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Letter 7113

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

18 Feb [1870]


Invites WDF to visit.

Describes activities of his children.


Down. | Beckenham | Kent. S.E.

Feb. 18th

My dear Fox

I was very glad to receive your letter with some news of yourself.f2We hope (but it is not quite certain) to be at 6. Q. Anne St on March 4th & stay a week there, & I shall be very glad to see you there onceagain.—f3 But if not, or indeed in any case, will you not come downhere & pay us a visit?— We shall all be heartily glad to see you.—From what I remember of Sandown, I can quite believe it the“temple of the winds”. This horrid cold has made me miserable: nothingwill keep me decently warm. I have resumed my rides, & am able to doa good deal of writing every day, but I never pass 6 hours withouta fit of extreme discomfort, & so I shall go on to the last of myuncomfortable days. Yet with all my discomfort I am very happy, thanksto my dear wife & good children.

They are all pretty well, but Georgef4is not strong, & I greatly fear he will find the Bar too severe work. Iregret this much for he is such an indomitable worker & has so clear ahead that I think he wd be very successful. He dined lately atMr Bristowe’s,f5 who has been very kind to him & advised him.— Ihope you will get to know William at Southampton, who flourishes in hisbusiness & has got a little House at Basset near the common.—f6 Frank, (nor 3) is going to be educated as a Doctor, & is goingnext year to try for Honours in the Science tripos.f7 Leonard is headman, ie, Divisional officer, at Woolwich, & will be sure of his commission asEngineer this time next year.—f8 Horace is rather an invalid, at atutor in Suffolk & has great mathematical aptitude, but isI fear too weak to do muchf9   Henrietta is staying in S. of France,partly for health & partly for pleasure, & Bessy alone is athome—f10

By Heavens I have told you enough about us all! One of Caroline’sdaughters is married to a clergyman, son of Judge Williams.f11

I hope we shall meet. Farewell my dear old friend. | Yours affectionately |Ch. Darwin

Isle of Wight Record Office (Ac 2008/79)



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from W. D. Fox, 15 February [1870].
See letter from W. D. Fox, 15 February [1870].
CD stayed with his brother, Erasmus Alvey Darwin, at 6 Queen Anne Street,London, from 5 to 10 March 1870 (CD’s ‘Journal’ (Appendix II)).
George Howard Darwin.
Probably Henry Fox Bristowe, Fox’s nephew.
William Erasmus Darwin was a banker in Southampton.
Francis Darwin was at Trinity College, Cambridge; he graduated withfirst class honours in the natural sciences tripos in 1870, and thenstudied medicine at St George’s Hospital, London (ODNB).
Leonard Darwin was at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, andwas commissioned in the Royal Engineers in January 1871 (RMA GentlemanCadet Register (RMAS archives, Sandhurst collection)).
Horace Darwin’s tutor was Rolla Charles Meadows Rouse.
Henrietta Emma Darwin was by this time in Italy (letter from H. E. Darwin toEmma Darwin, 1 February [1870] (DAR 245: 31)). CD also refers toElizabeth Darwin.
Caroline Sarah Wedgwood’s daughter Margaret Susan married Arthur CharlesVaughan Williams, the son of Edward Vaughan Williams, first judge ofcommon pleas.
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