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Letter 84

Darwin, C. R. to Fox, W. D.

[8 Sept 1830]

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    Very sorry to hear bad news of Mrs Fox.

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    Shooting not good, but has done some entomology.

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    Has enjoyed Maer.

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    Has a horse which he thinks will make a very good hunter.




My dear Fox

I cannot help writing a few lines to say how very sorry I am to hear such bad news about Mrs. Fox, & to beg of you to write to me very soon to me again to say how she is going on.— And I most sincerely hope to receive a favourable account.— I return to Shrewsbury on Friday: soon after which I shall expect a letter.—

I have had very bad shooting this season, the first day I killed 10 brace, since which I have not on any day bagged three.— But I find Maer just as delightful as ever & Charlotte just as agreeable as ever: id est, as agreeable as possible.— I have done a good deal in Entomology, & to day have worked so hard, that I can hardly see to write.—

I am very much obliged for the tin Box. The Enicoceri are invaluable.— But beetles, partridges & every thing else, are as nothing to me, now that I have got a horse.— I am positively in love with him, stands 16 hands & one inch, and I think will make a very good hunter.—

But now I have got on the subject of horses I had better wish you good night.— I shall be very anxious for a letter so I hope you will not disappoint me I sent your letter on to home, & they therefore will be equally anxious to hear.

Good night dear old Fox | Yours Most Sincerely | C. D.—

I am quite knocked up

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