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Letter 8664

Darwin, C. R. to Maynard, C. J.

7 Dec [1872–3]


CD sends a better photo for CJM.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent.

Dec. 7th

Mr Darwin begs leave to send a better photograph & one somewhat less ugly, & hopes that Mr Maynard will tear up the one sent. & now returned.f2

Barbara and Robert Pincus (private collection)



The year range is established by the printed stationery, with theaddress in the centre; CD used this type of notepaper from January 1872 until November 1874.
The photograph that CD sent has not been identified, but he sat forOscar Gustaf Rejlander in April 1871 and probably ordered some of thephotographs in August 1871 (Correspondence vol. 19, letter toElliott & Fry, 23 April [1871]; CD’s Classed account books (Down HouseMS)). Prior to this, he had been sending out a very poor photograph ofhimself (see Correspondence vol. 19, letter to Hinrich Nitsche, 25 April [1871]). In Descent 2: 28, CD had drawn on Maynard’sobservations on the mud-turtle (Chrysemys picta) of the UnitedStates. Both the letter and photograph are pasted into a copy ofDescent.
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