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Letter 9505

Darwin, C. R. to Treat, Mary

22 June 1874

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    Will soon publish on insectivorous plants; asks for a particular observation on Dionaea.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

June 22nd 74

My dear Madam

I am very much obliged for your extremely interesting letter, & I am glad to hear that you are studying Dionæa in so earnest a manner. My observations on cultivated plants are now complete, and I shall publish them in six or nine months; though they will be of little value compared with those made on the plant in its own country. As you kindly offer me information, I should very much like to hear about one point. Dr Canby says that the same leaf will catch 2 or 3 insects successively. Now I find with cultivated plants that a leaf which has once caught a good sized insect, though it will open & remain so for a considerable time, has so little power of movement that it most rarely is able to catch a second insect or to close over any object. I should very much like to be able to say, that the truth is on this head. I remain dear Madam | with my best thanks | Yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    This letter is not yet published in the edition of The correspondence of Charles Darwin; it is due to appear in volume 22. The text is being made available here ahead of print publication as part of the `Darwin and Gender' project funded by The Bonita Trust.
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