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Darwin Correspondence Project

From W. B. Tegetmeier   20 July 1869

The Field. | 346, Strand, | London, W.C.

July 20 1869

My dear Sir

I send you by this post a Field with an engraving of the crested Turkey and enclosed are one or two of the crest feathers.1

I am afraid I shall not do any good with the breed this season though I have nine eggs now incubating.

I enclose you some notes as to hereditary colours in Greyhounds   they are by a very good authority. (Mr C M Browne) on whom I can rely2

Also about the colour of the young of Sebright bantams.3

Also a letter from Major Holland an amateur writer who figures—‘serene gossip’— The letter was not written for you to see but as it contains a fact? new to me I send it to you   Please return it—as I should not like the letter which is rather equivocal to get into strange hands.4

I am going I hope to America in October, to stay about two months.— I shall ask you to give me a letter of credit if you are so disposed.

I know the value of an introduction from you in the United States. for Prof Shepherd5 of Amherst College Mass.. once sent me a most elegant flower vase, in return for two or three of your letters which he requested me to give him—. If I take over all the letters I have received from you and exchange them for green backs I shall return a millionaire.

Sincerely trusting you are improving in health | Believe me truly yours | W B Tegetmeier

Please dont trouble yourself to reply unless you have any thing special to write to me about


〈Effor〉t a fawn dog by Larriston 〈    〉 〈fa〉wn got most of his puppies 〈of th〉at color. He was 〈    〉 J〈  〉 last 〈  〉 the 〈    〉 in, the 〈    〉 Bedlam〈i〉te bring 〈    〉 on owner over sixteen hundred pounds 〈    〉 his services.6

〈Mr〉 Randells Black dog Ranter by Bedlamite 〈out of Black〉 fly was another Stud Greyhound 〈who〉 got most of his puppies, if not all, 〈b〉lack.7

Retribution by David (Lord Uffington’s) 〈was〉 a handsome brindle and got his puppies mostly of that color.8

Mr Browne’s Bedlam〈ite〉, no ma〈tter〉 〈wh〉at color the bitches he served, he 〈almost〉 〈inv〉ariably 〈got〉 all his puppies black. 〈    〉 preponderance of 〈    〉 on the sire a〈nd〉 Brewer9 own brother 〈    〉 them mostly fawns.

At the Scottish National Club t〈  〉 March 25/65 Mr J L Ewing h〈ad〉 a dog Leonardo running marked blac〈k〉 and tan for all the world like 〈a〉 black and tan English terrier. There was no reason either on sire or dam side for the color.10

CD annotations

1.1 〈Effor〉t … services. 1.3] ‘Pedig’ pencil del pencil; ‘Important | Pedigree & [Profile] | Preponderant [transfer]pencil
1.3 services.] closing square bracket red crayon follows
2.1 Randells … 〈b〉lack. 2.2] ‘Ranter’ pencil
3.1 Retribution … color. 3.2] ‘Transmission of colour’ pencil
5.1 At … color. 5.3] crossed, double scored pencil; ‘good | Black & Tan Greyhoundpencil
Top of enclosure: 2 words illeg, pencil
End of enclosure: ‘Mr C. M. Browne (case sent on by Mr Tegetmeier | man to be trusted’ pencil


CD’s copy of the article on the crested turkey (Field, 17 July 1869, p. 46) is in DAR 193: 39 together with three feathers (see plate on p. 333). See also letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 2 July [1869] and n. 4.
C. M. Browne has not been identified.
Most of the enclosure has not been found, but it was evidently written by Edward Hewitt. CD returned part of the enclosure with his letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 21 July [1869] in order to clarify the meaning of a word. In Tegetmeier’s The poultry book (Tegetmeier 1867, pp. 241–7), most of the information on Sebright bantams had come from Hewitt.
CD evidently returned the letter (see letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 21 July [1869]). Major Holland has not been identified.
Charles Upham Shepard.
The references are to the greyhound dog ‘Effort’, his sire ‘Larriston’ and his maternal grandsire ‘Bedlamite’ (see J. H. Walsh 1875, p. 457).
The references are to the greyhound dog ‘Ranter’, his sire ‘Bedlamite’ and dam ‘Black Fly’ (see J. H. Walsh 1875, p. 475). Mr Randell has not been further identified.
The references are to the greyhound dog ‘Retribution’ and his sire ‘David’ and William Augustus Frederick Craven, Viscount Uffington (see J. H. Walsh 1875, p. 456; see also, accessed 23 June 2008).
‘The Brewer’ was a brother of ‘Effort’ (see above, n. 6; see also J. H. Walsh 1875, p. 451).
‘Leonardo’ is described in pedigree records as black. His sire, ‘Loadstar’, was fawn and his dam, ‘Joan of Arc’, was white and red (, accessed 23 June 2008). His owner and breeder, James L. Ewing, has not been further identified.


Sends C. M. Browne’s notes on transmission of colour in greyhounds [see Variation, 2d ed., 2: 40]

and a letter from Major Holland.

WBT to visit America.

Letter details

Letter no.
William Bernhard Tegetmeier
Charles Robert Darwin
Sent from
The Field , London, Strand, 346
Source of text
DAR 178: 81
Physical description
3pp, encl Amem 4pp damaged †

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Darwin Correspondence Project, “Letter no. 6837,” accessed on 21 July 2019,

Also published in The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol. 17