction of Marcel Godet et al. 7 vols. and supplement. Neuchâtel: Administration du Dictionnaire Historique & Biographique de la Suisse. 1921–34.

Forel, Auguste. 1937. Out of my life and work. Translated by Bernard Miall. London: George Allen & Unwin.