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Letter 7091

Darwin, G. H. to Darwin, C. R.

[3 Feb 1870 or earlier]


Conveys some information on a quiet horse which CD may be able to purchase from a riding school.


Thursday evg.

My dear Father,

When I first went to the riding school I asked one of the men whetherhe thought they wd sell the horse & he said that he thought verylikely they wd.f2

But I believe they do not profess to sell & so perhaps if I was togo & ask first of all they might say plump out no—but if you hiredthe horse & liked it I think they wd most likely sell. If however youwd rather not hire without knowing certainly if they’d sell I will go& inquire.

The horse stands I shd guess about 12 a hand higher than Tommy & isup to a greater weight, but that you wd’nt mind. I rode her (its amare) for about 20 m. in the park; she has a canter like an armchairand a very fair walk—but is a little wooden in the trot—tho’not at all a high action.— Except Tommy I never rode a quieterhorse— certainly she does not go as entirely without the rein asTommy—but unless she changes when she gets to Down you wo’nt oftencome across a quieter beast. Of course I ca’nt really judge for you.—

DAR 210.2: 14


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