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Letter 7049

Darwin, C. R. to Blore, E. W.

[Oct 1870 or later]


Horace Darwin wishes to have private tuition to help him pass the “Little Go” and so CD wonders if he might be excused College lectures for the present, to prevent undue strain.


Dear Sir

I hope that you will excuse the l. which I take in troubling you.—My son H.f2 has had bad health for several years, & partly in causeof this is extremely backward in Classics & many other subjects. Heis now much better but Dr Bence Jonesf3 not very long ago saidthat he must not work hard. My son has a strong taste & some capacityfor mathematics. I have [therefore much] fear that he will not be able to passhis little-gof4 & have advised him to get a private tutor for this sole object;but as he has a strong taste & some cap. for math. I have allowed him to attendMr Routh’s l but I doubt whether he will he will have strength or timefor both Private tutor & the College Lectures.f5 Under these peculiarcircumstances wd it be possible for you to excuse him at present attendanceat College Lectures.— I hope that you will forgive me for calling yourattention to my son’s case & that you will not think of answering this note;but inform my son what you may think right to do.— Dear Sir

DAR 96: 82


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