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Letter 4539

Oliver, Daniel to Darwin, C. R.

18 June 1864

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    Thanks for photograph.


18. VI. 1864

My dear Sir

I am very much obliged to you for the photograph.— I enclose the reference you request. I daresay—if you have not the book—we cd. lend you our copy a few days. It is a 30/- book, with coloured figures of very numerous seeds of Orchids, &c.—

I drew diagrams on Thursday. Unfortly. being the last meeting of the Session there was such a crowd of work,—including a Moa paper,—that yr. very valuable paper was not done justice to at the `reading'. No observation or criticism was made after it.

Yours very sincerely | D Oliver

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    f1 4539.f1
    Oliver had requested a photograph of CD after seeing the one that CD had sent to Hooker (see letter from Daniel Oliver, 14 June 1864).
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    The reference is to Beer 1863 (see letter to Daniel Oliver, 15 June [1864] and n. 5). The enclosure has not been found.
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    As CD had requested, Oliver drew diagrams to accompany CD's paper `Three forms of Lythrum salicaria', which was read at the Linnean Society on 16 June 1864 (see letter to Daniel Oliver, [c. 10 June 1864] and n. 3).
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    f4 4539.f4
    See letter to J. D. Hooker, 22 [May 1864] and n. 16. Oliver refers to `Notice of a nearly complete skeleton of a Dinornis, presented by Dr. Gibson to the Museum of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society' (Allis 1864). The moa was an extinct land-bird from New Zealand.
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