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Letter 12742

Darwin, Horace to Darwin, C. R.

7 Oct 1880

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    Worm-castings. Encloses notes about worm activities at Gravetye Manor. 


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[Enclosure: 1]

Sep 10th. 1878

N Gravetye Manor.

I was told that the S.W. corner of the house had settled, & I went into the cellar to see if I could see any worms at work. I found a good many at work between the stones  they were small castings. The floor was damp. & I believe water lodges sometimes or rather used to lodge there, there are drains made in the floor. I only found castings near the S.W. corner, the floor having been repaved over a good piece of the cellar. There was a root between the stones in one place. In some other parts of the pavement it was possible to force anything down between the stones for a few inches, there being nothing between them or only very loose earth. The ground had been opened at the S.W. corner outside the house to a depth of about 4 feet to see if anything could be found out about the sinking but with what result I do not know.



This section shows the start of a paving stone next to the wall, which I thought at first might be due to the worms, but I think it most likely it is not so, because the floor has gutters in it, & there is one running parallel to this wall about 14' from it, and a little beyond the point where the section is taken, hence this stone might have been placed in the position in which I found it, so as to form the beginning of the gutter.

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