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Letter 12745

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, K. E. S.

8 Oct [1880]

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    Asks her to look for worm-castings in heath. Thinks heath conditions may be unfavourable. CD is sure Lucy would look with her, from her well-known affection for worms. Asks what sort of lantern Lucy used.


Oct 8th.

My dear Sophy,

Will you be so kind in any of your walks as to observe whether there any or many worm castings in the midst of Heath. It would be best to look where any grass-covered path crosses Heath, for if there are castings on the grass-covered paths or road & not amongst the Heath, it would show that heath is somehow unfavourable for worms. I ask because I find a memorandum in my notes, that ``there does not appear to be any worms amongst the Heath on Hayes common''.— If Lucy is with you, I know that she would readily look from her well-known affection for worms— I am also becoming deeply attached to worms.— Can Lucy remember what sort of lantern she used when she looked at the worms. We find that the light frightens them.

Give my best love to your Mother; I do hope that she is better

Yours affectionately | C. Darwin

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