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Letter 4367

Jenner, William to Darwin, C. R.

[after 24 Nov] 1864

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    CD's urine is normal. He may take antacids for his stomach.


<    > 1864

Dear Sir

I have had the urine last sent analysed— it is quite natural— The turbidity on cooling is due merely to urates & indicates rather excess than deficiency of acidity— I see no objection to your taking when troubled with acidity of stomach a small dose of chalk-potash & ammonia <    > any magnesia— With <that> exception I advise you to abstain from all medicines for a short time—at any rate till you see how you are progressing.

Yours very truly | Wm. Jenner.

P.S. I think you may like to have the result of the analyses   In the event of your consulting anyone other than myself it may be of service— I paid 42/-- for the analysis—

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    f1 4367.f1
    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter from William Jenner, 24 November 1864.
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    Jenner had prescribed a variety of antacids for CD and was concerned that his urine was too alkaline (see letters from William Jenner, 9 November 1864, 21 November 1864, and 24 November 1864).
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    f3 4367.f3
    See letters from William Jenner, 9 November 1864 and n. 6, and 21 November 1864 and n. 1.
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    f4 4367.f4
    An entry from CD's Account book--cash account (Down House MS) records payment on 14 December 1864 of £2 2s. to Jenner for the analysis. The payment may have been for both the urine analyses performed in November (see letter from William Jenner, 21 November 1864).
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