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Letter 9156

Wallace, A. R. to Darwin, C. R.

[19 Nov 1873]


Thinks CD’s son George would be more satisfactory than ARW for the work on Descent.


The Dell, Grays, Essex.

Wednesday morng.

Dear Darwin

Yours just received.f2 Pray act exactly as if nothing had beensaid to me on the subject. I do not particularly wish for thework, as besides being, as you say, tedious work, it involves aconsiderable amount of responsibility.f3 Still I am prepared to doany literary work of the kind, as I told Bates some time ago, &that is the reason he wrote to me about it.f4 I certainly thinkhowever that it would be in many ways more satisfactory to youif your son did it, & I therefore hope he may undertake it.f5

Should he however, for any reasons, be unable, I am at yourservice as a derniére ressortf6

In case my meaning is not quite clear, I will say positively, I willnot do it, unless your son has the offer & declines it.

Believe me | Dear Darwin | Yours faithfully | Alfred R. Wallace

DAR 106: B117



The date is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letters to A. R. Wallace, [18 November 1873] and 19 November[1873]. In 1873, 19 November was a Wednesday.
See letter to A. R. Wallace, [18 November 1873].
Wallace refers to the work needed to produce a second edition ofDescent, detailed in the letter to A. R. Wallace, 17 November 1873.
Wallace refers to Henry Walter Bates (see enclosure to letter fromH. W. Bates, 15 November 1873).
Wallace refers to George Howard Darwin; see letter toA. R. Wallace, [18 November 1873].
Derniére ressort: last resort (French).
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