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Letter 6211F

Darwin, C. R. to Henty, William

26 May 1868

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    Thanks WH for sending a table about sheep. Wishes to know if the sheep belonged to one or several breeds. Mr Harward, a breeder of shorthorns, has tried M. Thury's plan, and it failed.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

May 26 1868

Dear Sir

I am very much obliged for your kindness in sending me the table about the Sheep. This is a really valuable contribution. I am ashamed to trouble you, but its value wd be greatly enhanced if you cd find out for me whether the sheep belonged to one breed & its name, or to several breeds.

With respect to the other subject referred to in your letter, you may like to hear that I have lately been informed by Mr Harward, a large breeder of Shorthorns, that he tried M. Thury's plan, & that it quite failed.

With my best thanks, pray believe me dear Sir | yours faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    f1 6211f.f1
    See letter from William Henty, 23 May 1868.
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    f2 6211f.f2
    CD refers to John Harward and Marc Thury; see letter from John Harward, 15 May 1868 and n. 3.
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