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Letter 7394

Darwin, C. R. to Ogle, William

17 Dec [1870]


Thanks WO for valuable letter. Feels he need not trouble any more about platysma. If WO ever sees someone suffering great fear, CD asks him to observe the neck.

Hopes to visit WO when next in London.


Down | Beckenham | Kent S.E.

Dec. 17th

My dear Dr. Ogle

Absence from home has prevented me from thanking you before for yourlast to me very valuable letter. I think I need not trouble myselfmuch more about the Platysma.f1 If you shd. ever see any one sufferinggreat fear & can remember the point do look at the neck.— I willenquire what muscle my informant named when he spoke about thelongitudinal furrows.f2 I think Duchenne always speaks of transversefurrows.—f3

I have just been in London for 6 days for some rest, & intended callingon you; but days so short, & not much strength for what I was forced to do, thatI failed. I shall be up again in some 6 weeks or 2 months, & much hope thento see you.—f4 If at any time you write again, please tell me whether I may callearly & how early—

With very sincere thanks | Yours truly | C. Darwin

Postmark: DE 17 70
DAR 261.5: 5 (English Heritage 88205903)



CD stayed at his brother Erasmus Alvey Darwin’s house in London from 8 to 14 December 1870 (CD’s ‘Journal’ (Appendix II)). Ogle’s letter has notbeen found, but evidently related to their discussions of the platysmamyoides in November; see letters to William Ogle, 9 November 1870 and17 November [1870], and letter from William Ogle, [10–17 November1870]. See Expression, pp. 298–303.
See letter to William Ogle, 17 November [1870], and Expression,p. 298.
CD refers to Guillaume Benjamim Amand Duchenne and Duchenne 1862.
CD was next in London from 23 February to 2 March 1871 (CD’s‘Journal’ (Correspondence vol. 19, Appendix II)). CD and Ogleevidently did meet then; see Correspondence vol. 19, letter toWilliam Ogle, 7 March [1871].
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