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Letter 981

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, Emma

[25 June 1846]

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    CD has been stomachy and sick, but not very uncomfortable.

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    Working on proofs [of South America] and cannot keep printer supplied with manuscript.

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    His thoughts of her, and news of the children who are at Down with him.



Thursday afternoon

My dear wife

Today has been stormy & gloomy, but rather pleasant in the intervals, only I have been stomachy & sick again, but not very uncomfortable; I will take blue-pill again. A proof has come from the Printers & saying the Compositor is in want of M.S. which he cannot have & I am tired & overdone I am ungracious old dog to howl, for I have been sitting in summer-house, whilst watching the thunder-storms, & thinking what a fortunate man I am, so well off in worldly circumstances, with such dear little children, & such a Trotty, & far more than all with such a wife. Often have I thought over Elizabeths words, when I married you, that she had never heard a word pass your lips, which she had rather not have been uttered, and sure am I that I can now say so & shall say so on my death-bed,—bless you my dear wife.—

Your very long letter of Monday has delighted me, with all the particulars about the children—how happy they seem: I will forward it to Caroline, though twice it has “my dearest N.”.— Trotty is quite charming, though I am vexed how little I am able to stand her: somehow I have been extra bothered & busy; this morning I sent off five letters.—

Lady L. has asked me to meet on Saturday the old Griffin & the Browns, & I have accepted it doubtfully, though I do not think I shall have the heart to go.—

Remember I go to London on Monday— You do not say how Jane is.—

Trotty has just said “that rascal has not gone into Garden”—so I asked whom do you mean? “Georgy, cause he ps so”

Your affect. | C. D.

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    f1 981.f1
    A notation on the letter in Emma's hand reads ‘June 1846 when I was at Tenby’. CD's reference to a London trip can only mean that of 29 June recorded in his Account Book (Down House MS) on 1 July.
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    The early parts of South America were being set up at this time.
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    f3 981.f3
    Henrietta Emma Darwin. The nickname ‘Trotty’ was taken from the nickname for Toby Veck in Charles Dickens' The chimes (London, 1845 [1844]).
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    f4 981.f4
    A sentiment repeated in Autobiography, p. 96.
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    f5 981.f5
    CD referred to himself as Emma's ‘Nigger’. The letter was presumably sent on to Caroline Wedgwood, CD's sister, who had married Emma's brother Josiah.
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    f6 981.f6
    Harriet Lubbock.
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