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Letter 88

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

[27? Nov 1830]

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    CD reading very hard for his examination.

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    Too busy for beetles.

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    Trusts WDF will be in orders by Christmas.



My dear Fox

After a good deal of hunting they found at Prof. Henslows house a box containing the various articles you mention, & if they will all go in, I will send them off to day. Your prints must be kept till some other time, also the beetle stick.—

Our accounts stand thus, &c &c left unpaid at Henslows } 14 . 6

including Lens } Brett. case & packing up 13 . 6 Mrs Field 2 ` 3 . 6


£3 ' 11 . 6


5 Balance, on my side, £1 ` 8 ' 6

I am reading very hard, & have spirits for nothing. I actually have not stuck a beetle all this term.— Young Hey does go to Henslow evening parties.—

I am very glad to hear that there is some chance of your coming up to Cambridge.— I shall be delighted to see you, but I hope it will be after examination is over, as I am far too much plagued to enjoy any thing at present.— I trust after your numerous delays that you really will be in orders by xst.mas, & that I shall really pay you a visit in the Spring.—

I have nothing more to write about. You must put down my short letters to the right account.—stupidity | & believe me, My dear Fox | Yours most truly | C. Darwin

You have no occasion to make speeches about giving me trouble I shall be most ready at all times to do anything I can, for you.

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