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Letter 3903

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

6 Jan [1863]

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    Is pleased by CD's praise of his article.

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    Hugh Falconer's is certainly interesting.


15, Lombard Street. E.C.

6 Jan. /62

My dear Mr. Darwin

It would require a series of surly letters before I should think that you meant anything, but in this case I had not noticed it, but am glad that you should have thought so as it produced your kind letter received this morning.

I am very glad that you approve both of my articles & of the number generally, but we have not it seems to me enough variety. Falconer's article is certainly very interesting & capitally written. I wonder what you are thinking of doing about Owen?

Do get better & believe me | Yours affec | John Lubbock

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    f1 3903.f1
    The year is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter to John Lubbock, 4 January [1863]; Lubbock wrote `/62' in error.
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    f2 3903.f2
    In his letter to Lubbock of 4 January [1863], CD apologised for writing `surlily'.
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    f3 3903.f3
    Lubbock was one of the editors of the Natural History Review. The number for January 1863 contained two review articles by Lubbock ([Lubbock] 1863a and [Lubbock] 1863b), which CD praised in his letter to Lubbock of 4 January [1863].
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    f4 3903.f4
    Falconer 1863a was also published in the January 1863 number of the Natural History Review.
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    f5 3903.f5
    See letter to John Lubbock, 4 January [1863]. For CD's comments on the conduct of Richard Owen towards Hugh Falconer and others, and his intended action, see the letter to J. D. Hooker, 3 January [1863].
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    f6 3903.f6
    In his letter to Lubbock of 4 January [1863], CD wrote that he had been `miserably uncomfortable'. See also letter to J. D. Hooker, 3 January [1863], and letter to Hugh Falconer, 5 [and 6] January [1863].
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