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Letter 5837

Fox, W. D. to Darwin, C. R.

3 Feb [1868]

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    Congratulates [G. H. Darwin] on being Second Wrangler.

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    Thanks CD for Variation.


Delamere Rectory | Northwich | Cheshire

Feb 3

My dear Darwin

It gave me almost as much pleasure to see your Son 2nd Wrangler as if he had been my own.

I did not at once write to congratulate you because I thought you would be burdened with letters, and now I have another cause for writing—viz to thank you for your kind present of your new Work, which I received on Friday last.

I have run it over with much satisfaction, and shall now proceed to ruminate it over at my leisure. It will be a great treat to me.

I have not written to you of late, because I feared to give you the trouble of a reply, which I thought would, in your health, be an annoyance.

I greatly rejoiced to hear from Erasmus, that you were much better than you had been. When next in Town, I shall write to ask if I can run down to you for a few hours. It would be a great pleasure to again see you.

I have not been very well of late. I fear I am threatened with Angina from the pain I often have. I have consulted 2 Medicos, who gave me exactly opposite advice, so am going upon my own plan, till I can take a 3rd Doctors advice.

We are all well— when quite at liberty I should much rejoice to hear of you and yours.

With kindest regards to Mrs Darwin, and most heartfelt congratulations upon her Sons success—

Ever dear Darwin | Yours affectly W D Fox

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    f1 5837.f1
    The year is established by the reference to George Howard Darwin's examination success (see n. 2, below).
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    f2 5837.f2
    George Darwin had achieved second place in the final examination for the mathematical tripos at Cambridge University in January (Cambridge University calendar); the position was known as `second wrangler'.
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    f3 5837.f3
    Fox refers to Variation; his name appears on CD's presentation list for the book (see Correspondence vol. 16, Appendix IV).
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    f4 5837.f4
    Erasmus Alvey Darwin.
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