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Letter 12697

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, G. H.

23 [Aug 1880]

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    Asks GHD to decipher a letter [in German] he has received with a book: The Bible in science.

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    Enjoyed his stay in Cambridge extremely.




My dear George

You are a dead hand at decyphering: will you try & make out something of enclosed letter.— Frank has utterly failed. The bothering man has sent me a German book on ``The Bible & Science''.—

I enjoyed my stay at Cambridge extremely—more than anything for a very long time.—

Your affect Father | C. Darwin

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    The date is conjectured from CD's letter to Francis Darwin, 11 August [1880], and the description of a trip to Cambridge in Emma Darwin (1904) 2: 240, as CD has merely written the date as ``23d''. However, ``Aug'' has been written before this, and ``80'' after, in different ink. The handwriting in which these amendations were made is believed to be George Darwin's.
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    See also letter to Francis Darwin, 11 August [1880].
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