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Letter 875

Darwin, C. R. to Murray, John (b)

[4 June 1845]

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    Obliged to JM for acceding to request for an additional £50 [for Journal of researches, 2d ed.]. Will reconsider title when type is set up. Gives up the map. Writes about other details of publication.


Down Bromley Kent


Dear Sir

I am exceedingly obliged for the manner in which you have acceeded to my request for the additional 50£.

I will reconsider the title when set up; at present I can think of no improvement.

I give up the map: I will direct the woodcut to be delivered to you. I do not suppose I shall want others.

I presume the proofs are to be returned by me direct to the Printer, who must send me his address.

I ought to have stated that my calculation of contents viz 168 or 169 pages in this number, & about 160 in next has been founded on the size of pages & kind of type used in Father Ripa.

Your's very faithfully | C. Darwin

I will put the running Headings as you require

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    f1 875.f1
    Ripa 1844. A title that appeared in Murray's Colonial and Home Library.
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