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Letter 9414

Darwin, C. R. to Dohrn, F. A.

16 Apr 1874

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    Has written to J. Murray to have account of the Zoological Station inserted in the Murray guidebook.

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    The circular about the Station has been printed; some have already signed.

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    Received R. Kossman's paper on Anelasma ["Untersuchungen über die durch Parasitismus hervorgerufenen Umbildungen in der Familie der Pedunculata", Verh. Phys.-med. Ges. Würz. N. F. 5 (1874): 129–57]. The case is the most interesting ever recorded of gradation, i.e., from an animal with a stomach to one with roots like a plant.

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    Delighted he will examine the complemental males of Scalpellum.


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