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Letter 6004

Darwin, C. R. to Wrigley, Alfred

11 Mar [1868]

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    Regrets and apologises for a misunderstanding regarding Horace's leaving Clapham School. Is sure he wrote an earlier letter which AW evidently did not receive.


4 Chester [Place]

March 11th

My dear Dr W.

If the enclosed letter is the only one which I wrote, I am greatly to blame; but I certainly thought that I had written you a second letter either at the time or shortly before Horace returned to school at Christmas. I remember as distinctly as I can remember anything but my recollection may be faulty using the words ``after Easter'' ``with your permissions'', as I remember assuming from your letter that I h<ad> your permission.—

(If my memory has been fallacious I am of course indebted to you for a Quarter's notice) With respect to the cause of Horace's removal, I am perfectly satisfied with Clapham School & have very often rejoiced that I had sent our sons there.— But I have always been largely guided by my sons wishes & Horace for a considerable time has wished for the quieter life of a Private Tutor & thinks that he shd get on quicker; though on this latter head I have always much doubted nevertheless having much confidence in his judgement & knowing his disposition, I have not hesitated to indulge him.— I am extremely sorry that you shd for one moment suppose that the removal of Horace could for one moment be considered by any one as a censure on the Clapham School—

I remain | My dear Sir | Yours very

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from Alfred Wrigley, 9 March 1868.
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    See letter from Alfred Wrigley, 9 March 1868 and n. 1.
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    George Howard Darwin, Francis Darwin, and Leonard Darwin had all been pupils at Clapham Grammar School. For more on the education of CD's sons, see J. R. Moore 1977.
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