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Letter 9258

Darwin, C. R. to Huxley, T. H.

29 Jan [1874]

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    Discusses THH's account of the séance. CD convinced all are fraudulent.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

Jan. 29th

My dear Huxley

It was very good of you to write so long an account. Though the seance did tire you so much it was, I think, really worth the exertion, as the same sorts of things are done at all the seances, even at Crookes; & now to my mind an enormous weight of evidence would be requisite to make one believe in anything beyond mere trickery.— It is a very significant fact that William now regularly goes to Crookes.— I am pleased to think that I declared to all my family the day before yesterday, that the more I thought of all that I had heard happened at Queen Anne St, the more convinced I was that it was all imposture.— I would not have believed that H. Wedgwood would so easily have been humbugged: my theory was that Williams managed to get the two men on each side of him to hold each others hands, instead of his, & that he was thus free to perform his antics— I am very glad that I issued my ???? to you to attend

Yours affecty | Ch. Darwin

George is as much pleased at the result as I am—& attributes all the success to you

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