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Letter 906

Darwin, C. R. to Hooker, W. J.

[25 Aug 1845]

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    Encloses a testimonial letter for J. D. Hooker [see 907]. If WJH thinks the letter could be improved CD will alter it. Feels it a disgrace that a professor should be appointed by men "who never heard of Humboldt & Brown".


Down. Bromley | Kent

Monday Morning

Dear Sir William

I beg of you, as the most particular kindness, that if the enclosed letter can anyway be improved, that you will kindly return it to me.— I cd have made it, with entire truth, stronger, but I thought the effect wd not have been so good. Would you like it shorter? or not addressed to you?

I am sure you will believe, that if my letter was to be shown to a body of scientific men, I wd not have dreamed of giving my opinion so authoritavely & presumptuously.

The only possible good my letter can do, is adding one more in number.—

I most cordially wish your son success, though at the heavy loss to me of his residence in Edinburgh. His correspondence has been to me the greatest pleasure & use.

What a disgrace it is to our Institutions, that a Professor shd be appointed by a set of men, who never heard of Humboldt & Brown.—

I shall have to write to your son in a few days & to thank him for some lynx-eyed corrections of two sheets of Journal, which he looked over.

Believe me | Yours faithfully & obliged | C. Darwin

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    f1 906.f1
    Date taken from the enclosure, see letter to W. J. Hooker, 25 August 1845 (calendar number 907).
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    f2 906.f2
    See letter to W. J. Hooker, 25 August 1845 (calendar number 907).
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    The appointment to the professorship at Edinburgh was in the power of the Town Council.
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