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Letter 6419

Wilson, Edward to Darwin, C. R.

14 Oct 1868

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    Encloses further replies from Australia to CD's queries on expression. Wilson's letter to CD enclosed the letter from Smyth with its enclosures (see S6314).


Hayes | Bromley, Kent.

14 oct 1868

My dear Mr Darwin

By the last Australian mail I received another budget of black fellows ``emotions'', which I now enclose to you. The purport of them seems to be that the manifestations of emotions are usually spontaneous & to a great extent uniform in spite of the vigorous shrugs of our friend the Frenchman

I am glad you were pleased with those last sent. My relatives address is Dyson Lacy Esq



Near Rockhampton


<    > writes that he has read your last book with the greatest pleasure & profit. Let your labours be cheered therefore with the reflection that your teaching soon reaches, & influences, even distant Aramac

I still hope for further observations on your queries from South Australia to which they were sent under good auspices but there seems to have been a little delay

With kind regards to Mrs Darwin & yr family I am Dear Sir | Yours very truly | Edw Wilson

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    Wilson enclosed the letter from R. B. Smyth, 13 August 1868; Smyth's letter included a number of responses from Europeans who had observed aboriginal Australians.
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    Wilson had forwarded the replies from Dyson Lacy; see letter from Dyson Lacy, [before 13 August 1868] and n. 2. The address was excised and pasted on to the bottom of the letter from Dyson Lacy, [before 13 August 1868]. For the location of Aramac, see the letter from Dyson Lacy, [before 13 August 1868], n. 21. The Barcoo is a river near Aramac.
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    Lacy evidently read CD's Variation.
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