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Letter 4666

Jenner, William to Darwin, C. R.

9 Nov 1864

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    Prescribes "syrup of phosphate of iron". Requests a urine sample.


8 Harley St.

Novr 9th. 1864

My dear Sir

The preparation to which you refer is ``Syrup of Phosphate of Iron''— I think that as the turbidity continues you may find benefit from taking after each pill—10 drops of dilute phosphoric acid in water—

I would not advis<e> <    > to drink more water <    >   The Phosphoric acid (if <as> I suppose the turbidity of urine is as it was when I last saw it) will diminish & not produce the deposit.

I think you had better let me have a bottle of the urine & I will have it analysed—

Yours very truly | Wm. Jenner.

<Co>ntinue the phosphate <of> Iron.

Is the urine alkaline when passed? if so you must omit the potash from magn. soda & potash powder—

Your last was address 8 Gower St.

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    No letter from CD to Jenner on syrup of phosphate of iron has been found; however, CD had recently learned from Mary Elizabeth Lyell that dyspeptic symptoms might be relieved by the preparation (see letter to Asa Gray, 29 October [1864]). On syrup of phosphate of iron, see British pharmacopœia 1864, pp. 334--5, and Royle and Headland 1865, p. 156. For Jenner's discussion of CD's use of phosphate of iron, see the letter from William Jenner, 15 October and n. 2.
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    CD evidently took phosphate of iron in pill form.
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    Jenner had advised CD to drink little water when he first began treating him in March (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 13 April [1864] and n. 6).
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    For Jenner's last recorded examination of CD's urine, see the letter from William Jenner, 14 August 1864.
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    f5 4666.f5
    See letter from William Jenner, 21 November 1864.
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    Jenner had prescribed a combination of antacids, including chalk, magnesia, and carbonate of ammonia, in March (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 13 April [1864] and n. 6). Potash was an alkali used in the treatment of dyspepsia and gastric acidity (see Beasley 1865, pp. 392--7, and O. D. Owen 1868, p. 538).
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    Jenner resided at 8 Harley Street, Cavendish Square, London (Post Office London directory 1865).
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