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Letter 5801

Bonham-Carter, Henry to Darwin, C. R.

26 Jan 1868

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    Congratulates CD on George's success at Cambridge.


91 Gloster Terrace | Hyde Park | W

26 January 68

Dear Mr & Mrs Darwin

I cannot refrain from writing a line to congratulate you on your son George's great success. As an old Cambridge man, (tho' only a Senior Op) I am able to appreciate the honour, & as a Trinity man it does one's heart good to see the old college so well represented.

Pray don't trouble to acknowledge this

Your's very truly | Henry Bonham Carter

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    George Howard Darwin had gained second place in the mathematical honours examination at Cambridge (Cambridge University calendar 1868).
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    Bonham-Carter entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1845. He achieved the rank of `senior optimes', the class below wranglers in the mathematical tripos, in 1849. George was also at Trinity. (Alum. Cantab.)
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