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Letter 9606

Harrison, L. C. to Darwin, C. R.

[22 August 1874]


Sends specimens of Pinguicula with insects adhering. [See Insectivorous plants, p. 369.]


Rathmullen | Letterkenny | Co Donegal

Dear Uncle Charles

I was delighted yesterday to find some Pinguicula at last.I send some leaves with insects adhering in tin box. They arein alternate layers with moss. They were growing in a bog on ahillside among heath, sphagnum moss, Anagallis tenella, bogasphodel, Ranunculus &/c—f2 I saw no seeds for certain. I dare sayI may be able to get at some more if those are not carefully enoughpacked or you want to know anything more. I will look out for theseeds.

Just Post time | In great haste | Your affte niece | Lucy Harrison

Out of 157 leaves examined

70 had 1 or more insects adhering

87 had none

(This was done rather roughly)

There were several live aphids walking about without being caught

Endorsement: ‘Aug 22d
DAR 58.1: 81–2



The year is established by the relationship between this letter andthe letter from L. C. Harrison, [1 July 1874]. The date is established by theendorsement.
In Insectivorous plants, pp. 369–70, CD cited ‘a friend’ forobservations on Pinguicula (butterwort) in Donegal, Ireland.Anagallis tenella is the European bog pimpernel; Ranunculus is thebuttercup. Bog asphodel is Narthecium ossifragum; heath (heather) isprobably Erica or Calluna.
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