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Letter 7090

Darwin, G. H. to Darwin, C. R.

[1 Feb 1870 or earlier]


Discusses buying a horse [for CD].


14 Arl. St. | Picc.

My Dear Father,

I went to a horse dealers on Wednesday to see if they had anythingthat wd suit you, but the man assured me that no London dealer wdallow his horses to go on trial, but he told me the best way wdbe to hire a horse from a riding school & go on changing until youwere suited.f3

I went this mg. to the Grosvenor Riding School—where they keepabout fifty horses & I saw there a horse about 14.2 hands up to about12 stone & wh. was so quiet that it had been ridden by a blind man.

I think the best way wd be for me to take a turn in the park onthis or any other of their beasts wh. they think wd be suitable &then you to hire the one or ones I think best for a week or fortnight.I expect you wd have to pay rather higher than the value of the horseas the don’t profess to sell & they say that this beast is of greatvalue to the riding school for timid riders. We can talk over ittomorrow

Your affectionate son | G. H. Darwin

DAR 210.2: 13



The date is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from G. H. Darwin, [3 February 1870 or earlier], and on theassumption that this letter could not have been written on a Wednesday(2 February 1870 was a Wednesday).
Fourteen Arlington Street, Piccadilly.
George was trying to find a new horse for CD to replace Tommy, whohad thrown CD in April 1869 (letter from G. H. Darwin to H. E. Darwin,[21–2 February 1870] (DAR 251: 2243); Emma Darwin’s diary (DAR 242)).
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