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Letter 966

Hooker, J. D. to Darwin, C. R.

[11–15 Apr 1846]

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    Hugh Falconer gives no specific objections to Forbes's views.

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    Botanical contrast between Cape of Good Hope and the rest of Africa is as strong as that between Australia and India.

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    Wishes CD would leave off snuff.


myself entirely on your resources.

I have no time at present to answer your last long & xcellent letter.

Falconer gives me no specific objections to Forbes views.

Nothing can be Botanically so strong as the contrast between Cape & Rest of Africa, it is as strong as between Australia & India I should think.

Minute palpi legs & jaws &c cannot be an affaiblissement of legs, for in your old friend Chiasognathus the legs, Maxillæ & Palpi are all enormous for the tribe: there are surely plenty of other instances in < >

< > made you leave off Snuff if even for a week. It is always astonishing to me that you can go on with it; when it is to you so decided a stimulant. Do pray knock it off altogether. I am sure you will be much better if you do; it must hurt you, & is growing a 2d nature.

I have only a steel pen & can hardly form my letters with it.

Ever yours most truly | Jos D Hooker.

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    f1 966.f1
    This fragment is the only remaining part of Hooker's reply to the letter from CD on 10 April [1846].
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