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Letter 908

Darwin, C. R. to Murray, John (b)

27 Aug [1845]

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    Has finished MS for second edition of Journal of researches. Instructs JM regarding author's copies, and woodcuts; asks to be informed if volume sells well.


Down Bromley Kent

Aug 27th

My dear Sir

I returned everything to the Printers on Tuesday night.— I am much obliged for your note: the method by which you propose to pay me the 150£ will suit me, and I will acknowledge the note whenever I receive it.—

Will you please particularly to see, that one of my 12 copies is sent not later than Monday to Mr Lyell at 16 Hart St.; as he wishes to take it to America with him on Tuesday.—

Please to send the other 11 copies to Mr Bain's 1. Haymarket my Bookseller & Binder (marking outside copies for Mr Darwin) not later than Tuesday or Wednesday night.

With respect to the Woodcuts: that of the Lizard to be put back to Mr Lyell's Elements: four of them are your property, viz. that at p. 15/ p. 137/ p. 236/ p. 246/. All the remaining ones, please see carefully packed & returned to me, (if done with by Tuesday with the Books to Mr Bain; if not then done with, directed to me at the Geological Soc: Somerset House; marked “not to be forwarded”.): Should you ever want a reprint; I can have no doubt, that I can borrow them from Mrs Smith & Elder again.—

I am much obliged for the pleasant manner, in which you have transacted the business with me.—

I beg as you as an especial favour, that should my volume sell well, that you will take the trouble to inform me; both to gratify my vanity, as Author, & what I care equally for, that I may know, that you have had no cause to repent undertaking this little work.

Believe <me my d>ear Sir | Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin
J. Murray Esqre P.S. Should you ever wish to publish old Books of Travel; I strongly recommend you to think of Hearne's Travels, (strongly praised by Wordsworth); they are to my mind admirable & little known.— Drury's Madagascar is also little known for its merits—

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    f1 908.f1
    Three of the original woodcuts for the first edition, which John Murray had presumably obtained from Henry Colburn, with one further woodcut of the scissor-beak bird (Rhynchops nigra) made at Murray's expense (see letter to John Murray, [31 May 1845]).
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    f2 908.f2
    The remaining woodcuts were borrowed from Smith, Elder & Co., the publishers of Coral reefs and Volcanic islands. See letters to John Murray, [31 May 1845] and [27 July 1845].
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    f3 908.f3
    Hearne 1795.
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    f4 908.f4
    In the headnote to ‘The complaint of a forsaken Indian woman’, which appeared originally in William Wordsworth's Lyrical ballads (1798).
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    f5 908.f5
    Drury 1729.
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