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Letter 933

Darwin, C. R. to Sowerby, G. B., elder

[3 Dec 1845]

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    Suggests location of lost shell specimens.


Down Bromley Kent


My dear Sir

I am sorry you have had so many notes to write.—

I send the Pecten centralis & germinatus & Terebratula variabilis(?) from P. St. Julians. (also Terebratula variabilis(?) from S. Josef) Also a few specimens from S. Cruz, which I suspect I somehow overlooked the other day when I was with you. You will be able to see by comparing them with the M.S.

I also send some large Pectens, which were collected on board the Beagle, but I do not know where, but strongly suspect from P. St. Julians; they may aid you.—

I have all my Tertiary shellshere, & I have looked through them all & the two Turritellæ are not amongst them.— I know I intended to leave them with you. I now remember which Box they were in, when I brought them to your house, & they are not in it now.— I fear they must have got mingled with the other Turritellæ. I believe I remember that one was in a very small paper parcel. It will be most vexatious if they are lost.— I think all the Turritellæ were put together. Can you tell by examining by the matrix, whether two specimens from two places have not been put in one lot.— I shall be very much grieved if they do not turn up.— I have looked so carefully they must be somewhere at your house.

My dear Sir | Yours very Faithfully | C. Darwin

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