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Letter 9633

Nevill, D. F. to Darwin, C. R.

[11 Sept 1874]


Has sent the Utricularia with the bladders that CD described.

In Variation CD does not mention a rare breed of Siamese cat, which she owns.

Asks for another photograph.


Dangstein | Petersfield


My dear Sir

The Utricularia was dispatched yesterday   it had the bladdersas you described to me so I hope it may prove useful to you—f2I see in your interesting work of “Animals and plants” onthe Cats you make no mention of The Siamese breed of which I possessalmost the only specimenf3   he is just like an Otter with a brown furcoat and a beauty— I am not much in L during the winter but if you willdo me the great pleasure of calling on me I would bring him upand show him to you— Years ago you sent me Photo of yourself—whichI have framed and hung up—f4 it would gratify me so much if youwould send me another with your signature   I should value it mosthighly   Any thing else I can supply you with I shall behappy to do so

Ys | very truly | D Nevill

The Utricularia can be treated in the same manner as the Droseraf5

a small carte de visite would please me best the other one wasa large one

DAR 172: 19



The date is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter to D. F. Nevill, 11 September [1874]. In 1874, 11 September was a Friday.
Nevill refers to Utricularia montana, an epiphytic bladderwort; see letters toD. F. Nevill, 7 September 1874 and 11 September [1874] andn. 2. Utricularia montana is a synonym of U. alpina.
CD discussed domestic cats in Variation 1: 43–8.
See Correspondence vol. 10, letter from D. F. Nevill, [c. 14 March 1862].
See letter from D. F. Nevill, 8 [September 1874] and n. 2.
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