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Letter 5117

Henslow, George to Darwin, C. R.

11 June [1866]

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    Sends proofs [of "On hybridization among plants", Pop. Sci. Rev. 5 (1866): 304–13].

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    Regrets delay in returning CD's books.

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    Encourages CD to make "disparaging remarks".


10 Sth Crescent | Bedford Sq | W.C.

11th June.

Dear Mr Darwin

I greatly regret my carelessness in not writing again to tell you, I did not send the books, but have them still. The reason was, that when I took my M.S.S. to Hardwicke, he said he would put it in type immediately & send me the proofs in a few days. Then I thought, If that was the case, I had better keep the books till the Proof came, in case I might have to refer to them again: I did so, & hoping to get the proof, as he promised I did not write, but it only arrived on Saty. night last!

I am much obliged for your kindness in so readily acceding to my request to look over the sheets which I send enclosed. Please do not hesitate to make any disparaging comments you may think fit; or any suggestion you may deem desirable

I have added a little postscript for your consideration as to whether you would allow me to subjoin.

I should be obliged by the return of the proof at your earliest convenience as publishers are apt to get rather importunate sometimes!

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    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from George Henslow, 18 May 1866.
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    CD had lent Henslow books for an article on Charles Victor Naudin's research on hybridity (Henslow 1866b). See letter from George Henslow, 18 May 1866 and n. 2.
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    f3 5117.f3
    Robert Hardwicke was the publisher of Popular Science Review. The journal was published quarterly; Henslow's article appeared in the third issue for 1866.
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    See letter to George Henslow, 12 June [1866] and n. 3.
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