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Letter 9692

Treat, Mary to Darwin, C. R.

22 Oct 1874

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    Observation on the limitations on the power of digestion in Dionaea.


Vineland, New Jersey,

Oct. 22, 1874.

Dear Mr. Darwin,

My observations on Dionaea are now completed and ready for publication. I am afraid I have delayed too long in giving you the desired information with regard to the leaf catching more than one insect.

Several leaves caught successively, three insects each, but most of them were not able to digest the third fly; but died in the attempt.

Five leaves digested, each three flies, and closed over the fourth, but died soon after the fourth capture.

Many leaves did not digest even one large insect.

I will try to send you my observations when published.

Respectfully yours | Mary Treat.

I read Dr Hooker's admirable address on ``Carnivorous Plants'', in Nature with much interest.

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    This letter is not yet published in the edition of The correspondence of Charles Darwin; it is due to appear in volume 22. The text is being made available here ahead of print publication as part of the `Darwin and Gender' project funded by The Bonita Trust.
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