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Darwin Correspondence Project

Ages 11-14

The Offer of a Lifetime


Darwin received an invitation to join a life-changing voyage but he almost didn't go. Would you?

How Dangerous was Darwin


Discover Darwin's dilemma and the background to an event that altered the course of scientific thinking

Doing Darwin's Experiments


Try out some of Darwin’s own experiments and compare the results with your own

Darwin and Religion

Religious Education 

Find out how Darwin's letters can shed light on what he believed

The Beagle Voyage

Cross Curricular

In 1831 Darwin embarked on a five year voyage that would change his life. Share some of his adventures

Darwin's Scientific Women

Cross Curricular

Explore the lives of women who helped Darwin to carry out his research 

Darwin and Slavery

Cross Curricular

Darwin's anti-slavery stance was strengthened by visiting slave plantations in Brazil. Read his accounts here