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Letter 9914F

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

5 Apr [1875]

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    Expresses concern about the "coolness" between CD and [G. S.] Ffinden in regard to the Infant School.


15, Lombard Street, E.C.

5 April

My dear Mr. Darwin

Having occasion to write to Mr. Ffinden about another matter, I incidentally expressed my regret at the coolness between you, & my conviction that it must arise from some misapprehension on his part.

In reply Mr. Ffinden expressed his regret that there should be any want of harmony between himself & one ``so highly gifted both intellectually & morally,'' but he refers to two matters, the first being your having written to the education department about the school, which he considered an intentional slight. The second was that you ordered five pounds worth of repairs to the Infant school whereas the Committee only sanctioned an expenditure of £4, & he thinks that in this also you intended to slight him.

I have already assured him that as regards the first case I was sure that you intended no discourtesy, & I understand that if you confirm this he would be quite satisfied in his mind on that point.

I need hardly say that as regards his second complaint I am equally sure that there is some misapprehension, & I should be very glad if I could be the means of restoring harmony for the present state of things must be very unpleasant to you, & far from advantageous to the Parish.

I hope you will not think I have been interfering in the matter, & I should be very glad if you would let me know how the matter as regards the Infant school really stands.

I hope you are better for your visit to London

Believe me | Yours most sincerely | John Lubbock

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