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Letter 9753

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

11 Dec 1874

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    Cannot help with Pinguicula or Utricularia. Mrs Mary Treat is studying Utricularia.

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    Forwards his short piece on duration of varieties [New York Tribune 8 Dec 1874; Am. J. Sci. 3d ser. 9 (1875): 109–14].


Botanic Garden, Cambridge, Mass.

Dec. 11 1874.

My Dear Darwin,

I must be owing you an answer to more than one note, and an apology for being able to do nothing, as I fear, to help you as to either Pinguicula or Utricularia—tho. I tried, by addressing correspondents.

I should have thought that I had appealed to Mrs. Treat of New Jersey, about Utricularia. But I now find that she has taken up Utricularia, as she says, out of her own head. I suppose she is fairly to be relied on—is certainly trustworthy, and very enthusiastic.

The best good wishes for Xmas & New Year to you and yours,—and much good work may you get off this coming year, & later, and pray bring out your Drosera & Dionæa paper.

My wife adds affectionate regards. It would do her good to have one of those hearty laughs with you.

But, alas, we are indeed sad, inexpressibly grieved & bleeding at heart for poor dear Hooker in his bereavement.

You like to glance at little things I throw off, now & then—especially when, as generally happens, your name gets lugged in.

I send—through Hooker, a piece of blurred newspaper sheet, the agricultural side of N. Y. Tribune, in which I have popularly discussed the duration of varieties. It would please me to think you thought it worth reading through.

Affectionately Yours | Asa Gray

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