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Letter 9782

Nevill, D. F. to Darwin, C. R.

26 [Dec 1874]

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    Would like to know the results of CD's Utricularia experiments.

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    A Brazilian love-bird, escaped from captivity, has been found in a robin's nest, apparently starved to death along with three young robins.


Dangstein. Petersfield


My dear Sir

If it would not be asking too much I should feel so grateful if at any time you would let me know the result of your labours on the Utricularia  I cannot address Dr Hooker just now and I am thirsting for further knowledge— You must always remember that if we can aid you with any plants we shall be delighted  I have been reading your sons articles in the Contemporary Review with the greatest interest— A lady near here had charge of two Brazilian love birds they escaped from their cage last June—and the other day one was found—almost a skeleton (nothing but the feathers) lying on its back in a Robins nest having turned the real mother out—as underneath the bird were the remains of 3 tiny Robins—evidently all starved to death by the foolish love bird not knowing how to find her food

I thought this anecdote might interest you and yet I am half afraid you might think it beneath your notice

believe me | Ys truly | D Nevill

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