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Letter 7096

Darwin, G. H. to Darwin, C. R.

[4 Feb 1870]


Believes he has found a quiet cob suitable for CD. Encloses a letter for CD to sign and send to the owner if he approves the idea.


14 Arlington St.


My dear Father,

I have just been having a ride on the cob that I told you of.f2I shd say that he is very little smaller than Tommy; he has got a verynice walk, trot & canter & is brisk tho’ extremely quiet—& unlesshe turns out differently I shd think he was the very animal for you.And now for the bad side— the price is 50 guineas & they wo’nt let himout for less than a month for wh. they charge 10 guineas (to be prepaid)& to be subtracted from the purchase money. But lest this shd scare youtoo much from trying him—if you find he is not suitable I wd takehim back to London & keep him on my own hook including share of 10-erfor the rest of the month & try how riding suited me.—f3 I havewritten a letter for you to sign (if you like) from wh. you will seethe arrangements I have made provisionally for his coming down.—If the waggonette is mouldering in the yard or if the horses happen tobe at Orpington Station at 5.50 tomorrow you may send to meet the4.12 train.

Your affectionate Son | George Darwin

The address is

Mr. Allenf4

70 Seymour Place

Bryanstone Square

I told Allen I wd let him know tomorrow so you must write by return.—

G. D

DAR 210.2: 15–16



The date is established by the date of the enclosure.
The horse that George describes here is apparently a different onefrom that described in his letter of [3 February 1870 or earlier].
The horse did not suit CD, and George kept him for the remainder ofthe month. George wrote to Henrietta Emma Darwin: ‘I have been movingheaven & earth to get a horse for Father— my plan was to go toRiding Schools & hire their quietest hack— as dealers won’t give atrial— I got one down that I thought wd do, but unfortly he turnsout as John say ‘too much of a orse for master’. He is a most charminglittle cob. As they wd only let him for a month & not less, I am goingto have the riding of him in town for the remaining fortnight. I havebeen doing all I can to stop Father riding Tommy, as I’m sure he’snot safe— but I’m afraid he’s going on at present.’ (Letter fromG. H. Darwin to H. E. Darwin, [21–2 February 1870] (DAR 251: 2243).)
Frederick Allen.
The enclosure is in George’s hand with amendments by CD.
A payment to Allen of £10 10s. is recorded in CD’s Accountbooks–banking account (Down House MS) on 5 February 1870.
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