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Letter 7107

Fox, W. D. to Darwin, C. R.

15 Feb [1870]


Hopes CD is coping with the very hard winter.


Broadlands | Sandown | I. Wight

Feb 15

My dear Darwin

It is so long since I have heard anything of you and yours, thatI trouble you with a few lines, which perhaps Mrs Darwin willanswer for you—to ask how you are this very trying Winter.We have all been here since October and are become quite settledhere, tho’ at present ⟨    ⟩ Delamere up,f2 and some ⟨    ⟩of us, possibly all—may go there in Summer.

We have all been laid up with this extraordinary cold weather.Sandown is a complete ⟨tem⟩ple full of the Winds, and this East onehas been very biting.

What was the accident from riding, which Mrs Darwin alluded to,with you. I hope you have quite got over it, and that it has not preventedyour riding as usual, as that seemed to do you so much good.f3

I hope Georgef4 got quite strong and well again.

I must try to make the acquaintance of your Banker Son at Southamptonf5when days get a little longer & brighter ⟨    ⟩ I never thoughtSou⟨thampt⟩on a very healthy ⟨p⟩lac⟨e⟩ ⟨    ⟩ I used to live in⟨those⟩ parts.

What old fellows we get— you however are the younger of the two.

I should very much enjoy seeing you again, are you likely to bein Town this Spring? I suppose I shall be there for a short time nextmonth, if able to go. How is Mrs Wedgwood— are her daughtersf6 ⟨    ⟩But I will not go on bothering your poor Head with questions. Give thisto Mrs Darwin & I shall feel immensely grateful if she will a⟨nswer⟩ it,when she has time, ⟨and⟩ will tell me all about ⟨    ⟩and your belongings.

In the meanwhile, with our kindest regards | Believe me |Ever your attached Friend | W. D Fox

DAR 164: 190



The year is established by the reference to CD’s riding accident(see n. 3, below).
Delamere Rectory, Northwich, Cheshire, was Fox’s previousresidence.
CD was thrown by his horse, Tommy, in April 1869 (Emma Darwin’sdiary (DAR 242)).
George Howard Darwin.
William Erasmus Darwin.
Caroline Sarah Wedgwood was CD’s sister; her daughters were Sophy Wedgwood,Margaret Susan Vaughan Williams, and Lucy Caroline Wedgwood.
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