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Letter 4677

Jenner, William to Darwin, C. R.

21 Nov 1864

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    Has analysed CD's urine and suggests he omit the alkaline powders. Continues to prescribe iron phosphate.


8 Harley St. W

Novr. 21st. 1864

My dear Sir

I have had the urine analysed. You had better omit the alkaline powders for a little while. Especially the magnesia, must be avoided.

Continue the phosphate of Iron & phosphoric acid. After a fortnight let me know how you are & also let me have some more urine—

Yours very truly | Wm. Jenner

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    In his letter of 9 November 1864, Jenner had asked whether CD's urine was alkaline when passed, and had advised him to stop taking potash if it was. Magnesia was among the other alkalis that Jenner had prescribed for CD in March (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 13 April [1864] and n. 6).
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    See letter from William Jenner, 9 November 1864 and n. 1.
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