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Letter 5802

Herbert, J. M. to Darwin, C. R.

26 Jan 1868

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    Congratulates CD on George's success.


Rocklands, | Ross.

26 Jany | 1868

My dear Darwin,

This morning's Post brought me the Times & the Tripos list; and I must send you and Mrs. Darwin a few lines of hearty congratulation on your son's brilliant success. It warms my old blood to know of my old friend's son achieving so great a triumph—and I sincerely hope that it is only the earnest of still greater distinction in his future career.—

Mrs. Herbert joins me in kindest regards to Mrs. Darwin & yourself and in wishing you both and all yours, many years of happiness—

Always, my dear old friend, | most faithy. yrs. | J. M. Herbert

Charles Darwin Esq

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    A notice showing that George Howard Darwin had gained second place in the final examination for the mathematical tripos at Cambridge University appeared in The Times, 25 January 1868, p. 6.
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    Mary Anne Herbert.
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