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Letter 9208

Stanley, M. C. to Darwin, C. R.

[16 November 1871]

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    W. Crookes's article ["Enquiry into phenomena called spiritual", Q. J. Sci. n.s. 4 (1874): 77–97] "staggers" her. Would like to know CD's opinion.


Holwood | Beckenham

Thursday Evg

Dear Mr Darwin

I could not lose a moment on my return home—& read the article most eagerly. You will be obliged to believe that Mr Crookes has ``a craze''. It staggers me a good deal.—but I know that my imagination is apt to overpower my judgment!—

I wish I had seen you after you had read the article. I shd. have liked so much to hear what effect it produced on you!—

Yrs very sincerely | M C Derby

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