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Letter 4548A

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, E. A.

30 June 1864

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    Has heard nothing about the Copley Medal. Is grateful for Hugh Falconer's interest [see 4546].

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    Supplies details about circumstances of his voyage on the Beagle.

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    Does not believe that his sea-sickness was the cause of his subsequent ill-health.

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    Encloses the requested list of publications [see 4550].



June 30th, 1864.

I had not heard a word about the Copley Medal. Please give Falconer my cordial thanks for his interest about me. I enclose the list of everything published by me except a few unimportant papers. Ask Falconer not to mention that I sent the list, as some one might say I had been canvassing, which is an odious imputation. The origin of the Voyage in the Beagle was that Fitz-Roy generously offered to give up half his cabin to any one who would volunteer to go as naturalist. Beaufort wrote to Cambridge, and I volunteered. Fitz-Roy never persuaded me to give up the voyage on account of sickness, nor did I ever think of doing so, though I suffered considerably; but I do not believe it was the cause of my subsequent ill-health, which has lost me so many years, and therefore I should not think the sea-sickness was worth notice. It would save you trouble to forward this with my kindest remembrances to Falconer.

[Enclosure: 1]


Journal of Researches during the Voyage of the Beagle 1831--36, published 1839 & 1845.

On the Connexion of certain Volcanic Phenomena in South America. Transact. Geolog. Soc. (read 1838)

On the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy. Phil. Transact. 1839

The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. 1842.

Geological Observations on Volcanic Islands. 1846.

Geological Observations on South America. 1846.

Notes on the Habits and Distribution of animals in the Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle 1840--1843.

On the Formation of Mould. Transact. Geolog. Soc.

On the Distribution of Erratic Boulders in South America. Transact. Geolog. Soc.

On the effects produced by the Ancient Glaciers of Caernarvonshire. Phil. Mag.

On the Geology of the Falkland Islands. Journal of Geolog. Soc.

On the Structure and Propagation of Sagitta. Annals of Nat. Hist.

Descriptions of several terrestrial and marine Planariae   Annals of Nat. Hist.

Monograph of Cirripedia. Lepadidæ. 1851.

Monograph of Cirripedia. Balanidæ. 1853.

Fossil Lepadidæ. Fossil Balanidæ. Palæontograph. Soc.

On the action of Sea-water on the germination of seeds. Journal Linn. Soc. 1856.

Origin of Species. 1859.

Fertilisation of Orchids. 1862.

On the two Forms of Primula. Journal Linn. Soc. 1862.

On the two Forms and their reciprocal sexual relations in Linum. Journal Linn. Soc. 1863.

On the sexual relations of the three Forms of Lythrum. Linn. Soc. 1864.

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    f1 4548a.f1
    See letter from E. A. Darwin, 27 June [1864]. CD was nominated for the Copley Medal at the meeting of the Council of the Royal Society, 23 June 1864 (Royal Society, Council minutes, 23 June 1864).
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    f2 4548a.f2
    The reference is to Hugh Falconer. See letter from E. A. Darwin, 27 June [1864].
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    f3 4548a.f3
    The reference is to Robert FitzRoy. See letter from E. A. Darwin, 27 June [1864] and n 7.
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    f4 4548a.f4
    Francis Beaufort.
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    f5 4548a.f5
    See letter from E. A. Darwin, 27 June [1864] and n. 6. In Origin, p. 1, CD had remarked that one of his reasons for publishing an `abstract', rather than a complete version, of his work on species, was that his health was `far from strong'.
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    f6 4548a.f6
    See letter from E. A. Darwin to Hugh Falconer, 2 July 1864.
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    f7 4548a.f7
    Journal of researches and Journal of researches 2d ed.
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    f8 4548a.f8
    `On the connexion of certain volcanic phaenomena, and on the formation of mountain-chains and volcanos, as the effects of continental elevations'. [Read 7 March 1838.] Proceedings of the Geological Society of London 2 (1833--8): 654--60. A revised version was published with the title `On the connexion of certain volcanic phenomena in South America; and on the formation of mountain chains and volcanos, as the effects of the same power by which continents are elevated' in Transactions of the Geological Society of London 2d ser. 5 (1840): 601--31 (Collected papers 1: 53--86).
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    f9 4548a.f9
    `Parallel roads of Glen Roy'.
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    f10 4548a.f10
    Coral reefs.
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    f11 4548a.f11
    Volcanic islands. This was published in 1844, not 1846.
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    f12 4548a.f12
    South America.
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    f13 4548a.f13
    Zoology. This was issued in nineteen numbers, between February 1838 and October 1843 (see Freeman 1977, pp. 26--31).
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    f14 4548a.f14
    `On the formation of mould'. [Read 1 November 1837.] Transactions of the Geological Society of London 2d ser. 5 (1840): 505--9 (Collected papers 1: 49--53).
  • +
    f15 4548a.f15
    `On the distribution of the erratic boulders and on the contemporaneous unstratified deposits of South America'. [Read 14 April 1841.] Transactions of the Geological Society of London 2d ser. 6 (1842): 415--31 (Collected papers 1: 145--63).
  • +
    f16 4548a.f16
    `Notes on the effects produced by the ancient glaciers of Caernarvonshire, and on the boulders transported by floating ice'. [Read before the Geological Society, 15 December 1841.] Philosophical Magazine 21 (1842): 180--8 (Collected papers 1: 163--71).
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    f17 4548a.f17
    `On the geology of the Falkland Islands'. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London. Proceedings of the Geological Society 2 (1846): 267--74 (Collected papers 1: 203--12).
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    f18 4548a.f18
    `Observations on the structure and propagation of the genus Sagitta'. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 13 (1844): 1--6 (Collected papers 1: 177--82).
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    f19 4548a.f19
    `Brief descriptions of several terrestrial Planariæ, and of some remarkable marine species, with an account of their habits'. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 14 (1844): 241--51 (Collected papers 1: 182--93).
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    f20 4548a.f20
    Living Cirripedia (1851).
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    f21 4548a.f21
    Living Cirripedia (1854).
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    f22 4548a.f22
    Fossil Cirripedia (1851) and (1854).
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    f23 4548a.f23
    `On the action of sea-water on the germination of seeds'. [Read 6 May 1856.] Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society (Botany) 1 (1857): 130--40 (Collected papers 1: 264--73).
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    f24 4548a.f24
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    f25 4548a.f25
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    f26 4548a.f26
    `Dimorphic condition in Primula'.
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    f27 4548a.f27
    `Two forms in species of Linum'.
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    f28 4548a.f28
    `Three forms of Lythrum salicaria'.
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